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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 45

          After that explosive cliffhanger from last week let's what happened to our unlikely quintet in "What is a Roidmude's final dream? ".  We pick up with Banno taking over the Special Defense Center flanked by several Reapers  and claiming it as the Promised Land.  Meanwhile Otta informs the reaming members of the S.C.U. about the situation as we find out they don't know where the Riders are.  They are attacked by more Reapers and several Blinky MK. 4s are destroyed in the process along with most of The Pit.  Otta and Rinna are chased outside as Kyu and Chief take refuge in another part of the HQ.  Outside Rinna and Otta are saved by the three Riders arriving just in time.  They proceed to go to town on three of the Reapers and we find out Gou used Dead Heat's finisher to knock them all out of the explosion saving their lives.  Gou seems to be injured because of this and even though Chase tries to ask him about it is blown off.  After a furious exchange of blows the three ready their Rider Kicks and with the help of the Tridoron, Ride Chaser, and Ride Macher a devastating Triple Rider Kick takes care of another three Roidmudes.

          Down in The Pit the three are informed of the situation and shown that Banno is using the pointy spike things from the opening along with a force field to keep his Promised Land guarded.  The team will need to make modifications to their vehicles to penetrate Banno's defenses.  With The Pit destroyed they will need a new location and a timely call to Chief nets them what they need.  An emergency garage has been prepared in case of a situation like this and we see Hayase was the one to prepare this.  Members of the Special Vehicles Division are there to help the Riders and Hayase's partner.  They get to work as we see Banno prep the Sigma Circular for the coming Global Freeze.  At the emergency Pit the team confirms the final remaining Roidmudes are with Banno outside of Heart and Medic meaning that this truly will be the final battle.  The team will attack first thing in the morning and we cut to Kiriko getting ready to head out after hearing the news.  Tomari calls to tell her to stay put and stay safe.  Tomari doesn't want his partner to get hurt and after hanging up brushes off Gou after he teases him.  Tomari gets pulled away before Gou lets the pain show through although Chase is there to see it.  He confronts Gou about going into battle hurt like he is and he tell Chase that he will go no matter what since that is what a Rider does and if Chase were in his place he wouldn't back out either.

          The following mourning the three Riders head out to reach the Sigma Circular behind the shield as Otta and Rinna go to cut off power to said shield.  The team salutes the Riders as they head out and when they encounter the spikes split up with Drive on his own and Mach and Chase together.  Drive uses the Tire Extension to give Chase and Mach a shield made from Shadow and Spike respectfully and with Max Flare the three manage to break through the spikes and into the building.  The head off only to be stopped and frozen by Banno.  He proceeds to do a little show and tell about his plan.  He will enact the Global Freeze and then digitize the entirety of humanity and using this he will rule the world.  Gou calls him nothing more than a monster but ends up being the first target of Banno's Light Spear.  The spear is stopped by Heart and Medic how arrived to pay Gou back for saving them and kill Banno themselves.  The five are united in their effort to stop Banno once and for all and all three go their respective Final Forms with Heart and Medic going into their Ultimate Evolution forms.  Mach and Chase decide to hold off Banno and the Roidmudes while Heart, Medic, and Drive head off to destroy the Sigma Circular.

          The tree are stopped by the force field and other Reapers for the time being while Chase knocks out three Reapers himself as Gou struggles with his injuries against Banno.  The golden devil uses his own Rider Kick to send Gou down into the parking garage and out of Dead Heat.  He goes in for the kill but Chase interrupts him and engages the mad doctor.  Chase proves no match for him and as he is sent into a wall by a massive punch Chase's Driver is destroyed leaving him little left in his arsenal to pull from.  Banno decides to kill Gou with the Signal Axe but Chase goes Machine Chaser form and takes the blow for Gou.  He manages to send Banno back with a Break Gunner punch but loses his Machine form in the process.  Chase hands over his Signal Bike and license to Gou as he tells him he is glad to have had such great friends and he was able to protect Kiriko's happiness.  Kiriko sees a storm in the distance and seems to be getting a bad vibe from it.  Chase says Gou would never accept him but he should have them so they don't get lost and Chase proceeds to use his body as a bomb and self destructs on top of Banno.  We see Chase's core exploded definitely this time and we end with Gou screaming for Chase.

          Damn this week saw the departure of Chase and it really feels like the end for him.  While there are questions as to whether or not this is truly the end of the Reaper turned Rider I can't say.  All I can say is he went out the best way possible and I personally don't believe he will be gone for good.  On to the episode itself it was an action packed episode and a great way to start the final battle of the show.  The triple Tridoron Kick was flat out awesome and many other moments like this were great too.  Hayase getting one final chance to help Tomari was great and it is a shame he was so underutilized in the show.  I do hope Kiriko does get to make it to the final battle and dons the Mass Produced Mach Driver.  This was a fantastic episode and shows just how strong Drive can be when it gets in the right gear.  Let's hope the rest of the final episodes live up to the bar set by this one.  Next week Tomari and Heart come face to face with the Sigma Circular, Medic gives everything for Heart, and Mach gains one last form Mach Chaser.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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