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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep.4

           Alright folks we got another week of Gaim to cover and with nothing to note about from the last episode let's get started with episode 4 He's Formed! The Third Grape Rider!

          We pick up where we left off last week with Kouta and Kaito in the forest from episode 1.  Kouta is ready to fight when Kaito walks towards him but Kaito simply de-henshins and ask what place they are in right now.  Kouta fills him in on what he found out about in the first episode, the Lockseeds and how he got back from here last time.  With a quick note about what the bikes do, they can travel between the two places at the right speed, they part ways with Kaito heading off to explore and leaving Kouta to fend for himself and we cut there to the opening.

          After the opening we see Micchy outside his mansion talking to Mai about how they are currently in a cease fire with Team Baron until Kouta and Kaito come back.  Micchy is met by his brother Takatora who asks why is back home so late.  Micchy says it was for cram school.  Takatora comments on how his grades have floundered from possibly top of the year to top of mid terms.  Somebody sure has high standards. Takatora then goes on about how his brother will one day work side by side with him at Yggdrasill and how his path is already laid out in front of him.  Micchy can only nod and comment on how his life is nothing but distractions from this path before him.  Micchy leaves to go to his room as Takatora gets a call from someone.  We don't hear the other side of the conversation but as we are about to find out and was probably about our lost travelers in the forest. 

          We cut to Kaito wondering around and picking up a Lockseed along the way.  He is soon surrounded by Inves and henshins to take care of them and pick up a few more Lockseeds along the way.  We catch up with Kouta wondering about and finding some Yggdrasill employees who run off when Kouta tries to approach them.  Zangetsu soon shows up to take a pot shot at Kouta's head and then sick's an Inves on him with a Lockseed to bait it in.  Kouta soon suits up and fights the monster and finishes it off with Pine Arms' Au Lait finisher.  Zangetsu soon decides to fight Kouta and beats the ever loving hell out of our hero.  I mean seriously I feel sorry for Kouta for having to take an ass whopping that big. Anyway as Zangetsu gives Gaim a lesson and taking a few sword slashes on the chin he tells him he should come at him with everything he is got and hinting at a larger fight going on.  Also he threatens to kill him several times.  Eventually Zangetsu sends Kouta off a cliff and sends him back home with a pair of darker pants and the scariest situation he has ever been in.  We see that Zangetsu is none other than Micchy's brother Mitsuzane.  This is going to be awkward  to explain once these guys know who each other are.  Kaito has better luck as he just strolls out of the forest on his bike with about 5-6 Lockseeds in hand.

          Kaito meets with Hideyasu and Ryoji and gives them two of his newly acquired Lockseeds in exchange for their teams protecting Team Baron and following Kaito's orders. They accept and it seems this battle on the streets with the Inves Games is heating up quick. Mai and Micchy head to Kouta's place to talk with him and find him curled up in a corner in terror over what happened in the forest.  Mai takes the belt and Lockseeds to somewhere save until Kouta can get back on his feet. Kouta can only apology for not being strong enough to carry the burden he took on for the team.  Cut to Micchy and Mai talking about the current state of things.  Micchy is about to tell Mai that they need Kouta because of the alliance Kaito and Team Baron have made but Mai shoots it down by saying that can't keep depending on him for these types of situations.  She says that they need to handle their own problems.  Mai simply wants to protect Kouta from getting hurt by helping them.  Micchy questions this and says that there is nothing wrong with getting hurt if you can save someone else.  Micchy says he believes that he can come back from this and that Mai doesn't understand what Kouta has done for them. 

          We see Micchy back home watching a video of Mai dancing and says that he wants to change and hates being the way he is.  He also wonders what he can do to help.  We soon see Micchy speak with Sid and demands a Lockseed and Sengoku Driver.  Sid replies that he only gives certain people a Driver and notes that "his" dad is a higher up in Yggdrasill and his brother is I believe is the project manager of the R&D department.  He says that if he gave Micchy a driver he would never be able to be in Zawame city again.  Micchy decides to show the more aggressive side of his personality and intimidates Sid into leaving the Driver under the pretense that since he is a nice kid if he finds something lost he will return it.  Micchy can only repeat the line if he is that nice kid.

          We cut to Team Gaim on their stage performing as Mai is just off stage waiting for someone to challenge them to a Inves Game.  Hideyasu shows up for the challenge.  Mai is about to step up but Micchy chooses to do the fight himself.  He puts on his Sengoku Driver and becomes Armored Rider Ryugen as dubbed by DJ Sagara.  While transforming Micchy says he would rather take on life's hardships so that the ones he love don't suffer and thinks that is why Kouta took up the Driver.  Kouta finds out about this through the Beat Rider Hotline show and finds out Micchy won the fight and we end this week's show there.

          This week was another good episode and a step up from last week.  Micchy gets some great development and seeing him step up in Kouta's place was good to see.  Kouta while getting quite the beating shows that he still has room to grow and he has yet to become the hero he possibly wants to be.  Mitsuzane continues to be a mystery and how he will play into the story has yet to be revealed but when it does happen I believe Micchy will have tough decision.  Kaito continues to be the main antagonistic force but how long that will last is something to ponder.  Overall this was another great episode that continued the questions we have already and giving us something to think about in the mean time.  There is no episode last week but the following week we are going to see a new form and our first team up of riders.  In the mean time let's look at that opening I said on the first episode was worth an article alone.  If you want to see the show yourself check out Aesir subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes. 

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