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Kamen Rider Gaim Ep. 7 Recap and Review

                These R&Rs keep going back to the weekend.  I hope that in a couple of weeks things will be less hectic and I will be able to do R&Rs when the episodes come out. With that said let's take a look at this week's episode.  Episode 7 "Giant Watermelon Big Bang!"

               We pick up where we left off last with the nut duo getting the crap beat out of them by Pierre.  After finishing off the duo in style and taking their Lockseeds Kouta confronts him about embarrassing the duo and kind of showing off.  Pierre says that is the nature of the sport and it is different than their play fights.  Kouta walks off as we cut to the opening.  The thing different this week is the inclusion of Bravo into the opening from last week.  Nothing big but I would say we are going to get a big change after the crossover movie is released in late December. 

               After the opening we get to hear that Armored Rider Bravo as dubbed by DJ Sagara is cleaning house on Beat Rider teams and is collecting quite a few Lockseeds.  We see a video from Pierre where he continues to put down the Beat Riders and hops his performances will outclass any that the others can put on.  We see Kouta is not too happy about this as he and Mai watch from inside Drupers.  Mai seems to be smitten by Pierre and doesn't realize that he is a threat to all of the teams.  They wonder why Pierre is doing this and Kiyojiro offers the answer that nowadays someone can be a artist with no training and this offends him because he has trained so hard to become a pastry maker.  Kaito enters the conversation by saying that he thinks it is pathetic to see the two mopping about this.  Kouta ask him whether he thinks Pierre is right or not and Kaito says it doesn't matter because he has the power to back up what he is saying.  Kaito tells him to go and beat him to shut him and up.  Kouta thinks this will solve nothing but Kaito simply leaves to prove his point since his team was challenged by Pierre. 

               We cut to Yggdrasill headquarters as Sid and Takatora discuss this turn of events.  We get some more back story on Pierre showing more of his military background.  Takatora is wondering how someone who could be so dangerous got a driver to begin with.  Sid waves it off by saying he can only give out drivers and not completely guarantee who will put them on.  Takatora confronts Sid and asks how he will fix this before being interrupted by DJ Sagara saying that Takatora also made the mistake of losing the Watermelon Lockseed, which is what Micchy took last week.  Sagara thinks they should extend a hand to Pierre to help his program while Takatora thinks they should take the belt from them, he also notes that Sagara's program is only for propaganda and tells him to know his place.  Sid brings up that Professor Ryouma is getting unprecedented data from Pierre and likes for him to keep it a bit longer.  We see a shot of him saying this with blueprints of the Sengoku Driver and a couple of Lockseeds.  Takatora reluctantly agrees and says to be contacted if anything else comes up. 

               We cut to Kaito and Pierre's fight already in progress.  Kaito is having a tough time against Pierre.  Kaito tries to outnumber Pierre with some Inves assists but it is not enough as Kaito is defeated with a Mohawk flipping Durian Squash.  Pierre gives back Kaito his Banana Lockseed saying that he shows promise and to train harder and fight him again sometime. 

               We cut to Team Gaim performing as Kouta finds out that Kaito has been defeated by Pierre from a couple of people in the crowd.  Pierre interrupts to put Team Gaim down and says that they are terrible.  One of Team Gaim's dancers asks why he can judge them since he has no background in dancing.  Pierre only says he is because nobody else is going to.  He proceeds to says that the bad needs to be removed so the best can be left and culture can improve instead of declining like it is now.  Micchy says they don't care about culture and Mai says they just want to have fun and share their dancing with everybody else. Pierre is not happy by this response and proceeds to henshin to fight Gaim and Ryugen. Kouta heads to the stage and him and Micchy henshin and the fight gets under way.  Kouta questions Pierre during the fight why he is doing this if his cakes are making more people happy than this.  Pierre only says silence in return.  Pierre holds his own against the duo and after some blows are traded both Kouta and Micchy are kicked off the stage.  Pierre decides to use Kaito's tactic of summoning Inves with Lockseeds and proceeds to summon an army.  He also doesn't know the number one rule of doing this, you must hold onto the Lockseed to control them.  The Inves proceed to chase the crowd off and all three riders are overwhelmed by the numbers.  Micchy throws Kouta the Watermelon (Suika) Lockseed and he transforms using it until he realizes that the fruit is bigger than he is.  Kouta mans up to get it and proceeds to get crushed by it as the show cuts to commercial.

               We come back and find out that Kouta wasn't crushed and uses the Ball (Odama) Mode to take out most of the Inves in the area and knocks Pierre away as well.  Pierre answers back by taking a metal beam and finding out how many smacks does it take to split the world's largest watermelon.  It only takes one but looks to do no damage as Kouta comes back and transforms into Armor (Yoroi) Mode and gives Pierre a big punch to knock him away for good.  This fight isn't over yet as the last Inves eats all the Lockseeds Pierre used to transform into a giant pig thing.  Kouta and the Inves trade blows, with Kouta gaining the upper hand, it heads off and Kouta and Micchy give chase with Kouta in Ball Mode and Micchy riding the Sakura Hurricane.  After Micchy gets it to stop Kouta finishes it off with Watermelon Squash.  Pierre catches up to continue the fight but is interrupted by a timer and leaves to bake some pie crusts.  Sagara shows up to recap and says that Team Gaim are now in first place with a huge lead.  We see Team Gaim celebrate another huge victory and Mai arrives with a cake from Charamant which miffs Kouta.  Team Gaim toasts to being number one while Kouta hisses at Pierre once more as we close out this week's episode.

               I will say I didn't see the twist with Sagara coming to find out that his show is just meant to keep the teams going to Sid for Lockseeds is great and might explain why Takatora hasn't found out his brother is involved.  Pierre continues to be entertaining  in his own way and to show he can take on any of the riders makes a fight between him and Takatora even more exciting to see.  Team Gaim puts themselves at the top of the mountain and it will be interesting to see what happens from here with them in relation to all the other teams.  Kaito took a big hit from Pierre and how he will react we will see more of next week.  The continued unraveling of the mystery with Yggdrasill and the great fight scenes and characters make for great episodes again and again and this week is no exception.  This show has the momentum to be a great show by the end but we are a long way from saying that defiantly.  For now this is a great show week to week and rarely if ever disappoints.   Next week we see Kaito's quest for power take him to the forest once again and him and Mai have something to talk about.  If you want to watch episodes of Kamen Rider Gaim yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes of this and many other Toku shows. 

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