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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep. 15

               Well after the thrilling episode last week let's find out how some of our characters are reacting to events from last week with this week's episode.  Before we get started I wanted to first say that there has been some news regarding things to come in the future for not just Gaim but also the Kamen Rider War movie I talked about last week.  I will leave this for the rifftrax episode we will record tomorrow, simply put there are things to look forward to and maybe this Rider War movie won't be as bad as I thought.  I am a little more conflicted but still a bit angry on that.  Anyway let's get rolling with this week's episode of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Man Who Developed the Belts."

               We kick off this week's episode with both Kouta and Kaito captured by Yggdrasill and being taken to Sengoku for a talk. Kaito asks about Hase but Kouta remains silent which tells Kaito all he needs to know.  Micchy sees them pass him while he is hiding in a hallway nearby and we cut to the opening from here. 

               We come back to Sengoku doing a doodle of a new belt as our two leads are brought in.  They are left their and Segoku introduces himself as the one who made the belts and even says that the little phrases all of the Lockseeds have is a bit of a guilty pleasure of his.  Kouta brings up the fact that they have been treated like guinea pigs and Sengoku says that they don't need to jump to conclusions.  Kaito attempts to charge him but is quickly put down by Yoko Minato who is in the room with them.  She puts Kouta in a painful arm bar before Sengoku tells her to not break them and the two return to their seats.  Sengoku goes on to say that he only developed the belts and the data collection was his boss's idea.  On the note of Hase, which Kouta brought up, he says it was a unfortunate tragedy and technically Hase died the moment he bit the fruit and he became a monster from there.  Kouta attempts a charge of his own before Kaito stops him so the two can hear what Sengoku has to say.  Sengoku goes on to explain how the belt regulates the power of the Lockseeds and protects the wearer.  Our two heroes try to make a charge for their gear in the room but our stopped by Yoko before they can do anything.  Looks like Kaito's card tricks are not enough this time.  We cut to Sid and Takatora as they discuss the capture of our two heroes.  Takatora wants to do tests on them to see how prolong use of the belts has affected them and protect them.  Sid says that he thought that he would want them discarded after they had served no purpose anymore.  Sagara chimes in through video call in to say that they may not see this as protection.  Takatora says they aren't going to give them a choice in the matter.

               We cut back to Sengoku as he explains how the mass produced Drivers used by the Kurokage troops aren't tied to any one person like the ones the other riders have.  He continues to say that he wants to go further with this project and make what I assume to be a third belt to rival even his first two.  He hasn't gotten official approval for it but wants our two leads to take up this power.  He tells the two to think things over and they are escorted out of the room as Micchy begins to follow after them.

               We cut to a meeting of the minor characters and Mai as she asks all of the gathered teams to stop playing the Inves Games.  Mai tries to reason with them that if they stop playing that the city will soon realize that the attacks aren't their fault.  Everyone else says that they can afford to do this since they are at the top.  Pico from Team Baron points out that there are no leaders at this meeting with Kaito and Hase unreachable, Yuuya MIA, and Jono tied up at the bakery with Pierre.  The other teams soon leave with Mai possibly a bit dishearten by this event. 

               We check in with Kouta as he is laying back on his comfy bed in his cell, which doesn't look all that bad for a prison cell.  Sagara arrives in person to have a talk with him.  Kouta is initially shocked but soon grows angry over the fact that he was a part of Yggdrasill's plan as well.  Sagara goes on to talk about how Kouta has all of these fans and the thrilling battles he has been a part of.  He even points out that without them he would have never shone like he has.  Sagara steps in to talk to Kouta about the deal from Sengoku.  Kouta says that having power is not what is important it is what you do with said power that is important.  He says the Yggdrasill is so caught up in their research that they don't protect the people of the city.  He has taken up that duty of protecting the city from the Inves.  Sagara is impressed by this and leaves the key card he got into his cell with, a Lemon Energy Lockseed, and a device to use this Lockseed in a way we will see in the preview with next week's episode.  He leaves saying that as long as he makes it interesting for him he will take care of him and they don't know who the forest will choose.  Kouta is left to wonder about all of this.  Micchy finally finds his way to Kouta and after the trade pleasantries leave to get Kaito out of his cell.   The three head for where they were talking to Sengoku before. They get their gear and Kaito takes one of the new Sengoku Drivers for later. 

               Kouta notices the footage of Yuuya from earlier and before he learns the truth Micchy takes it off and sounds the alarm in the process.  The three make a mad dash for a way out and Takatora is informed of this and sees he brother with them and wonder why.  Kurokage troops ambush the three and they split up with Micchy heading for another exit, Kouta heading on ahead, and Kaito taking on the troops transformed.  Kouta reaches the tree and Sid arrives to intercept him before he can escape.  After some back and forth between the two about the situation and about being an adult Kouta transforms and hops the rail to escape through the portal in the tree.  Sid hops the rail himself and transforms into Kamen Rider Sigurd and takes on Kouta.  Kouta does his best but is no real match for Sid.  Sid taunts Kouta over the fact that people were hurt because of his inaction with Hase.  Kouta admits this but won't stand for Sid to call himself a hero after killing Hase.  Kaito arrives to help and the two get on their bikes and trough the use of the dimension crossing field from their bikes manage to knock Sid back and proceed to get out of there.  Sid lines up a Cherry Energy charged shot but the shot is intercepted in the air by Kamen Rider Marika aka Yoko.  Yoko tells Sid that they need to run around a little longer per Sengoku's orders and that Sid stopped holding back and was trying to kill them.  We cut to Takatora as he observes a squad of Kurokage riding the Dandeliner Lockseed vehicle.  He then finds out that Micchy and Ryugen are one and the same and we end this week's episode there.

               This week gave us time to breath and show us a little bit about Yggdrasill's operation.  It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out the Yggdrasill crew and how they all don't seem to be on the same page.  Kouta shined this week as we continue to see him grow as a character and now may take the fight straight to Yggdrasill.  Kaito doesn't show much more then what we have seen but him and Kouta's relationship is becoming more and more like how Kouta and Micchy were earlier in the show.  Micchy shows that he is going to continue to keep secrets and with what Takatora knows now his house of cards is very close to falling apart.  Overall this was a good episode and showed us how many of our characters are doing after last week's episode.  Next week Kouta tries out the thing he got from Sagara and Micchy has a long awaited talk with Takatora.  If you want to see the show for yourself check out TV-Nihon and Aesir Subs for subbed episodes.

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