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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep. 12

                Alright folks the holiday break is over and Gaim is back this week with what can best be described as a bit of a recap of previous events and most importantly having our characters react to these events.  So let's waste no time with a look at episode twelve of Kamen Rider Gaim "Enter the Next-Gen Riders!"

               We start off with a recap by Micchy and Kouta of what they learned from last week's events.  We then see the two take a walk while discussing what to do from here.  Micchy suggest that they don't henshin for now and Kouta agrees before the run into a couple of fans for Team Gaim.  The two walk away but soon a Inves goon shows up and Kouta takes it down in quick fashion.  Micchy berates Kouta for transforming.  The two have to hid as a Yggdrasill shows up and we see a couple squads of Kurokages head to where the crack was.

               We come back from the opening  as the two observe the squads in action.  The two share comments about how they are more concerned with eliminating evidence of Helheim then saving lives.  We cut to Kaito standing in the middle of a vacant lot as Mai rides up on her bicycle to ask why is standing in the lot.  He says he is reminiscing about how Zawame used to be and we see that there used to be a sacred forest here along with a holy tree with a shrine in it.  According to Kaito the forest was cut down and the shrine destroyed but for you keened eyed viewers you may notice that the tree in the background is in fact the same tree  that is in Yggdrasill headquarters that has a constant portal open to Helheim.  Looks like Yggdrasill had a reason to come to Zawame but how did they find out and what was is the full story on this shrine and forest.  More questions and more things to ponder but let's get back on track.  Kaito also says that no remembers these things used to be here.  Kaito says he comes here to remind himself of what Yggdrasill has done to him.  Mai says that she is the daughter of the priest who tended the shrine and says here last name is Takatsukasa.  Mai says she always wanted to do the sacred dace for the tree and that even though she can't do that she still has a stage to dance on and if no one remembers the shrine then she will remind them of it.  Kaito calls this ridiculous and leaves.  Mai then has an encounter with Red-Eye.  She says that Mai still has many fates she can take and can leave the city and Kouta and Kaito behind and start new somewhere else.  Mai says she doesn't but Red-Eye says that this path leads to one fate and when she finds out about it she will have no choices anymore.  Mai wonders what does this mean and why she looks like her but Red-Eye soon disappears right in front of her.

               We cut to Drupers as the waitress is lit to look evil and Kouta and Micchy discus what to do.  This scene comes down to one specific conflict. Kouta wants to go public and tell the other teams what is actually going on.  While Micchy continues to find ways to shoot down Kouta's ideas.  They each provide an argument for what they need to do.  Micchy seems to be focused on keeping this a secret since he already has many secrets already while Kouta simply wants to inform people since for him that is the right thing to do.  Micchy seems really aggressive in these scenes even going as far as demanding that Kouta not even tell their fellow team members.  Kouta is conflicted about this since he wants to inform others since they are not alone in this fight.  This continues to be a wall that divides what seem like two people who were on the same page. 

               We cut to Kaito as he challenges Hase to an Inves Game for Team Raid Wild's stage.  Kaito transforms into Banana Arms and Hase tries to put the belt on but it is busted.  He resorts to using his Lockseed but the Inves he summons is no match for Kaito and he wins taking the stage and Lockseed.  Hase confronts Jono who is nearby when this happens and ask why he didn't help.  Jono says he was going to take the stage but Kaito beat him to it first.  This leaves Hase distraught as his "partner" has abandoned him and his team has left him as well.  Jono decides to team up with somebody else and goes to Pierre to ask for help.  Pierre barley pays attention to him since he is infatuated with Zangetsu since last episode.   Pierre quickly puts him to work in the bakery even though he has no experience. 

               We cut to Micchy and Kouta on another walk as they disuse if they regret becoming a rider.  Each do not regret but have their own feelings about this question.  Micchy proposes that they destroy or throw away their belts to stay out of their plans.  This is interrupted by an Inves attack and we see that Kouta will take up the belt to defend others from the Inves no matter what.  Kouta takes out the goons and returning monsters with just Orange Arms and we see that Micchy is hesitant to enter the fight.  The two have a stare down and we cut to Takatora testing out the new Genesis Driver on some of the Kurokage troops.  With the Melon Energy Lockseed and the Sonic Arrow he quickly defeats them.  Sengoku enters to ask how was the new belt and Takatora says it is impressive.  Sengoku says they will soon have Helheim's power and Takatora says the Armored Riders are in for a hard dose of reality. 

               This week slowed things down a bit but still provided much in terms of story and character.  We start to see the cracks forming in the partnership of Kouta and Micchy with their opposing viewpoints on what to do and this may lead to the break up and the rise of "Dark Micchy" as put by the folks over at Talkin Toku at the Nation.  We see this same idea with Kaito and Mai but more in the sense that I believe Mai is trying to turn Kaito back from his harsh viewpoint on strength and show him that there is more than anger and revenge that can drive somebody.  The Shin Zangetsu suit was cool and is just a taste of what is to come if you have kept up with other forms Gaim media.  Red-Eye makes another appearance just as mysterious as the last and continues to make me wonder just what and who is she.  Is she another Mai or is she someone or something all together.  I don't know but I hope that some answers will come soon, mostly a name just so I have something official to call her instead of one of half a dozen nicknames this character has received.  I feel bad for Hase but I will leave both him and the other two of the comedic trio of him, Jono, and Pierre for next week since all three may get more that what they got here outside of Hase continuing to fall down a slippery slope.  Overall this week took a step back to let the viewer breath and see how our characters react to their new situation.  We have more to think about and I am curious as to what happens between all of our main cast.  Next week a plague from the Inves breaks out and Kouta decides it is time to shake things up with Kaito.  If you want to the show for yourself check out TV-Nihon and Aesir subs for subtitled episodes. 

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