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Kamen Rider Gaim Ep. 2 Recap and Review
Like I said last week these reviews are going to happen at different times depending on when the subs are released so lucky for us the Aesir crew got out this week's Gaim out last night.  A quick revision from last week before I get to the show this week is that the monsters are actually eating the fruit and throwing away the shells that the fruit are within.  Shell may not be the best work but it is what I am going with.  With that said let's get to episode 2 of Kamen Rider Gaim entitled Deathblow! Pineapple Kick.  We start with some Yggdrasill folks wearing what look like Sengoku Drivers without the sword on them harvesting Lockseeds.  They are attacked by Inves but Zangetsu is there to mop them up quick.  What all this means is left up to the viewer for now as the opening begins.

We pick up after the opening where we left off from last week with Kouta arriving home hot off his victory over the monster.  He then precedes to transform in his room and asks his sister how he looks when she investigates.  She is utterly confused and can  only say what is for dinner that night.  Kouta then precedes to work on his henshin pose and comes up with half a dozen ways to look like an idiot.  He apparently is also transforming a lot and driving his sister up a wall with all the racket.  I am sure the neighbors feel the same way.  He finally calls it a night wondering what is going to do with the new belt he has, like there is much else he can do with it besides fighting monsters as where about to find out.

Kouta heads off to work as we saw last week and this leads to some funny moments as Kouta decides to use the belt to help out with the work he does.  First is his curry delivery job which leads to him stuck in the car after transforming and scaring bystanders with the absolute dumbest look on his face.  Seriously there is no way to take him seriously in these scenes as he just goes over the top and I love it.  Normally this would be a bit much but Kouta's actor just plays it straight and goes with it.   After another failed attempt to use the belt for good and just getting paint all over a fellow worker Kouta comes across a child stuck in a tree.  He tries to help the kid but has lost track of the Orange Lockseed that we see clipped on his bag.  Kaito comes in to encourage the kid to just jump down.  The kid does and Kaito is there to catch him.  He proceeds to tell the kid that the only power he can rely on in the end is his own and walks away.  I'll get to Kaito at the end but there is more to this guy then just the stock antagonistic secondary rider motivation. 

Kouta heads home and realizes that the belt designed for combat is terrible at doing normal things like getting paint up to some guys on a scaffolding.  Mai calls him to see if he heard from Yuuya.  He tells her he hasn't and Mai tells him the same. They head off to where the portal was to see it gone and no sign of it ever being there to begin with.  Mai is concerned that Yuuya is still back in the forest on the other side of the portal.  Kouta gives some words of encouragement and says that he might just be lost in his own world.  Mai proceeds to ask for the driver back to help the team.  Kouta agrees but when Mai tries to put the belt on it does nothing while it automatically attaches to Kouta.  They head off to Sid to find out why.  They are observed by some goon from Yggdrasill for unknown reasons. Back at the juice bar where Sid hangs out he tells them that it locks to whoever puts it on first.  This means that Yuuya never put it on.  Sid proceeds to offer them the Pineapple Lockseed for what seems to be a very steep price. They leave not able to afford it but not before Mai has to be lead away by Kouta before she gets into a fight with Sid. 

We catch up with Team Baron performing on the stage from last week before they are interrupted by Team Raid Wild, another beat rider team.  Wild's Leader Ryouji Hase gets into a Inves Game with Kaito.  Ryouji uses one Lockseed while Kaito showing how strong he is uses three at the same time.  It goes without saying that Ryouji loses and Kaito tells them that they need to back up the big talk they got.  We see a couple of Team Gaim fans talking about how the stage used to be Gaim's until yesterday.  The girl in particular mentions how Team Gaim would win a dance off with Team Baron.  They run off and the other two from last week mention how Gaim is not worth their attention.  Kaito corrects them and saying that they would be if they are strong.

We cut back to Kouta hanging around on some street corner when Mitsuzane calls him to tell him to get to the club house because Team Baron has showed up at the clubhouse demanding they hand over their Player Pass.  This is the thing that allows them to dance and be a team in the city.  Kaito proposes a wager over a Inves Game.  If Team Gaim wins they get their stage back plus the Pineapple Lockseed.  If Team Baron wins they get their player pass and Team Gaim disbands.   Kouta shows up for the save and says he will fight with the Strawberry Lockseed from last week.  We cut to the fight about to start.  Kaito uses his three Lockseed combo from earlier, but it is no match for Kouta's Lockseed Inves since it is a normal sized monster and also different form the others.  Kouta's monster wins but much like last week the Team Baron member uses his slingshot to knock the Lockseed out of Kouta's hand.  This does not sit well with Kaito who proceeds to destroy the slingshot and is pissed that his team would use underhanded tactics to win.  Kouta eventually decides to head into to the fight as Gaim and fights the monster for a bit.  The monster eventually finds the Lockseed that gave him entrance to the city and consumes it to grow bigger and gain a shiny CGI paintjob.  Gaim is not doing well in the fight and has both of his swords knocked out of his hands.  Kaito decides to fight the monster and uses Gaim's blue sword/gun to hit the monster before he is kicked away for his efforts.  Gaim uses the spinning orange shield attack, called orange sparking, to throw the monster back long enough to ask for the new Lockseed from Kaito since they won.  Kaito hands it over and takes a step back so Gaim can now equip the Pine Arms armor. A more defense form with a Pineapple mace weapon, as opposed to orange arms which is more offense with a orange slice sword.  Yes you read that right.  Gaim proceeds to fight the monster and eventually activates Pineapple Squash and gives the monster a nice pineapple helmet before kicking a hole in him destroying it.  Team Gaim celebrates the victory as DJ Sagara dubs Kouta Armored Rider Gaim, not knowing who he is.  We ends this week with a scene with Takatora Kureshima, a Yggdrasill Administrator and Zangetsu since he is holding the Melon Lockseed from before, say how Gaim is the first and everything is going well.

This week showed us more of what we could expect from this show on a week to week basis.  Kouta grows a bit from last week and now we see him fully accepting his role as a Rider.  Kaito seems to be cable of compassion but something may have caused him to relay on strength more than anything.  We will probably see him slowly lower his guard and become a kinder man over time.  Mai is shown to be quite the hot head and will probably something that will get her into trouble from time to time.  Overall this week was a great episode and if you were not sold last week, this week did its best to give you a reason to stick with this show for the long haul.  Next week the show continues to keep the momentum going with the debut of our third Rider, Kamen Rider Bana... I mean Baron.   If you want to see the show yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes.  Till next week folks and remember don't feed your Inves Lockseeds till they are properly trained in how to block a Rider Kick.

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