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          We have two episodes to cover this week and it is a two parter which makes things a little easier.  So let's start off with episode seven "Bullseye! The Legendary Gunman!".  We start off with toothless talking shit at Ryu's grave and declaring he will achieve his goals.  Makoto arrives to visit Ryu's grave and toothless seems to recognize him.  Takeru meanwhile has a dream about his father and goes on to practice some more.  Akari arrives with a flashback in tow as the reminisce about Makoto and his sister from ten years ago.  The two went missing then and haven't been seen since.  Takeru goes to ask Sage for advice but doesn't find him and only sees the Bat Clock and Spider Lantern with messages saying they will be useful.  Takeru finds out Billy The Kid is next up on the Eyecon list and Akari wishes him luck as we plug the movie magnets.  Onari arrives with a new clie ... Read more »

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          After taking a longer than needed break we are back with two episodes of Kamen Rider Ghost so let's get right down to business with episode five "Impact! The Mystery Kamen Rider!".  We start off with Akari asking Takeru about Specter only for him to be in the dark just as much as him.  He heads out to think about the new person after the Eyecons while our villains plot what to do since Specter seems to at least be cooperating with them.  Toothless is after the Eyecons and is enlisting the help of pretty boy in exchange for assumingly helping to summon Ganma.  Pretty boy sends out more of the Ganma Eyecons which go on to posses multiple people at a school.  Specter in his human form drops by the temple and just stares down Takeru for no reason.  Takeru just politely nods and walks away as he has not seen the man behind the mask.  A kid named Kanta is looking to enlist the aid of the team in solvi ... Read more »

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          Ghost looks to add a new player to the game this week and also reuse some footage from OOO Wonderful.  How let's find out in "Astonishing ! The Castle In The Sky!".  We kick off with our two villains talking amongst themselves over what to do next  and before we find out anything important we cut away to the temple as Onari tells Akari and Takeru about the rumor of somebody going around promising to make any wish come true.  Onari and Akari have their usual bickering as Takeru wonders just what he should do as he is on the clock and still have 12 Eyecons to find.  Sage arrives to be cryptic and tell Takeru that Nobunaga is next up on the Eyecon list.  Onari receives a phone call that gives the team their next case as Kuroda Hideo of the Sengoku Corporation is having some trouble with his boss and floating objects.

          He explai ... Read more »

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          Ghost continues to set up how things are going to go weekly and we continue to have no two parters.  Let's see how this next episode goes in "Bullseye! Archery of The Righteous!".  We start off with a robbery by a unknown individual in a hood with psychic abilities.  Toothless is working with this person and sets informs him of the next job.  Meanwhile Takeru asks Sage what is the deal with the Ganma.  Sage completely ignores the question and points Takeru towards the next Eyecon which is Robin Hood.  Sage bugs out as Onari comes to tell Takeru of the mysterious robber by the name of Little John.  This person is acting like Robin Hood and has drawn the interest of the team due to the strange way he is committing these crimes.  Takeru is going to out to find out more about Little John while Akari will investigate the lab downstairs for more info on the Eyecons.  Onari is ... Read more »

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          Ghost start will a spectacle but now can it keep the audience excited going into its second episode let's find out in "Electric Attack! The King of Invention!".  Before we get to the episode properly we first start with the full opening.  While nothing is there to really speculate upon it is still a pretty good opening and the song sounds good.  Anyway starting with a quick recap of how Takeru got into this mess to begin with we soon see Akari and Onari trying to figure out how to help Takeru.  Onari is down with finding the Eyecons and even does up a calendar to keep track of Takeru's time limit.   Akari on the other hand believes this is ridiculous and thinks there is more going on that ghost things.  Akari decides to take Takeru to the hospital and take apart the Ore Eyecon.  Takeru is not down with either and when is pulled into another of their arguments he poofs out ... Read more »

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          Drive has come and gone and outside of a few side stories is now complete so a new Rider must take center stage and begin his adventure.  Now enters Kamen Rider Ghost and his first episode "Eye Open, Me".  We start off with someone summoning Goumen, the baddies for this season.  He gives them weapons in order for them to transform into a advance form we cut to a flashback of Tenkuuji Takeru receiving a necklace from his dying father.  We see Takeru in the present sleeping in some underground base under a temple.  We cut to Tsukimura Akari arriving at the temple looking for Takeru and running into three monks meditating Shibuya, Narita, and Onari.  Onari is the only one who will be relevant from here on out since he is the only one of the three to appear later and he is the only one bald so he must the higher ranked monk.  Akari heads out to the underground base while Onari sees some d ... Read more »

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          The finale of Drive may have aired but Tomari and crew have one last case to close.  It is time for the final final episode of Kamen Rider Drive "The Ghost Incident".  We start off with Tomari and Kiriko looking over a series of files covering Neo-Shade, the organization from back before Tomari became Drive, a month after the Roidmudes defeat.  Apparently a device known as a Eyecon was stolen from police evidence and Tomari has been tasked by Chief to retrieve it and bring in whoever stole it.  This will be his final case with the S.C.U. so Chief hopes he closes this with no regrets.  We flashback to a month ago before all the finale stuff happened as Tomari and the rest of the Riders were taking down several members of Neo-Shade. They are attempting to capture their leader who has the mysterious Eyecon.  They encounter several Roidmudes helping the organization and while Gou and Chase eng ... Read more »

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          Here we are the "final" episode of Drive. How will this finale break down let's see in "Who will you entrust the future to?".  Picking up with Drive healed up and him and Heat ready for round two with Sigma.  While Sigma still overpowers the two they do a fast ball special to finally land a hit on the thing and prepare for the finish.  Tomari does a All-Tire Mix-Up to set up Sigma and with this new Tire and Heart powering up to max an all out Rider Kick and Roidmude Punch leads to Sigma finally going boom and the Second Global Freeze being put to a end and the team celebrates the hard fought victory.  We see Tomari and Heart are exhausted from the encounter and while Tomari is separated from Buckle he falls out of a hole in the building made by the destruction of Sigma with Heart chasing after him.  In some unknown place we see Tomari wake up in a forest alone with a patch of blac ... Read more »

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          We are drawing closer to the finale of Drive and this week promises to keep up the pace set by last week's episode.  So let's see what happened in "Why must they fight?".  We kick off with Rinna and Otta taking out the power for the shield and having a little moment between the two.  We cut away to Gou finding out Chase's sacrifice did little to stop Banno as he remains unharmed.  He casually kicks around what pieces remain of the fallen Rider and Gou is furious that Banno continues to belittle his partner.  Gou goes Mach to try to take Banno down but only finds himself out matched  by the golden Drive's power.  Kiriko meanwhile is making her way to the battle and is getting drenched in the process.  Gou finding himself outmatched decides to do something a bit crazy.  He inserts the Chaser Signal Bike into his driver and becomes Chaser Mach, a fusion of the t ... Read more »

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          After that explosive cliffhanger from last week let's what happened to our unlikely quintet in "What is a Roidmude's final dream? ".  We pick up with Banno taking over the Special Defense Center flanked by several Reapers  and claiming it as the Promised Land.  Meanwhile Otta informs the reaming members of the S.C.U. about the situation as we find out they don't know where the Riders are.  They are attacked by more Reapers and several Blinky MK. 4s are destroyed in the process along with most of The Pit.  Otta and Rinna are chased outside as Kyu and Chief take refuge in another part of the HQ.  Outside Rinna and Otta are saved by the three Riders arriving just in time.  They proceed to go to town on three of the Reapers and we find out Gou used Dead Heat's finisher to knock them all out of the explosion saving their lives.  Gou seems to be injured because of this ... Read more »

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