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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Ghost Episodes 7 & 8

          We have two episodes to cover this week and it is a two parter which makes things a little easier.  So let's start off with episode seven "Bullseye! The Legendary Gunman!".  We start off with toothless talking shit at Ryu's grave and declaring he will achieve his goals.  Makoto arrives to visit Ryu's grave and toothless seems to recognize him.  Takeru meanwhile has a dream about his father and goes on to practice some more.  Akari arrives with a flashback in tow as the reminisce about Makoto and his sister from ten years ago.  The two went missing then and haven't been seen since.  Takeru goes to ask Sage for advice but doesn't find him and only sees the Bat Clock and Spider Lantern with messages saying they will be useful.  Takeru finds out Billy The Kid is next up on the Eyecon list and Akari wishes him luck as we plug the movie magnets.  Onari arrives with a new client Tanaka Tsuneo.

          He is looking for help finding his pest friend who has been acting strangely. He along with the entire housing complex he is living in are walking around places and not responding to anyone talking to them.  Also whenever he tries to follow them he  is knocked away.  The two other monks arrive with word of toothless heading to a western shop and the team decides to split up from here.  Takeru will head with Tanaka to find his friend and Akari and Onari will head out to the western shop with the gadgets as backup.  Takeru supports Tanaka with his own story of a missing friend and after they see Tomonori just blow off his friend they are soon attacked by a bee Ganma.  Takeru goes Ghost to take on the queen bee and after a little back and forth Specter arrives and interrupts the fight.  The two trade blows with Musashi and Nobunaga but Ghost has had enough of Specter and vows to not back down now and powers up a Rider Kick in Ore form.  Specter attempts to counter with his own Kick but it ends in a draw showing Takeru is growing stronger.  Takeru goes to help Tanaka and finds out everybody is gone and he heads off to find them.


          Makoto reflects on Takeru's words as toothless arrives to introduce himself.  Saionji asks if the two got sent to the Ganma's world ten years ago and we soon see by flashback that he and his sister were pulled into a portal in the monolith to the Ganma's world.  Saionji was helping Ryu with studying the monolith and according to him they may have been sent there as an experiment.  Saionji says no more after commenting on his sisters state and leaves to continue his work.  Takeru manages to find all the people of the housing complex but we cut away to Saionji gaining the Billy The Kid Parka Ghost using the same method as Takeru except he is using a Ghost Driver like device in his bag to convert them to Eyecons.  Makoto goes to Alan for answers on toothless and gets nothing on him or what happened ten years ago.  He does give back Edison and thanks him for lending it.  Onari and Akari manage to follow Saionji back to his hideout and thanks to Onari's antics take the Billy Eyecon for themselves.  After the Ganma attack them and they try to get away the Bat Clock gets them an opening and head out to find Takeru.

          Meanwhile Takeru sees the people are being controlled by the Ganma with her little solider bees and after freeing everybody except Tomonori the queen bee attacks and using her swarm technique overwhelms Takeru.  Onari and Akari arrive and toss Takeru Billy allowing him to go Billy the Kid.  With the Bat Clock acting as a second gun Takeru hits all his marks and manages to turn the Ganma back into her normal monster form.  Combining the guns into the rifle form Ghost sets up a Omega Impact finisher.  He seems to hits it mark but Onari and Akari are captured by the Ganma that were chasing him and Takeru has to fight off a giant bee bulldozer with Iguana Ghostriker as we end off on this episode. 


          We pick up with said cliffhanger in episode eight "Activating The Other Monolith!".  Takeru and Iguana have a tough battle but with some creative tongue use the giant bee goes down to a Rider Kick.  Takeru looks for his friends but doesn't find them but with the Bat Clock's help he sees where they were last and heads out to save them. Saionji attempts to have the pair be possessed by Ganma but Takeru arrives just in time to put a stop to it.  We have the usual antics between the two before we cut back to the temple as the team reconvenes on what to do going forward.  Makoto is seen by Saionji at Ryu's grave and we see an Eyecon we have yet to see.  More on this later but keep it in mind.  Saionji continues to push Makoto into fighting Takeru as keeps up the story of them being subjects of an experiment and Ryu is responsible.  He finally push just enough buttons to push Makoto into a bit of a frenzy as he bolts off in anger and Saionji gloats as he himself has five Eyecons as well and we are one away from having all fifteen in play.  The team is in a good mood after a another case is closed except Takeru did not see Tomonori run away and still be under the Ganma's control as Tanaka informs him as he drops by.  The team splits up to go look for him seeing the case is not yet closed. 

          The team manages to pin his location down to a abandoned factory they use to frequent as kids and Takeru prepares to head in but Makoto cuts him off looking for a fight.  Takeru tells Tanaka to take cover while he deals with the rouge phantom.  Takeru is confused by his words about Ryu and Takeru finally figures out he is Makoto.  Specter goes Nobunaga and attacks Takeru with everything he has.  Takeru goes Ghost with Ore and the two have a long fight in the local junkyard.  Takeru tries to find out what happened but mentioning his sister only makes things worse as Specter is out for blood and will take nothing less than that.  Specter eventually goes Tut and sets up a Omega Fang after saying that they didn't care they were gone and stuck in hell.  Takeru blocks the attack with Newton's gravity powers and a few cars and runs away as he has other things he needs to do right now. At the factory the team finds Tomonori along with other people working on a monolith.  Tanaka attempts to get his friend back only for him push him away and attacked by the Ganma.  Takeru arrives to clean house and after a little exorcism saves Tanka's friend from the Ganma possessing him.  Takeru goes on to fight the queen bee and with some help from the Spider Lantern pins her down and with one more Omega Impact from Billy she goes down for good this time.  The team is alerted by an explosion and they see the monolith destroyed leaving very little to go on when it comes to the Ganma.  Takeru is glad the friends are back together but we get an interesting piece of news from Yurusen as states that if someone is possessed by a Ganma for 99 days they are completely taken over and he can't save them.  More on this is a bit again but for now Takeru has saved the day and Alan has another location where the mark of the Ganma exists.  Takeru reveals to the team Makoto is Specter and we end with the team now having to contend with an old friend in order to get all 15 Eyecons.

          These two episodes show Ghosts strengths and provide a big reveal that builds to the end of the first arc of the show.  All 15 Eyecons being in play by next week is exciting and I can't wait to see where we go from here.  I am curious as to how Makoto will eventually become Takeru's friend again as shown in Movie Taisen Genesis.  I have made a prediction on how the end of the arc will go and you can check out TGS/R for more on that.  Anyway this show is getting more interesting as the Ganma plot continues to go unhindered for the most part and now we have the mystery of what happened ten years ago there is a lot to look forward to.  Overall two great episodes that helped to show Ghost is a good show worth your time.  Next week we find out more about what happened ten years ago and Takeru obtains the final Heroic Eyecon Benki.

If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Ghost, live at 5:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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