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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 11

          So how will Tomari get out of the tight spot he is in.  Let's get right back in to the action with episode 11 of Kamen Rider Drive "Who will prevent the Unholy Night?".  We kick off with Kiriko informing Rinna about the current situation.  Kiriko is told that Tomari and Buckle have been gone for some time now and she has no idea what they are up to.  Back with Tomari and Heart we see Chase use the Spider Execution finisher to break up the two and save Heart.  Chase makes due on his promise to save Heart once he enters the Dead Zone.  This was something mentioned last time and we get some context to it here.  Apparently it is a last ditch move of his that gives him a lot of power but it will kill him.  We see the Driver broken along with pieces of Type Technique.  Chase says it is over but Heart says Unholy Night has just began.  Back at the station the team discusses how to move forward with the case since they have no leads.  They decide to focus on finding the doctor for now.  Down in the Pit Tomari wakes up to a very emotional Kiriko.  She is happy he is okay but Buckle is very angry he would go to such extremes.  Buckle goes on to introduce the three Shift Cars that saved them Road Winter, Colorful Commercial, and Deco Traveler.  We find out that the Roidmudes are focusing on Japan and many of the Shift Cars that were deployed around the world are returning.  The pair refocuses on the case for now and work to stop the Unholy Night from coming.  Kiriko makes reservations at a restaurant to celebrate Tomari's birthday which gets Tomari in gear. 
        We cut to the Roidmudes HQ to see Chase and Heart resting.  Brain chews them out a bit for being reckless but Brain was just worried for his comrades.  Chase tags along with Brain even though he is injured.  The S.C.U. asks around the city for info on the doctor while Tomari drops by his former residence.  Tomari finds a crucial clue  a book that was wrote by Nishihori Kouya along with Minami Goro. Kouya was arrested by Tomari before he joined the S.C.U. and appeared in episode zero.  The chief gets Tomari access to the criminal by calling in a favor.  Kouya gives Tomari the run around for a bit before giving him the info he wants.  Tomari and Kiriko head off to the Electro Mall, which has a building similar to one from the finale of Unholy Night, to stop Volt once and for all.  The find Volt already on site and intercept him before he can go any farther.  They find out he is a ghost now who only exists to bring about the Unholy Night.  Tomari transforms and begins to fight Volt.  He has the advantage for some time before Chase and Brain arrive to take on the Rider themselves.  Volt heads off with Kiriko in pursuit while Tomari has to fight off the two leaders alone.  Tomari gets some back up from some of the Shift cars which pull the attention of Brain.  Chase engages Tomari himself from here on out. 
        Volt begins the Unholy Night  and after Kiriko arrives on scene uses three Viral Cores to become a giant Spider Viral Core with spider legs to combat the Tridoron.  Tomari begs Chase to let him by so he can save the day.  Chase hesitates and eventually lets him by.  Brain is furious and shoots Chase for this traitorous action.  At the Roidmude base we see the stone from the device Volt is using gather some of the stolen electricity.  Kiriko finds herself out gunned and is almost killed but is saved by another Kamen Rider in shadow.  Tomari soon arrives in Type Technique form to combat the big monster.  He eventually destroys the big form but Volt's smaller body escapes and delays Kiriko from shooting the device. This only lasts for a few seconds as Tomari goes Type Speed and does a Rider Kick combo with the Tridoron in Type Technique form to finish off Volt once and for all while Kiriko destroys the device.  The day is saved once more but we see Chase change into his true form as Roidmude 000.  This catches Buckle by surprise.  At the Roidmude HQ we see Volt did not die in vain as he has awakened another one of his comrades.  A female Roidmude by the name of Medic.  We end the episode with Tomari arriving at the restaurant and finding out it was not a date he was being invited to.  It was a combination Birthday, Christmas, and end of the year party all rolled into one.  Tomari is not too happy about this.  Chase meanwhile ponders  his number, and Buckle takes the Shift Cars out on patrol. 
        This week brought this three part story to a close and sets up many things to come in the new year.  The appearance of Medic and Kamen Rider Mach are cameos at best but they served the purpose of transitioning us to the next arc to start next week.  Chase's number adds more to the mystery but we all know the endgame by now.  The real mystery is how Chase went from Kamen Rider to Reaper and what will he do once he finds out the truth.  The trio of Kiriko, Tomari and Buckle get some development as Tomari nearly dies again which has to be a record for main heroes in the franchise and we see how close they have gotten in just 11 episodes.  We get some ties to episode zero and Full throttle as Lupin the main villain of Drive's portion of the movie is named dropped by Kouya.  Overall this was a great end to one of the best arcs in the show as it shows what Drive is truly made of once it gets going.  Next week Mach makes his grand debut and just how will he shake up the group dynamic? 
        If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.   

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