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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 48 (Finale)

          The finale of Drive may have aired but Tomari and crew have one last case to close.  It is time for the final final episode of Kamen Rider Drive "The Ghost Incident".  We start off with Tomari and Kiriko looking over a series of files covering Neo-Shade, the organization from back before Tomari became Drive, a month after the Roidmudes defeat.  Apparently a device known as a Eyecon was stolen from police evidence and Tomari has been tasked by Chief to retrieve it and bring in whoever stole it.  This will be his final case with the S.C.U. so Chief hopes he closes this with no regrets.  We flashback to a month ago before all the finale stuff happened as Tomari and the rest of the Riders were taking down several members of Neo-Shade. They are attempting to capture their leader who has the mysterious Eyecon.  They encounter several Roidmudes helping the organization and while Gou and Chase engage the goons Tomari heads off after their leader.  Gou and Chase manage to destroy the Roidmudes with a combined fisher.  Meanwhile the Neo-Shade leader encounters a specter of some sorts that demands the Eyecon and attacks the leader in order to get it.  He drops the device and when Tomari attempts to advance he is attacked.  We see Ghost arrive and drive off the specter and Tomari picks up the Eyecon.  We find out Rinna attempted to analyze it before it was stolen and Otta arrives with a location of the leader.  Otta, Kiriko, and Tomari head off and even have the name of the person who stole it, Okamura Keisuke a member of Neo-Shade.  Kyu makes a offhand reference to Buckle and this seems to cause Tomari to hear Buckle talk to him which happened before.  More on this later but for now Buckle is just going to show up randomly in ghostly like fashion.  This distracts Tomari long enough for them to almost go off the road but they arrive just find and Otta and Tomari head into the building while Kiriko watches the perimeter.

          The two clear the building and Otta gets Tomari's head in the game since he seems a bit distracted at not having Buckle with him.  Tomari seems to be good and the two catch sight of Keisuke and head off to confront him.  The manage to get him on the ground and after some rough interrogation from Tomari Otta handles subduing him while Tomari looks over the Eyecon.  This prompts the arrival of the specter from before and with the Eyecon in hand Tomari can now see the phantom monster.  Keisuke bails during the brawl with Otta's gun and him in pursuit while Tomari tries to handle the new monster.  He is not doing well but refuses to back down even without any sort of ability to defend himself.  Ghost arrives just in time and proceeds to go to town on the monster.  With the Gan Gan Saber in hand the monster finally goes boom and Tomari thanks the Rider for the help and even recognizes him from his near death experience.  Yurusen, a small ghost, appears and demands Tomari hand over the Eyecon and Tomari finally puts it together, a quick call from Otta reveals Keisuke has taken Kiriko and demands the Eyecon delivered to him in exchange.  Ghost over hears this and tells him to head out and keep the Eyecon for now since he needs it.  Tomari heads out and on the way seems to have put the pieces together.  Yurusen follows Tomari and keeps being a bit of a jerk and while Tomari has his showdown with Keisuke at the place where Hayase was injured.

          Tomari figured out Keisuke was the leader of Neo-Shade and he was going to use the Eyecon to replace his fallen Roidmude goons as muscle to accomplish his goals.  Tomari throws away the Eyecon as he will not allow Keisuke its power and he will not allow himself to be weak anymore.  He became a Kamen Rider and fought against the darkness and he will continue to do so even if he has no belt to become a Rider.  Tomari draws his weapon and takes aim asking Kiriko to trust him.  She trust her partner and Tomari pulls off the one and a million shot shooting the gun out of Keisuke's hand.  At 8:20 p.m. Neo Shade is finally down for good and Ghost, overlooking the situation, says they will meet again as Yurusen has the Eyecon in hand.

          Back at the Chief's office Tomari receives his promotion to First Division, Major Crimes and some parting words from Buckle given by Chief.  The S.C.U. comes crashing in as they were eavesdropping the entire time.  Chief gets on their case as Kiriko and Tomari share a nice quiet moment over the promotion and we see that the pair will go on to be both partners in First Division and in life as they will get married and have kids, one of which will be Eiji Surprise Future Eiji not OOO Eiji.  The team congratulates Tomari and he heads off on his new path carrying the legacy of Rider even without a belt.  We montage clips from the show as the credits roll and end with the a final goodbye to the show.

          It has been a long ride this last year and while Drive stumbled in the beginning it found its footing in the end and delivered a great show.  This episode is a nice extended epilogue that shows how far Tomari has come and gives us a better look at Ghost before his debut next week.  We finally see where Tomari and Kiriko will be after this show and presumably Movie War Genesis and it is nice to see the pair finally get together.  Ghost looked great in motion and I can't wait for his proper debut next week as we start this whole Rider journey all over again.  Overall this was a nice episode that brought Tomari full circle back to where we first met him and showed how far the detective has grown.  Next week Ghost takes center stage and we see what is in store for this spooky Rider in his journey to find the 15 Eyecons of great heroes.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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