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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 1

          Drive has come and gone and outside of a few side stories is now complete so a new Rider must take center stage and begin his adventure.  Now enters Kamen Rider Ghost and his first episode "Eye Open, Me".  We start off with someone summoning Goumen, the baddies for this season.  He gives them weapons in order for them to transform into a advance form we cut to a flashback of Tenkuuji Takeru receiving a necklace from his dying father.  We see Takeru in the present sleeping in some underground base under a temple.  We cut to Tsukimura Akari arriving at the temple looking for Takeru and running into three monks meditating Shibuya, Narita, and Onari.  Onari is the only one who will be relevant from here on out since he is the only one of the three to appear later and he is the only one bald so he must the higher ranked monk.  Akari heads out to the underground base while Onari sees some disturbing news.  Akari wakes the daydreaming Rider as she wants to know why he didn't come to her birthday party.  He wasn't interested in it and only finds interest in a book of famous heroes from across the world.  Takeru wishes to become a great hero himself and swore on the necklace, a hand guard from one of Miyamoto Musashi's swords, that he would become a hero.  Takeru wants to be a proper ghost hunter but has yet to see a ghost for himself.

          Onari arrives to inform the pair of the strange occurrences happing in the city and the people dying because of said occurrences.  Onari and Akari argue over whether this was because of ghosts or not and Takeru heads out after being pulled into it.  The local mailman is attacked by one of the Goumen and heads out to the temple to deliver a package to Takeru.  He describes the encounter and the other two monks pull him away to see the cut up bike while Takeru sees the package is from his father.  It was sent ten years ago today, Oct. 4 the day this episode aired.  The ghost slashes open the package to reveal a Eyecon that allows Takeru after griping hold of it to see the pair.  Onari tires to attack the pair but is kicked in the butt for his trouble and Takeru saves Akari from being attacked.  Takeru draws the pair away and finds out they are after the Eyecon.  He will not hand it over easily and while he is outmatched he will not back down.  Takeru tries to block a shot with a staff but it is split in two and he is killed by the strike.  As Takeru dies he says he doesn't want to die and give up on his promise to his father.  Onari and Akari run over to his body and "try" to revive him meanwhile Takeru takes a trip to somewhere through a waterfall.  He has a encounter with a mysterious person known as Sage.  He says Takeru can be revived if he seeks out 15 Eyecons holding the souls of great heroes.  The Eyecon Takeru has now contains his soul and by collecting the other 15 he can revive himself with that power.  It won't be easy since the Goumen will be after the same prize and he will need to become Kamen Rider Ghost to battle them.  Sage grants him the Ghost Driver along with the assistance of Yurusen and sends him back through the waterfall.

          Back on Earth Takeru's body disappears which draws Onari and Akari away from the battle while Takeru, now a ghost like the Goumen, attempts to activate the Driver to fight them.  Yurusen pops up to tell him how to actually use the thing and after some initial hesitation due to the Parka Ghost, Takeru becomes the black and orange Rider and takes hold of the Gan Gan Saber to fight the pair.  While Takeru is still a bit of a novice he is at least able to hold his own this time and can even fly now.  Takeru activates the Ore Omega Drive finisher and delivers a Rider Kick to one of the Goumen destroying it outright.  Takeru attempts to celebrate but is pulled away as the other Goumen heads out.  Takeru chases him on his motorcycle the Machine Ghostriker.  After a bit of a tussle the pair battle it out on the beach with the Goumen calling in several blank Goumen for back up.  Takeru is outmatched by thanks to the hand guard Takeru obtains the Musashi Eyecon.  Sage appears to inform Takeru of how he got this and how to use it.  Takeru goes Musashi form and turns the Gan Gan Saber into its dual sword form.  We get the opening song in the background of the fight as Takeru goes to town on the goons and prepares to fight the advance Goumen.  Takeru manages to best him and with the Musashi Omega Slash another Goumen goes down.  The man from the beginning of the episode overlooks the battle as another confronts him over what has happened.  Takeru attempts to talk to his friends but finds himself still invisible.  Yurusen tells him to change his emotional state so they can see him and after some shenanigans surrounding this Takeru decides to just poof away to the underground base to rest only for Sage to tell him the catch.  He needs to gain all 15 hero Eyecons in 99 days in order to revive himself. If he can't he will stay dead.  We end with Sage looking over the basement which is Takeru's father's.

          This episode was a whole lot of flash that really doesn't give the best picture of how the show will be week to week.  We only really get a quick glimpse at Takeru's supporting cast and some turned out better than others, I am looking at you Akari.  Sage and because of the final Drive episode Yurusen are the only ones to get enough time to really see their characters and I like that our mentor is bit aloof and Yurusen is kind of a ass but no bad enough to be annoying more mischievous  than anything.  The action was great and outside of some odd audio level issues this was on par with past episodes.  I do like the Ghost suit and the Goumen and I can't wait to see what else we can expect from the suit department.  I will leave thoughts on the opening till next week as we only got the song at the end of the episode.  Overall a great flashy episode that sets up some good episodes to come that will allow us to get to know this cast just a bit more.  Next week Takeru finds out his bike is more than just a bike, another Goumen strikes and the invention king arrives in the form of Edison.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Ghost, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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