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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep. 13

               Oh the wonderful things that are tom come with this show.  You think you have things figured out in one episode but things take a startling turn and reopen what was once thought closed theories.  That is the feeling off of this week's episode as we find out just what happens when one eats the forbidden fruit.  Let's take a look at episode 13 of Kamen Rider Gaim "Gaim and Baron's Tag-Team of Friendship!"

               We open with somebody in a hospital screaming in pain and having plants from Helheim growing on him.  This quickly cuts to Kouta at home as he fills out a resume and is interrupted by his sister who tells him that many people are being hospitalized from Inves attacks and have a mysterious illness.  Kouta heads off to tell the others and we hit the opening for the week. 

               We come back to a meeting between Sengoku, Sid , and Takatora.  They are discussing this outbreak and Takatora is suggesting that they evacuate civilians while Sengoku says they need to keep everything covered up like they have been doing.  Sagara comes in via hologram to ask about the Beat Riders and to warn them not to underestimate them.  Sengoku says that they will be disciplined.  We cut to Hase having his heart running a mile a minute as he storms into Drupers looking for Sid.  After not finding him there and Bando not knowing where he is Hase storms out and proceeds to have hallucinations of Inves, Bravo, and Zangetsu which cause him to run away scared and say that he needs the power he once had back. 

               We cut to Charamant as Takatora has a conversation with Pierre about his military background.  We don't see what is said but we will get back to this plot point in a bit.  We cut to the hospital as Micchy, Kouta, and Mai arrive to be check up on the situation.  They are quickly ousted as Beat Riders and are almost mobbed by the citizens before a doctor arrives to show them what they are responsible for.   We several people just like the one from the opening and even one of the girls from last week.  We cut to Team Baron at their new stage as some citizens try to run them off.  Kaito doesn't appreciate this and transforms and summons three Inves to scare them off with.  Pierre arrives with a banana insult to play the hero to Kaito's villain role and take him down since that is what Takatora has hired him for.  The two battle it out for a bit but after one of Team Baron's members is injured by a falling sign they retreat and Bravo celebrates with the citizens as he is now the city's protector and hero.  We hear all about this from the man himself in a message to the city and see that Jono is still working at the bakery.  We transition to the Team Gaim trio from before as Mai is happy to work there while Kouta and Micchy are not too happy about the situation.  They have been set up as the fall guys and there is not much for them to do and Micchy wonders if this was their plan all along.  We cut to a dragon Inves appearing out of a portal and going on a rampage and injuring some local workers in the area.  Kouta is on scene to help and hesitates for a second to transform but just can't walk away from this.  Before he can transform Bravo enters the scene to take Kouta in to Yggdrasill since that is the deal he struck with Takatora.  Kouta finally is able to transform and the two trade blows with Pierre coming out for the better until Kaito enters the scene to settle the score from earlier.   The two decide to team up since Pierre is their common enemy and the two do well but Pierre is still stronger than they are.  Kaito decides to mix things up by going Mango Arms and giving Kouta his Banana Lockseed for him to go Banana Arms.  The two are finally able to drive Pierre off with a double Au Lait.  With Pierre out of the way Kouta heads off to find the Inves with Kaito in pursuit to get his Lockseed back.  The two quickly find where the Inves came in and we see that Hase is observing from a distance.  The Inves comes falling in and Shin Zangetsu is there to take out the Inves and clean house.  The Inves eats some fruit and powers up to his giant form and knocks both Kouta and Kaito away before they can transform.  Takatora takes on the Inves and after giving it a few smacks with the Sonic Arrow he fires off a Melon Energy power shot with the Arrow and takes care of the Inves.  Kouta and Kaito are next to be taken out but something quite surprising happens first.  Hase decides to eat the fruit out of desperation and transforms into an Inves as the three look on in shock.  Takatora seems like he knew this would happen since he tells him to spit it out.  We end this week's episode there. 

               This was a surprise not just in this is the first time I can defiantly say that eating the fruit would turn somebody into an Inves since it has only been speculation till now.  What is surprising is the Inves was in fact not like the one from before that was attacking people in the city and was confirmed to be a mutated Inves.  This looked like how the dragon Inves looks with the jade color skin and a tiger head.  The other one had different colors across its skin.  This reopens the idea that Yuuya is the Inves from episode one but we probably won't find out more till next week since it is confirmed that he will appear next week in what looks to be a flashback.  The citizens reaction does make sense and it will be interesting to see where this will go and what the Beat Riders will do now that the city is against them.  Braov's deal will be another this to watch out for and I wonder what is going to happen when Jono finds out that Bravo is hunting riders and where his allegiance will fall now.  Hase's continuing spiral downwards is interesting to watch and his desperation at the end might just be his greatest mistake yet and as many have speculated his last.  We get another under lit shot of the waitress at Drupers on her phone and I wonder if this is just something that is meant to be a red herring or something more.  Kouta and Kaito's team up was neat to see and defiantly a hint at what is to come since Micchy continues to tread further away from being Kouta's partner.  Overall this week was great with good action all around and some interesting developments.  Next week will defiantly be a big episode and this week gave us some setup for things to come both there and in the long term.  Gaim continues to impress and this week was no exception.  Next week Kouta tries to bring Hase to his senses, Micchy sneaks into Yggdrasill HQ to find out more information, and the four Genesis Riders make their debut.  If you want to watch the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes.

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