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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep. 16

               After last week's fun we got some good things to talk about this week.  We have got a potential heel turn in the works, to use a wrestling term,  a new form for Gaim and all sorts of questions related to it, and on top of that one of the creepiest things I have seen in a Rider show.  So folks strap in because this is going to be a fun R&R as we take a look at episode 16 of Kamen Rider Gaim "new Arms! Introducing Lemon Raiment!"

               We start off by catching up with Micchy as he attempts to escape the Kurokage squad that is after him in the tunnel.  With a little bit of luck he is able to take their bikes out of commission and escape.  We then catch up with Kouta and Kaito as they do just the same except they are simply trying to outrun them in their bikes.  The two decide to engage them in a fight on their bikes and we cut to the opening from there.

               After the fight we see the continuation of the fight between our two heroes and the Kurokage squads.  With some effective use of form changes, weapons and the environment take down the squads and make a break for Zawame City through the portal making power of the bikes.  We see that Sid is not happy about letting them go but Yoko says that orders are orders.

               We cut to Kouta and Micchy as the head to the hospital to check up on Rat, the one who was injured two episodes ago.  He seems to healing up and doesn't have plants coming out of him.  So either a Human Inves can't give people the plant virus or Rat is extremely lucky.  My money is on the latter.  Kouta tries to say he is sorry for what happen to him but Rat says that they are friends and to not blame himself for everything that happens.  One of the Team Gaim female members informs the two about Mai's meeting from last week and we cut to Mai as see talks to the other female member about said meeting.  The two talk about how things changed because of the Inves Games and how it used to be just about dancing.  This conversation is interrupted by a Inves grunt stealing jewelry from a store.  The two follow to find that it is being controlled by Team Red Hot's leader.  After being question on why they would do this.  The leader says for the fame and glory since that is why they started as a Beat Rider team.  He then sick's his Inves after them but with some help from Kaito and Zach from Team Baron they goon gets tossed into the ocean. We find out that thanks to a little bit of jailbreaking they can summon a full size Inves to do whatever they want without the need for a belt.   We also find out that most of the teams are like this and Team Baron is taking fire from said teams and have to keep their Lockseeds to defend themselves.   Mai is very upset by this and we cut to Takatora having a conversation with Sid over Micchy being a Rider. 

               Sid pleads ignorance over this and even says that he made of even had Takatora's permission to him.  Sengoku chimes in via video conference call to check in and Takatora heads out to talk with Micchy personally.  Takatora says that Sid needs to follow through next time with Kouta and Kaito apparently unaware of Sengoku's order.  We find out that he let them go because he doesn't know how they got out in the first place and says that one of the prototypes, the device Sagara gave Kouta last week, is missing.  He also says that he was the only one able to unlock it.  We check in with Kouta as he attempts to use the Lemon Energy Lockseed.  He finds no success plugging it into the main slot and figures it needs to be put in the special device but doesn't know more than that.  Mai enters to tell him about Red Hot's actions from earlier and we cut to Takatora and Micchy having that talk. 

               Takatora asks what he was going to do with the information he got and Micchy responds by saying he would tell the world.  Takatora brushes this off as an attempt to prove his maturity and also says he is proud that he has taken up the will to fight on his own.  He decides to tell Micchy everything and the two head off. Checking in with Kouta as he confronts team Red Hot over their actions.  There leader tries to convince him to join up but Kouta will have none of this after what he has been through.  With some taunting by the team we find out that Kouta has a bit of a bounty on his head set out by Sid.  The leader brings out a Mango Lockseed and says that if they turn in Kouta's belt they will get better Lockseeds.  The Inves is summoned and Kouta is forced to fight it and transforms to take it on.  Kouta is not able to keep up with it and after another failed attempt to use the Energy Lockseed he is getting a mud hole stomped in him before the Lockseed that the leader is using breaks and the Inves goes berserk.  Kouta manages to protect the leader before taking it on again and chasing it out into the public.  Kouta does his best but is no match for the Inves.  After the faceplate gets knocked off of his belt he realizes that the device can be placed there.  Kouta is finally able to use it and with the fusion of the two fruits it gives birth to Jinba Lemon Arms.  With the Sonic Arrow in hand Kouta is more than a match for the Inves and takes it down with a combination Lemon Energy X Orange Squash charge shot takes the Inves down for good.  Meanwhile the brother arrive at some place in the forest and something shakes Micchy to his core. Takatora only says that this is the truth behind the forest and Micchy then agrees to help his brother out.  We also see what is a skin tone thing with small mouths and eyes behind Micchy in a tree in one of the shots.  With a scene with Sid looking on at Kouta's fight and a conversation with Bando back at Drupers about the nature of power we end this week's episode there. 

               This week brought more questions to the table about Yggdrasill.  Just what are they trying to do and what did Micchy see.  Our only clue right now is what seems to be something destroyed and smoke that can be seen in the reflection of his eye.  We are also left questioning Sagara's actions from last week. Is he own our heroes side or is he up to his own plans.  We see that Kouta is still growing and is very much taking on the role of the hero more and more.  Jinba Lemon Arms is cool and will be nice to see more of it in the coming weeks.  Kouta's talk with Bando was interesting and hopefully Kouta will take to heart that power by itself is not bad or good it is how the power is used.  Also that power can be corrupting  if one is not carful.  This is a big turn for Micchy and the full ramifications of his choice will be seen next week as he is given his first job as a part of Team Yggdrasill.  Overall this is a good episode and defiantly adds more mystery to the show.  I would wonder how long either of the questions from this week will be left hanging since this show lovers to wrap up loose ends quickly.  With that said next week Kouta's sister is in trouble, the return of Bravo, and Marika takes center stage as we see if Kouta's new power can stand up to the power of the Genesis Riders.  If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week.  Also check out TGS Rifftraxs every Saturday at 9 on the site and join the discussion.

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