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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 2

          Ghost start will a spectacle but now can it keep the audience excited going into its second episode let's find out in "Electric Attack! The King of Invention!".  Before we get to the episode properly we first start with the full opening.  While nothing is there to really speculate upon it is still a pretty good opening and the song sounds good.  Anyway starting with a quick recap of how Takeru got into this mess to begin with we soon see Akari and Onari trying to figure out how to help Takeru.  Onari is down with finding the Eyecons and even does up a calendar to keep track of Takeru's time limit.   Akari on the other hand believes this is ridiculous and thinks there is more going on that ghost things.  Akari decides to take Takeru to the hospital and take apart the Ore Eyecon.  Takeru is not down with either and when is pulled into another of their arguments he poofs out to the basement to talk with Sage.  Sage continues to not be helpful as while he can confirm how the Eyecons came to be he has no idea what the deal is with the giant monolith in the basement with Ghost's symbol on it.  I'll touch on this thing later but just know that this 99 day limit might not be the only main plot of the show.  Anyway after Onari decides to be used for comedy by Sage Takeru is informed of the next Eyecon to appear.  An Eyecon connected to Thomas Edison is to appear next and Sage leaves the rest to Takeru.

          Meanwhile we see toothy from last episode give out the supplies to summon a Ganma to somebody and Onari inform the other monks they will help Takeru.  Akari is sent by one of her professors to find out what is behind a series of electricity related incidents and she finds some dude named Sonoda working on some sort of transporter.  Takeru and Onari arrive and with some help from Takeru the three get to hear what this mad scientist is up to.  He is a big fan of Edison and looks to become like him one day and become a great inventor too.  Takeru spots the Ganma and goes Ghost to combat the monster although Sonoda doesn't believe he is being manipulated by the monster. The transformation this time uses what seems to be stock footage although if this is a onetime thing or a recurring happening is left to be seen.  Takeru does his best against the electric villain but when Takeru goes Musashi he only gets hit hard by his electricity.  Back at Sonoda's temporary lab he is gone and Onari heads out to find him.  Takeru and Akari get some alone time to hash out their feelings on this whole situation and while they are initially not in agreement Akari at least believes in Takeru no matter what weird thing is going on.  This gives Takeru the confidence to keep going and the next day we see him training a bit until Onari tells him of where Sonoda went.

          They arrive at a power plant that he is using to power his device and we see that the device is being used to open a portal for the Ganma to come through.  Takeru does his best to cheer up the mad scientist after he screwed up and with this Takeru can now get the Edison Eyecon.  Unfortunately the Parka Ghost is devoured by our monster which turns him into a massive creature that takes Akari with him out the door.  Ghost gives chase but the monster is a bit too powerful fro him right now and he will need some help.  Luckily Yurusen arrives with Captain Ghost, a pirate ship, to help out and even catch Akari when she was dropped by the electric beast.  Onari will take care of Akari while Ghost uses Captain Ghost in combination with the Ghostriker to become the IguanaStriker.  This keeps the big monster busy while Ghost activates his second finisher the Optic Orb.  With four trigger pulls of the trigger a giant Eyecon is summoned and with a quick kick the portal is closed and Iguana even knocked Edison free giving Takeru the chance to go Edison Form.  With the Invention King on his side it seems like our monsters electric attacks are ineffective and help to charge the Gan Gan Saber's finisher.  With a single Omega Shoot shot the monster goes down and our villains seem to have gain something important in the long run as they were observing the battle.

          Takeru gets some thanks from Sonoda for the help and back at the temple Sage phones in to tell Takeru to not call him unless it is important.  Onari takes great pleasure in rubbing in what happened to Akari as while she is fine she is a bit hurt both physically and mentally.  Takeru decides they will open up a Paranormal Investigation practice to investigate strange occurrences and search for the Eyecons.  Thirteen Eyecons are left and Takeru is only 94 days away from poofing for good and we end with this information.

          This was a good episode to follow up the spectacle as we establish how episode are going to go from here on out.  We will have the team investigate strange occurrences related to anything potentially paranormal, Ganma will be using humans to open portals to get more of their kind across and at least for now we are going to be getting an Eyecon a week. Not a bad set up and seems to be setting up a more weekly episodic feel than a two episode format.  Back to what I said earlier the 99 day time limit theoretically will run out sometime in late January-early February long before this show is expected to end.   This means that the 99 day time limit is only, from my own speculation, one half of the main plot of the show.  The other half being what is the overall plan of the Ganma and how the obelisk in temple plays into Ghost.  I honestly believe Sage knows more than he lets on and while he has the goofy demeanor he is smarter that he shows himself to be.  Anyway there is also the mystery of what the Eyecon like things the Ganma seem to have on them after they are defeated, we haven't gotten the best look at them yet but I believe they are another piece to the puzzle.  So while we as the audience might be focused on the time limit do not let yourself be fooled into believing that is the only thing this show is about.   Other than that I am still enjoying Ghost and can't wait for more episode.  Next week Akari works on a way to make ghosts appear, Little John is out thieving and Robin Hood gives Takeru some arrow slinging abilities.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Ghost, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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