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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 14

          Gou has proved himself as a Rider but with Chase slowing uncovering the truth how will it shake up the team dynamic.  Let's take a look at episode 14 "Who is the dark shadow chasing her?".  We start off with an unknown woman being stalked by an also unknown criminal.  They have a quick conversation over the phone before a Slowdown happens and a Roidmude attacks.  We cut to Kiriko being approached by Chase.  He is puzzled by recent events and wants to know who she is relative to him.  We intercut this with Buckle informing Tomari and Gou about Chase's number and Gou acting very hostile towards the idea of a "good" Roidmude.  He leaves after telling Tomari Kiriko doesn't know.  We see Chase hear Buckle's voice in his head telling him to protect humans and writhing in pain.  Gou soon arrives and chases the reaper off.  Gou immediately tells her not to believe his lies but this only puzzles Kiriko more.  At the station the next day Kiriko attempts to ask Tomari about Chase but the case of the week comes knocking.  Nanao Lira and her agent Muramasa Mamoru have come to ask for the S.C.U.'s help with her stalker problem.  She is being stalked by a Roidmude and after confirming the Slowdown incident Kiriko, Tomari and, Otta are assigned to guard her.

          At her filming site the three run into Gou who drops some intel about a cosplayer who attempts to give her various gifts.  We get a scene at a church where Chase is assigned to take down the current Roidmude and reset him.  Chase has another flashback attack but brushes it off to continue his duty.  Medic and Brain do a bit of foreshadowing about his true identity.  Sunahara Tadashi catches Otta's eye and he suspects him of being the Roidmude.  Gou is also there to protect Kiriko form Chase if he decides to return.  Our Riders catch sight of a mysterious person watching Nanao and they take off after him as Kiriko watches over Nanao.  Sunahara appears to gift Nanao chocolate but a Slowdown affect happens and the Roidmude from earlier attacks the cosplayer and turns him into a Smurf.  He is still alive and a Fool tarot card is found next to him by Tomari.  Mach gives chase to the would be fortune teller, and Mach spends too much time doing his catchphrase and it gets away.  He plays this off when he regroups with the rest.

          At the station Kyu manages to find out the third party's identity.  Sakaki Kouichi, a makeup artist, who uses his position to attempt to date women only to be turned down and then stalk them.  Nanao is informed at her apartment by Gou and Kiriko.  She heads off to relax as the two stand guard outside.  Tomari attempts to track down info only for Otta to call him in as Sakaki has been caught stalking another woman.  He plays the part but only serves as a distraction for the Roidmude who is at Nanao's right now.  Tomari heads off after hearing this and Gou after hearing her scream engages the Roidmude while Kiriko attempts to get her out of there.  069 is cut off by the mysterious Roidmude from earlier and we find out he protected Nanao at the beginning of the episode.   She seems to recognize his cards but we will leave the plot there until next week.  Mach cuts the intro shorts and engages 069 before Tomari arrives.  He accuses the other Roidmude of being Sakaki before Gou corrects him and the card dealer heads off.  Tomari and Gou take on 069 with ease and after Tomari uses Type Technique plus Road Winter to put him on ice they set up to put the stalker to bed for good.  Unfortunately for them Chase arrives and interrupts them before they can move in for the finish.  The Riders engage the Reaper but are then interrupted by Brain who decides to put 069 to use by turning him into a giant Bat Viral Core. The flying toy takes Kiriko and after Tomari fails to rescue her with Wrecker leaves Gou and Chase in pursuit.  The two cannot do much on the ground but the two bikes soon join and Mach gains the Rider Crosser to attack the giant bat.  After rescuing Kiriko and Tomari engages him in all the CGI glory you could imagine.  069 is defeated but the episode is not over just yet.  Chase arrives and questions why his bike could do that.  Brain explains what we all figured out weeks ago.  000 or Proto-Zero is Proto-Drive the one Roidmude who stood against them during the Global Freeze.  We end with Kiriko and Chase in shock after this realization.

          It is great to finally have the cat out of the bag when it comes to Chase.  While the impact was lessen it still was a good scene thanks to Kiriko and Chase selling the shock of the whole thing.  Mach got toned down a bit in his bits but proved less is more as this is his best performance out of suit.  His hatred for Roidmudes seem personal but we will have to wait for more clues before we can speculate further outside insert standard plot here theories.  The Rider Crosser looked cool and while it will be a rare appearance due to its complete CGI nature I hope it does make a return in the future.  The mystery is interesting with this other Roidmude so props to them for a good setup to  a good conclusion next week.  Although from the look of things it will be the B plot for most of the episode.  Overall a very entertaining episode that finally sets us up to move forward with the Chase plot.  Next week Kiriko looks to get Chase back on the side of good but is he the Rider she knew?

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.  

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