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Kamen Rider Gaim Ep. 5 Recap and Review

          This is late but it will still hold the same quality as any other R&R.  With that said let's look at episode 5 of Kamen Rider Gaim "Return! The Strawberry Arms of Friendship."

          We open not quite where we left off last week.  We get to see the fight between Micchy as Ryugen take on the Inves that Jounouchi has sent out.  Micchy holds his on with a Budo (Grape) Squash finish the fight is over and Micchy gets the Ichigo (Strawberry) Lockseed and we got to the opening from there.

          We catch up with Micchy on the other side as he has a dream about watching Mai dancing and being visited by Red Eye.  Red Eye gives the same warning she has given before and Micchy just says in return that he will continue down in order to get Mai to notice her.  He wakes up and wonders if it was a dream but after looking at the driver he knows it isn't.  We fast forward to a meeting with Team Gaim as Micchy gives a rundown of who has joined Team Baron in a alliance.  We learn that Popup, Souten, and Red Hot have joined.  It is said the a lot more fights will happen for the team since lines are being drawn.  It is proposed to just team up with Team Baron but Micchy reveals that the best dancers from the other teams are just used as backups for Team Baron.  Micchy then says that they will have to fight for how they want to dance.  Kouta is there to talk to Micchy about taking up another belt.  Kouta warns Micchy that these belts have a larger purpose and that they are dangerous.  Micchy says that power always comes with a price and he is willing to pay it and he will go forward in his own way for the first time in his live.  Kouta can only nod in response.

          We catch up with Kaito and Jounouchi as he reports to Kaito what happened. Kaito is a bit bored by being the ruler of this alliance and gives Joun another Lockseed.  Kaito explains that he set up the alliance to test teams like Team Gaim to see if they are strong. We catch up with Hase as he and Joun have a conversation about the alliance they have joined.  They decide to not be Kaito's "lapdogs" and gain power to be equals with Kaito. Of course Sid is there to grant them their wish. 

          We then see Mai practicing by herself and Kouta walks up to have a conversation about Micchy.  Kouta gives the same warning and asks why Mai didn't stop him.  Mai says that see believes in Micchy and that they are both fighting for something for themselves, they want to keep dancing.  This is what separates them and Kouta.  Kouta only fights for others and not really for himself.  Kouta ponders this as Mai receives a call from one of Team Gaim's members Chucky.  She tells her that the Team Baron alliance has come knocking and have challenged Micchy.  Kaito calls Kouta a coward for running away and Micchy responds by saying he has not right to judge Kouta.  The two transform and after declining the help of Hase and Juno he summons two Inves fully thanks to the belt.  Micchy is in a three on one fight and losing badly as Mai and Kouta arrive.  Kouta tries to bash his way in but is stopped by a force field around where the four are fighting.   Kouta tells Micchy to back out but Micchy says he can't as long as he and Mai are watching.  Mai explains that Micchy looks up to him and inspired him to find his own strength.  This gives Kouta the strength to take up the belt once more.  Mai gets it and gives it to Kouta Micchy tells him not to but Kouta says he will take up the power he has been given and take responsibility for what has been put in front of him.  He transforms and punches the force field and says that this is his stage now.  The two fight and exchange words about what true strength is.  Kouta says it is to inspire others while Kaito says it is to dominate the weak.  Kouta gives Kaito some manly punches and gets the Ichigo Lockseed from Micchy to gain Ichigo arms.  The two together quickly take out the Inves and push Kaito back.  Juno and Hase arrive and use their newly acquired drivers and use the Donguri (Acorn) and  Matsubokkuri (Pinecone) Lockseeds to transform into Armored Riders Gridon and Kurokage. We end this week with Sid and Takatora talking about how there are five drivers out in the field for testing out of six Sid has.  Takatora questions the decision to give Gaim and Baron the ability to go into the Helheim forest.  Sid brings up the point that they could solve the mystery about the forest before them.  Takatora thinks this is ridiculous and waves off the chance to look at the file on the Riders after Sid offers it.  Sid leaves the car the two were in and says he has work to do as we find out Micchy was listed in the file. 

          This week was another great episode and we get more about the characters.  We see Micchy wanting to find his own path and Kouta recover from his near death encounter with Zangetsu.  We also see that Kaito may not be more misguided that a bad guy since and wants to challenge the teams to rise up to the challenge he has set up.  Hase and Juno have more time to themselves and we see a partnership growing that since I have seen the raw for next week's episode at the time of this writing is going to be shown more next week.  The deal with Takatora and Sid continues to be a mystery and we will have to wait and see just what they are planning.  Overall a great episode in what has been a great show.  Next week we have another rider appear and he will sure to be a wild card in this escalating fight.  If you want to see the show yourself check out Aesir subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes. 

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