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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 15

          With Chase's identity revealed to the team.  How will they deal with the knowledge of a Kamen Rider gone bad.  Let's find out with episode 15 of Kamen Rider Drive "When will her feelings break through?".  We start things off with Chase reeling from said revelation and Kiriko questioning if it was the same person that saved her during the Global Freeze.  Gou doesn't care who Chase is as he considers all Roidmudes his enemies and he engages Chase.  Chase heads off on his bike with Gou in pursuit while Brain decides to take his leave.  Chase manages to get Gou off his back and our heroes regroups.  Kiriko wants to believe he can returned to his heroic ways while Gou will hear none of this.  He heads off while our dynamic duo check in on Nanao.  She asks about 069 and finds out he is taken care of and tells them to leave her be.  Tomari gets called back to the station leaving Kiriko to try to get answers out of Nanao.

          Tomari arrives to find out Sakaki has been attacked and turned into a smurf.  The black coat strikes again and finding the chariot card in the cell Tomari has another clue to work with.  At Nanao's apartment Gou runs into Muramasa and finds out she is missing.  The two split and Gou tires to recruit his Signal Bikes to help but they seem to be a too beholden to their names.  At an unknown park Nanao let's Kiriko in on what is going on.  She was in a dark place a long time ago and when she attempted to commit suicide she was saved by a fortune teller.  Nikaido Hiroki is a famous fortune teller that disappeared around a year ago and his cards have been found by the team at the various attacks.  The two fell in love but after his disappearance she thought he had forgotten her.  She believes him to be the Roidmude in the black coat and she wants a meeting.  Muramasa interrupts the meeting and drags her off telling Kiriko to stop looking into her life.  A Slowdown affect happens and Muramasa is turned blue.  Gou arrives to take down the Roidmude but before he can deliver any more damage Nanao holds Gou back and give him an opening  to leave.  Tomari soon arrives and is filled in on the situation.  Hierophant is found and the two decide to investigate the fortune teller's place of business.

          Meanwhile Brain delivers some force lightning to Chase knocking him out.  Heart tells him to back down for the moment and since Brain's attempt to rewrite Chase's memories have failed Medic steps up to do things her way.  The only problem is that the process is riskier.  At the fortune teller's studio the two talk to the land lady.  She is keeping the place tidy since she is a big fan of him.  She reveals that Muramasa told Nikaido to stay out of Nanao's life.  The two find a key and head to the apartment.  It is owned by Nanao and after some digging find the rest of the Tarot cards and a diary which gives the two  the shocking revelation.  The team invites Nanao to the place where she first met Nikaido.  They give her the cards from the other scenes and show her the diary.  We find out through the power of flashback that when he tried to break up with her the two got into a fight and she accidentally pushed him over the edge she almost jumped off killing him in the process.  She is thrown into a mess of emotions as she had the memories of this event stole by 096, the black coat Roidmude.

          She is broken emotionally by this and after a Slowdown affect happens 096 appears to keep this love story alive by any means.  Tomari and Gou transform together to end this case once and for all.  096 proves to be a bit of a problem but after a bit of unorthodox teamwork the two destroy 096 with a double Rider Kick.  It is a bit too early to celebrate as Chase arrives and seeming a bit more robotic than normal transforms and sets about taking on the two Riders.  He is able to easily overwhelm them and after Kiriko's words ring empty to him Medic and Brain arrive to oversee the destruction of all three of them.  Chase sets about to shoot Kiriko but is stopped by the intervention of both Mach and Drive.  Brain decides to enter the fight and after Tomari cannot find the will to fight Chase Gou makes the save by using Max Flare in his Driver to damage Brain enough to cause Medic to call back Chase and retreat for now.  The team regroups to give Nanao the cards the found.  The only missing is World, the symbol of their love.  Kiriko tires to reach Nanao but she is beyond the help of them now.  The episode ends with Kiriko refusing to give up on Chase and the world card floating in  the ocean nearby.

          This was a very interesting episode when it came to the two-part case.  It once again shows that working with a Roidmude may not end well for you as we see Nanao is unable to come to terms with what she did and having those memories taken away from her a year ago only served to make things worse.  This was another good case and I hope there is more like this to come.  The whole Chase situation has a new dynamic and while some may see this as a regression I think it is too early to call say that.  Chase while seeming robotic was able to take on Tomari and Gou at the same time and seemed to be ready to do what he could not do before hurt Kiriko.  For now it looks like a step in the right direction as now the encounters with Chase will cause the team to question what they will do.  Tomari is hesitant to fight Chase now, Kiriko wants to rescue the person that saved her so long ago, and whatever is behind Gou's bias will cause the team to conflict with one another over the situation.  Overall a really good episode that had a good twist and puts the Chase situation in an interesting direction.   Next week a scamming operation hits the teams desk,  Heart enter the battlefield once more, and Tomari gains a new form Type Dead Heat but can he handle this new power born from two Riders.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.   

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