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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Opening from Episode 4

              Well folks Gaim was off this week and I am putting this up this up way later than when I wanted to put it up but oh well.  So before we get into the opening I wanted to cover some stuff I haven't really touched upon.  In terms of the visuals of this show I like them.  The rider suits are very distinct and while there are some similarities in the base suit the fruit armor makes them all look distinct and great.  The teams also look unique their own style and while some look odd like Team Gaim's colors they are good designs.  Also the action is great and is exciting to watch.  With all that said let's look at the opening for Kamen Rider Gaim. 

               First off I we looking at the opening from episode 4.  The one from episode 1 has a single scene difference which doesn't really amount  to anything since it is a scene from the episode instead of a transformation scene for Gaim in the later openings.  We start with our four main riders (Gaim, Baron, Ryugen, and Zangetsu) posing behind the LockFence© something we will see throughout the opening and its meaning is unknown right now and I will get to me theory on it in a bit.  After that we have the title screen for the show come up while being forged from various riders weapons, and a orange sunshine in the background to boot.  We get quick shots of old armor next to each of the four before we see a shot of Gaim holding the Muso Saber and in the reflection on the ground in Kouta doing the same thing.  Next we see one Kouta behind the LockFence© screaming at himself on the other side while the second one walks away with a stern look.  The first and the LockFence© are turned to dust and fade away.  We get a quick shot of Kaito and two members of Team Baron dancing before we see another reflection scene.  Kaito and Kouta are facing off against each other while their reflections as Baron and Gaim respectively charge at each other before the reflections change to Kaito and Kouta showing their Lockseeds at each other up close.   We then see Micchy pick up the Grape Lockseed and tries to go to his brother while he holds the Melon Lockseed.  Micchy is stopped by the LockFence© but in the reflection he is stopped by Zangetsu's sword and both he and his brother are both transformed.  We continue with the old armor shots and get a quick fire selection of scenes.  Gaim and Baron riding off on a horse and bike respectfully. Baron on his bike riding under the Watermelon arms suit which I believe is being controlled by Gaim and finally a shot of Gaim, Baron, and Zangetsu's belts as they transform.  Next is the scene I was talking about above.  Next is a shot of Team Gaim dancing. The next one is interesting as it is Kouta and Mai talking to each other while in the reflection Kaito and Red-Eye are talking.  We then see Zangetsu point his sword at the camera menacingly with an army of old armor that I believe is supposed to be like his behind him.  We then see Gaim and Baron fight said army with Baron in a reflection.  We then see Ryugen shoot and destroy the LockFence© and go to a scene of Team Gaim dancing as it fades to Red Eye doing what see does best, point at something .  We see Gaim try to destroy the camera with old armor that looks like his behind him.  We see mix shots of the various armor and Lockseeds with shots of Baron in and out of suit with his in suit shot taking on Inves in the forest.  We end on a  circle shot of the four and finally Kouta screaming through the LockFence© as Gaim rides off on a horse. 

               The use of reflections throughout can mean a lot of things but they seem to be specific to the situation Such as the reflecting of how Kaito and Kouta may have similar relationships with the respective female characters, and how Micchy and Mitsuzane may come into conflict soon.  The LockFence© seems to also follow this and could be specific to the situation.  For Kouta it could be overcoming his fear to become the hero he needs to be to save the day.  For Micchy it could be him breaking down the walls around him and forging his own path.  The old armor may be a hint as to the meaning behind the opening scene from episode 1.  Also of note is the sponsor scene where we see a different Gaim suit in a reflection of the one we see in the show.  I don't think it is the final form but it could be a Gaim suit from the past or future.  A lot of what the opening has is very much worth the time to sit down and examine it and see what could be coming.   Overall this is a great opening that doesn't spoil anything and only offers more to ponder about while watching the show.  The song Just Live More is also great and I can't wait for the full version of the song.  Next week we will get back into the show with the next episode and see what is next.  If you want to see the show yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes. 

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