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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 5 & 6

          After taking a longer than needed break we are back with two episodes of Kamen Rider Ghost so let's get right down to business with episode five "Impact! The Mystery Kamen Rider!".  We start off with Akari asking Takeru about Specter only for him to be in the dark just as much as him.  He heads out to think about the new person after the Eyecons while our villains plot what to do since Specter seems to at least be cooperating with them.  Toothless is after the Eyecons and is enlisting the help of pretty boy in exchange for assumingly helping to summon Ganma.  Pretty boy sends out more of the Ganma Eyecons which go on to posses multiple people at a school.  Specter in his human form drops by the temple and just stares down Takeru for no reason.  Takeru just politely nods and walks away as he has not seen the man behind the mask.  A kid named Kanta is looking to enlist the aid of the team in solving a mysterious event surrounding his school being closed.  After it was shut down parents took to protesting only for a unknown person show them off with an attack.  No one can see the perpetrator and while this looks like a Ganma related case Takeru seems uninterested and tells Onari to take Akari to go do something about it.

          Speaking of her she is busy trying to crack more code about the lab and while Sage seems to want to help he doesn't and is only concerned if she can see him for some reason.  At the school the Ganma attacks and Takeru goes after him.  Takeru goes Ore to start with and even with the minigun hand Takeru seems to be one step ahead of him as he goes Newton and blocks all of his shots with the power of gravity.  Takeru gives chase on the Ghostriker after the Ganma leaves. Ghost is cut off by Specters arrival and the two have a duel on their bikes which leads Specter winning eventually turning it into a hand to hand fight.  He declares Takeru to be weak and after Ghost goes Edison, Specter bring out Nobunaga.  The two duel with Omega Drives but Takeru's Edison Omega Drive is no match for Specter's Nobunaga Omega Spark.  Takeru is taken out of his form and Specter claims the Edison Eyecon leaving Takeru defeated and revealing the man behind the mask.  Pretty boy thanks Specter for the help but the two seem to not be on the best of terms as Specter is dismissive of pretty boy's actions and is only after the Eyecons.  The team plus the kid find Takeru and as Takeru tries to make up for his failing the kid runs off saying Takeru is useless and leaving Takeru wondering if he is too soft.

          He heads to the school pondering Specter's words when he comes across the people from earlier looking to construct a portal for the Ganma.  Takeru henshins and heads after them and using the Eye symbol brings out the Ganma goons to take down.  Takeru manages to dispatch most of the before the boss arrives leading to a rematch between the two.  Akari and Onari are on site but are quickly taken hostage preventing Ghost from going Newton.  Ghost is at the mercy of the Ganma as Specter arrives showing his full henshin.  He goes after Ghost with no regard for the Ganma which angers the boss and provokes him to attack Specter.  He doesn't take too kind to this and goes Tutankhamen and with the Cobra phone attaching to the Gan Gan Hand a Omega Fang takes down the Ganma leaving Takeru and Specter to duel once more.  Specter looks to take Newton but the two duel with their Base Form Omega Drive Kicks which leads to Takeru's lose but he gets Newton back and with some help from Akari and Onari Specter is persuaded from continuing for today.  We see the Eye portal outline is still active on the school and while the team was successful in their case we get a hint of the kid being sent by Specter to the temple and we end with our two Riders pondering their next move.  Takeru at his father's grave asking him if his is too soft and Specter looking at one of the Ganma Eyecons.

          I will leave final thoughts until after the second episode so let's get right into "Destiny! The Comeback Melody!".  We start off with sage informing Takeru of the next Eyecon Beethoven.  Sage takes interest in Takeru's schedule for getting the Eyecons and says it is useless to him and tosses it out.  Akari arrives but finds the place empty as Takeru seems to not be able to make himself visible.  She uses the Shiranui but Takeru quickly disappears after being hit.   He seems to be in a dupe once more because of his losses to Specter.  At a local school Onari informs Akari and unknowingly Takeru of their latest case.  Kimishima Youko has been experiencing a strange event that seems to be connected to her brother.  The event see the loss of all sound in an area for some time and Takeru makes the connection to Beethoven and heads off with the team in tow to her brother.  Kouske will hear none of this nonsense about Ganma and simply wants to finish his masterpiece.  The sound goes out again and the team reveals the Ganma and Takeru, who disappeared earlier.  Takeru goes Ore and takes on the musical monster but seems to be a bit outmatched this time.  Takeru is in a rush to end this fight before Specter arrives to attack him once more, but it is too little too late.  Specter goes to his Rider form and takes on Ghost while the Ganma heads out.  Using Edison and the Gan Gan Hand Specter looks to claim the Musashi Eyecon from Takeru as he is once more bested and runs off.  Akari steps in to protect Musashi and Specter decides to leave empty handed for now.

          Back with Kosuke he finishes his masterpiece but is not ripe enough to get the Parka Ghost but a little prodding from the Ganma leads him to thinking the suicide will cement his masterpiece in history.  Back with Specter, now know as Makoto, speaking to the Ganma Eyecon that talks in a female voice.  His sister I presume due to the language used asks him about Akari as the two knew each other.  Pretty boy arrives seeing if Makoto is helping them directly now and he tosses him Edison and heads out.  At the temple the team minus Takeru find out about how Kouske got the sheet music from Beethoven and how he changed after that meeting.  Akari heads out to find Takeru while Onari and Youko do something else.  She "finds" him underneath the temple and decides to do her best to give him a pep talk.  She admits this is all a bit overwhelming and the only thing that matters is that Takeru is here and hopefully for good once they get all the Eyecons.  The local mailman informs them of Kouske looking to jump off a roof and the team heads out to stop him.  On the roof the team looks to talk him down using Beethoven's own experience to prove to him that there are people around him that care about him and not to throw his life away for a place in history.  Takeru is also inspired by these words and this gets Kouske off the edge only for the Ganma to use his influence to push him back.  Takeru does his hug trick and even pulls out Beethoven.  Specter decides to take a break and leave this one to Ghost for now.

          With Beethoven helps Ghost goes into the musical form and with the power of musical notes and other musical terms sets up the Ganma for the finish.  With Musashi back in hand he goes into the swordsman form and unleashes a Omega Slash Drive to send this Ganma back to school.  Takeru is back in high spirits and the team teases each other over words said this episode.  We end with Sage saying it is time to prepare the next step as he looks over the monolith.

          These two episodes place Specter in an interesting position as he is not truly villain but seems to have his own reasons for getting the Eyecons.  There were a multitude of forms over the two episodes and they are good with Beethoven having the best transformation jingle out of the bunch and I would say Tut having the best finisher.  Takeru has a mini arc over these two episodes as we seem him brought down by Specter only to rise and become stronger and now ready to fight Specter and maybe win one.  Our villains remain in the shadows but next week might reveal more about the villains and potentially the monolith.  The cases themselves were find although the gunman case looks to set up something in the future while the musical case was more of a Takeru character case.  Sage continues to look to like he is playing a bigger game with Takeru as his pawn.  I wonder just what it is and whether or not he will be more active in the future or remain in the background much like Sagara in Gaim.  Overall these were two good episodes that saw Takeru have a new obstacle in his path to getting the Eyecons and more hints of the larger game at play.  We find out about a event ten years ago that involves our heroes, Ghost and Specter clash once more in a more even fight, and Takeru gains a new form with the help of an Old West Outlaw.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Ghost, live at 5:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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