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Kamen Rider Gaim Ep. 6 Recap and Review

                Well this one was really late but the good news is that you guys will probably get back to back R&Rs depending on when the next episode is released in subbed form.  With this said let's take a look at episode six of Kamen Rider Gaim titled "The Durian Rider Appears".

               We open where we left off last week with Jono and Hase naming themselves Guridon and Kurokage.  Hase being the one to name them both.  Kaito interrupts the two bickering and is ready to start the fight back up that began last week.  The nut duo decide they are not going to take orders from Kaito and attack him from behind and this takes us to the opening.

               This week's opening has a couple of differences.  The main thing being that Guridon and Kurokage replace Baron and Zangetsu in a couple of shots.  Nothing big in terms of these changes but it is nice to see the two get a couple of shots in the opening.

               We pick up after the opening with the three fighting while Team Gaim look on.  Kaito is able to handle himself for a bit but the nut duo mange to defeat Kaito and de-henshin him.  The two are about to destroy Kaito's belt but Kouta comes in with the save.  Kouta doesn't want to lumped together those two and doesn't want Kaito to lose his belt I guess.  Micchy comments that their strategy is good idea but they will take advantage of the situation to defeat the nut duo.  Kouta and Hase fight each other while Micchy gets some target practice against Jono.  The duo are defeated and their Lockseeds taken by Team Gaim.  Kouta goes to Kaito to give him a hand but the two just end trading words over their ideals.  Kaito leaves beaten and possibly rethinking this alliance he created.  Kouta and Micchy trade thanks for what each have done for the other last episode and Team Gaim celebrates a hard fought victory. 

               DJ Sagara gives us a recap of events so far as we cut to the Drupers.  We see Sid ready to give the last driver away.  We then cut to Micchy talking to Team Gaim about how they are now tied for first with Team Baron for first.  The team has a new resolve and are ready to improve their dancing to match their ranking.  We see Kouta is out job hunting and he comes across Charmant , what looks to be a bakery.  Kouta is going to complete his job interview with the owner when we are introduced to Oren Pierre Alfonzo as he immediately  rejects Kouta because he is an Aquarius and he didn't answer in a manly fashion.  Pierre says that he lacks a manly refinement and Kouta is left in a bit of shock.  Kouta arrives back home and says the hunt hasn't gone well. Mai arrives with deserts from Charmant, which Kouta has a bit of anger over.  We are given a bit of back story on Pierre where we learn he is a highly decorated pastry maker.  Kouta is of course not amused by this and gives out the most hateful hiss I have ever heard.  The girls are absolutely in love with the deserts while Kouta is not impressed and even drops his by accident. 

               We cut to Team Baron as Team RedHot are leaving the alliance.  Kaito and the rest of Team Baron discuss what to do next.  Kaito was bored with the alliance already and let it die out while his underlings are worried about the rankings.  Kaito simply says they need to widen the gap between rank 3 and everybody else and tells them to not to worry about Team Gaim. They accuse him of wanting Team Gaim to tie with them and maybe surpass them.  Kaito only says maybe as we cut to Drupers.                 Sid hands over the last driver to Team RedHot's leader as the nut duo contemplate their situation.  They want to get better and decide to work on their teamwork.  We see Micchy arrive home and see that his brother is packing up a Sengoku Driver and two Lockseeds.  Takatora invites Micchy in not realizing that Micchy saw it.  The two are about to talk about Micchy's future before Takatora walks out to take a call.  Micchy investigates the Driver and takes the Watermelon Lockseed.  Micchy sees his brother off as Takator leaves for business none the wiser that his case is a bit lighter.  We cut to Pierre's apartment and see he is also a decorated military vet.  He comments on how the Armored Riders are simply play fighting and need to know what a real battle is.  We see Pierre has the Sengoku Driver and Lockseed that Team RedHot had earlier.  Kouta is still working on finding a job when he hears that a Inves Game is about to happen.  The nut duo are working on their teamwork before the crowd interrupts them waiting on the Inves Game.  Pierre enters the scene to introduce himself.  We get a flashback that tells us that Pierre pretty much took it by force from Team RedHot.  Pierre transforms into Armored Rider Bravo and prepares to fight the nut duo. Pierre looks to put on a show akin to Roman warriors of the past and proceeds to fight the nut duo as we close out the show. 

               This week was good and we now have 7 riders in the mix and one of them is not even a part of a Beat Rider team.  Pierre is defiantly a wild card and is very flamboyant.  Pierre seems interesting and defiantly will push everyone else to their limits in a fight.  The nut duo are a great comedic and I hope they prove to be the Riders that always do their best but just come up a bit short.  Kaito proves to still be a bit of a mystery in terms of his relationship with Team Gaim.  Some back story would be great for him and give us some insight into his motivations.  This week was a time to get another character introduced and give us an idea on how two more will be interacting with the rest.  Next week we see how Pierre shakes up the Inves Games and Gaim goes big in order to combat the wild card.  If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes.   

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