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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep. 14

          The collective reaction from this week's episode can be summed up by one wrestler's current catchphrase "DAMN!"  While the twist that were shown weren't surprising and many people were calling these events to happen weeks in advance the delivery brings it home and gives this episode what it needed above all else emotion.   Both characters and audiences have shown their emotion for this week's episode and we will get to that along with what will probably a bit of a harsh rant on something from this week's episode that has Gaim characters in it but doesn't really involve the show.   With that said let's take a look at episode 14 of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Secret of Helheim's Fruit."

          We begin with Hase's eating of the fruit and go from there as Takatora attempts to kill Hase before Kouta forces him to miss.  Kaito evens his score with Kouta for his help last episode by taking on Takatora by himself to give Kouta a chance to chase Hase.

          We come back from the opening with Kouta and Hase involved in a bit of a fight.  Kouta eventually detransforms to reason with Hase and try to help him.  This gets Hase to transform back to his human form with a monstrous claw for a hand.  Kouta doesn't get through and gets knocked away for his trouble and Hase runs off.  We cut to Takatora and Kaito's fight and things don't look well for our banana knight.  He is no match for Takatora and eventually is taken out of the fight with a Melon Energy slash.  Kaito finds out Zangetsu is connected to Yggdrasill thanks to Takatora telling him such and is captured by some Kurokage troops.  We get a quick shot of Kouta out trying to find Hase before we move to the next day with Micchy talking to his brother as he returns home.  Micchy tries to find out what his brother knows about what has happen the last few episodes but gets nowhere. 

          We cut to Team Gaim as the discuss the hate they are getting from the infection that people are getting from the Inves from last episode. Kouta enters the scene wanting to know where Micchy is but no one can reach him at the moment.  He tells them to look out for Hase and that he is dangerous but doesn't go into more and leaves telling them if they do see him to keep their distance.  We cut to Micchy who hopped along for a ride with his brother to conduct his own stealth mission to find out what his brother is planning.  We cut to Drupers as two of Team Gaim members are talking and see Hase enter the place.  They attempt to approach Hase but are warned off by Bando.  Hase attempts to eat an apple but is disgusted by it and transforms and goes on a rampage.  The male member of Team Gaim there is cut badly by Hase defending the female member and we cut yet again to Kouta as he sees an ambulance pass him and follows it.  We then see Rat, the male member of Team Gaim, carted off in the ambulance and Bando tell Kouta what happened. 

          We check in with Micchy as he sees the tree from the Christmas Game episodes and also finds Sid and Takatora discuss the Genesis Driver.  He finds out that they are still working on cost reduction to better mass produce them.  Takatora then receives a call about Hase and him and Sid head off to deal with him and for Sid to find out firsthand what this new driver can do. Micchy sneaks into the room the two left and access some files to tell him what Kouta already knows.  The fruit turns any creature into an Inves. 

          Checking back in with Kouta as he saves a mother and her child from Hase.  He quickly transforms to fight him and seems to be resolved to take him down if there is nothing left of Hase in there and continues to attack people.  The two battle it out with Kouta keeping the battle in his favor even when he just decides to start punching him.  Kouta questions himself why they have to fight and remembers Zangetus's words from when he was attacked in the forest.  We check in with Micchy to confirm what many have dreaded.  Yuuya was in fact the Inves that Kouta killed in the first episode and this shocks Micchy.  Back with Kouta as he is ready to strike Hase down.  He tries to do it but simply can't because he is still Hase even though he has become a Inves.  For his trouble he is knocked down by Takatora and we get to see all four Energy Riders for the first time in silhouette before the shot.  Sigurd is the one who takes down Hase very brutally and even mocking him a bit before he delivers the final blow.   Kouta is powerless to stop this and can only tell Sigurd to stop.  Sigurd detransforms to reveal he is Sid and tells Kouta he took Hase down because he was a monster attacking our citizens.  Kouta is taken into custody by Kurokage troops and we end the episode on this note. 

          As I said before these twists weren't surprising since both Yuuya and Hase's deaths were being called weeks in advance, but there were delivered perfectly and left the impact they needed to leave. While both characters didn't receive much focus their deaths will be used to further the development for all of our characters.  Kouta showed that he can hesitate when facing an Inves in a fight it just so happens to be a fellow Beat Rider.  How Kouta will fight from here on own will defiantly be something to watch out for since he may second guess dealing the killing blow if there is a chance that this Inves was a human.  Micchy gets the big shock of Yuuya's death and I have to wonder if he will use this to somehow get Kouta to give up his belt and in the bigger picture how will this information affect Team Gaim as a whole if they find out about it.  Overall this was a great episode and has really given some new roads this show will travel and showed that our characters still have a lot of growing to do.

          Before I say what is to come next week I want to do what defiantly will be a rant on the Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider movie.  Now we got our first trailer at the end of episode 14 this week and a line from Kamen Rider Ichigo has for lack of a nicer term pissed me off to a certain point.  Now granted this line may be taken way out of context and there may be more to this line that what has been shown but still this have made me less hopeful for this movie than I already was.  The line itself according to Aesir Subs is "You Heisei Riders are not true Riders!"  Now this I feel is a slap in the face to both eras because of who these characters are.  The Heisei guys have made many sacrifices in their shows and have lost friends along the way.  These guys have earned the right to be called rider considering what some of these guys have done to save the world.  I won't spoil them but simply put some of them have given more to save the day then what could be asked of them.  For the Showa guys it just seems petty to be picking this fight over the title of Kamen Rider.  Most of the Heisei guys don't actually use the name in their own shows and have only been referred to as Kamen Riders in various team ups with the Showa Riders and each other.   Honestly I don't see where Ichigo, who has helped out the Heisei Riders on more than one occasion, is suddenly saying that they don't deserve to be riders.  It just seems like they have given Ichigo that old man on his front lawn stereotype telling the young guys that everything was better back in the day.  I may be jumping the gun but this still pisses me off and I wanted to at least put this view out there.  I would love to hear what people have to say about this.

          With that rant over next week we see Kouta, Kaito, and Micchy try to escape from  Yggdrasill.  If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week.

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