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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Special "Looking Back, Looking Forward, and Looking at Other Things"

               I have decided to combine the two R&R specials into one since my thoughts on the stuff I don't normally talk about will be a bit on the short side.  Now to start with I will talk about the action of the series.

               The action has been good but for me I sometimes don't pay attention to the action too much.  For me the action is what it is the conflicts between characters.  When the action is really good I will notice it but if there is no emotion or story going into the action then I kind of forget about it since it is just a clash of suits.  Gaim has emotion and story going into its fight scenes and that I can appreciate and enjoy it more.  The suits are also good too.  Like the action I sometimes don't notice the suits if there is no character in the suit.  For me it is just as important that the character wearing the suit is a good character first.  If the character isn't good than the I kind of forget the suit outside of just being just looking interesting to me.  All of the Gaim riders have nice diverse designs with their armor and I can like them even more knowing that there are good characters wearing those suits.   Acting is another thing I don't talk about manly because the show is in a language I am not fluent in I can't judge the acting fairly.  All in all the show is very enjoyable on all fronts and I find it hard to complain about anything in the show and if I do it seems a bit knit picky to do so, like making sense of the suits in universe.

               Now to look back on the eleven episodes so far and looking forward with what is known.  These past eleven episodes have been a fast paced and fun ride and defiantly one of the strongest starts a rider show has ever had.  Where is goes from here is a bit unknown but there are things we do know that are coming and if you have listened to any TGSR show for the past few weeks you know what I am talking about.  For those who don't know and don't want to find out skip this next paragraph.

               On top of the Shin Zangetsu upgrade Takatora will receive this weekend there will be three more Energy Riders Duke, Sigurd, and Malika.  We know that Duke is Sengoku and Malika is a new character called Yoko Minato and will be the first female rider of the show but Sigurd is still a mystery.  All three seems to be coming into conflict with the Armored Riders and how this conflict begins and how it will all play out is unknown I will say that it will be interesting to see how the Armored Riders will react and what alliances may be formed because of this.  We do know Gaim and Baron will team up in a future episode and Gaim goes Banana Arms in this episode.  They will go against Bravo and what role he will play may be known this weekend as we see the Riders react to the previous episodes events.  We also know Gaim will receive two upgrades in the future one in February and one in March.  The February one will involve the combination of regular and energy Lockseeds through a energy Lockseed attachment on the Sengoku Driver in place of the faceplate.  The second involves a whole new Lockseed called Kachidoki and the weapon for this form will be called the DJ Gun and can combine with the Musou Saber.  I do wonder if Zangetsu will also get the first upgrade since the standby music for it is the one the two share.  For the other I wonder if this is the final form for Gaim or if there is something else beyond it.  Both of these are cool to hear about but until we see more than just an black outline of each it is hard to say more than that.

                For me one of the most interesting things to look forward to is what will happen to Hase now that his belt has been destroyed.  Overall there are many things on the horizon that are interesting but one thing I kind of think back to after hearing all of this is the first scene from episode one.  I wonder what event if any has caused us to not have that scene be the future.  I wonder where are the other riders and where are the other forms that some of the riders in that scene should be in and if not why.  This will be something  I will keep in mind from here on out and continue to look for possible hints to this and anything else.

               Gaim has been a great show to watch week to week and how it continues from here will be exciting to see.  I personally can't wait for episode twelve and also for the Figuarts since this right now for me will be one of my favorite rider shows for now and by the time they come out that feeling will either be solidified or I will somehow start not liking the show for whatever reason.   

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