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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 4

          Ghost looks to add a new player to the game this week and also reuse some footage from OOO Wonderful.  How let's find out in "Astonishing ! The Castle In The Sky!".  We kick off with our two villains talking amongst themselves over what to do next  and before we find out anything important we cut away to the temple as Onari tells Akari and Takeru about the rumor of somebody going around promising to make any wish come true.  Onari and Akari have their usual bickering as Takeru wonders just what he should do as he is on the clock and still have 12 Eyecons to find.  Sage arrives to be cryptic and tell Takeru that Nobunaga is next up on the Eyecon list.  Onari receives a phone call that gives the team their next case as Kuroda Hideo of the Sengoku Corporation is having some trouble with his boss and floating objects.

          He explains how his boss Hashiba Nobuyoshi is kind of being a dick about buying out companies and that there are randomly floating objects around the office.  The two events started around the same time and the team figures a Ganma is involved somehow.  To complicate matters affiliates have had the floating of objects thing happen to them to so the team will split up to investigate.  Takeru heads out with Hideo to talk to President jerk while Onari and Akari hit up the associates for additional info.  At Sengoku Corp. HQ Takeru finds out the president ambitions extend to within the company as well but his talk will have to wait as a very fruity Ganma takes somebody out to the roof for some fresh air.  Takeru tells him to let him go and he agrees by pushing him off.  Ghost catches him mid drop and after landing has to fight off our comedic villain.  He reveals the ability to spilt himself off into clones minus a bird on his hat and while his clone eats a Omega Stream finisher from Ghost's Gan Gan Saber Naginata Mode the original heads out.  Takeru is a bit disappointed to be duped but regroups himself and goes to interview the president.   As he does we see our first look at Specter as he observes the battle.  Back at the HQ Takeru notices a woman force the man from earlier give into the presidents demands.

          Meanwhile Onari and Akari confirm the floating objects thing and find a mysterious map.   Takeru sneaks into the president's office and finds a mysterious letter that after being confronted by the president finds out it is a letter from Nobunaga himself that was written to his ancestor.  He also mentions how a priest from the temple was looking into the letter some time ago, most likely Takeru's father although nothing is confirmed.  Takeru leaves as the girl from before arrives and we find out she is Hashiba's secretary, Sakuma Risa, and that is all he needs to know before heading back in to listen in on their conversation.  Hashiba seems a bit too ambitious and Risa seems to be pushing him further.  Back with our support squad they find out the dots on the map are in the shape of a eye and after seeing some floating objects reveal one of the Ganma's clones.  Unfortunately the Ganma's plans are complete as the eye shape is used to separate that part of the city and lift it high into the air.  Risa shows Hashiba his castle to rule from and with letter in hand plans to summon Nobunaga.  Takeru manages to break it up with the power of hugs and after some encouragement from Takeru sets up his way of summoning the Parka Ghost.  The Ganma arrives to break up the party but Taker goes Robin Hood to take on the clown.

          Takeru manages to fight off the Ganma for a while even with the numbers against him but after the clown busts out his cyclone clone maneuver Takeru has to go big to win.  Using a Omega Strike Drive Ghost clones himself and strikes down all of the clowns once and for all.  Unfortunately by Toku rules now that the monster is dead his spells are gone meaning the castle in the sky is dropping fast.  Yurusen tries to pull Takeru back towards the summoning but Takeru heads in to save the dropping part of the city.  The not toothless villain sends out more of the not quite Eyecons that we have seen blow up every time a Ganma is defeated.  Under the dropping city Ghost remembers thanks to Yurusen about Newton from the final episodes from Drive.  With the power of a Omega Drive Ghost slows down the decent to place it back where it belongs and even remembers he can phase through stuff.  Takeru celebrates but it is too early as he still has a Parka Ghost to summon.  We see that Risa was possessed by a regular Ganma and after a quick Rider Kick Takeru is ready to claim Nobunaga.  Specter arrives and claims the warlord and heads out saying Takeru is too soft.  The team bids farewell and while Akari and Onari wonder about the possession Takeru seems to not be happy with being blindsided.  He confronts Sage over this and he is dismissive as always saying he simply forgot.  We end off with Takeru now knowing the Ganma can possess people in order to manipulate them to summon Eyecons.

          This week kept things quick and while I am not against this pacing I kind of hope the show does slow down at some point in order to do more character development for our main cast.  Specter was a cameo this week and while the suit looks cool and I dig the contrast of similar suits between the two Specter gets his proper debut next week both in and out of suit.  Sage and Yurusen once more show themselves to be more interested in getting Eyecons than anything else and I wonder just what their true goals are.  Takeru and crew go by the numbers this week although we could use more of the comedy Takeru is surrounded in instead of the super charged antics.  Overall this was another good episode that leads us into was should prove to be one of the standout episodes of the show.  Next week Akari and Onari are in trouble as they are targeted by the Ganma, Specter challenges Takeru, and our hero must find the courage to fight for his chance to live again.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Ghost, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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