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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 16

          The team has a new case but Heart looks to renter the battlefield once more.  So let's see what awaits us in episode 14 of Kamen Rider Drive "What has Sawamura Rinna so anxious?".  We start off in the middle of the case as the team fill in Rinna and by proxy the audience.  A man by the name of Amagi Shu, owner of a matchmaking service, is suspected of being a Roidmude.  Eight women of had the banks cleaned out and left in a near vegetative state after visiting Shu place of business The Amagi Lovers' Castle.  Even with the help of Misaki Junko, a detective from the 2nd division, there is no evidence of him being a Roidmude or having anything to do with the eight women.  Tomari and Kiriko get there first clue from Gou who tells them of a secret event being held soon that takes place every month.  Tomari and Kiriko confront Shu about the event and ask to participate.  After a bit of back and forth they manage to get an invitation.

          On the way back while discussing the case Chase decides to hop on the hood of the Tridoron to force a confrontation between him and Tomari because just trying to pull them over is much of a nice guy move.  The two quickly fight it out but Tomari's words about his past  do little to sway the reaper.  Go eventually arrives and joins the fight but Chase proves too strong for the two of them and knocks both away with a Cobra Full Break attack.  Heart soon arrives to join the fight leading to Gou wanting to engage the "leader" of the Roidmudes.  Tomari decides not to engage the two and uses Deco Traveler to distract Chase while the two run away in a heroic fashion.  Back at their Christmas themed hideout Brain delivers intel linking the S.C.U. to Drive but the other seem less interested in attacking our hero's allies.  They seek to destroy the Rider in combat and by no other means.  This worries Brain but Heart tells him to relax.  Back at the Pit Kiriko is testing out the new ammo for her gun.  They will be able to penetrate the Roidmudes armor and with a new pair of boots she will be able to kick any would be bad guy's head off.  Rinna heads off to do other things but Buckle asks her to finish up the new Shift Car before she leaves.  Rinna is quick to get aggressive and after Buckle backs down she heads out.  The team is informed of Shift Dead Heat but not much more than a mention is said.

          Tomari soon finds himself and the rest of the team being accosted by Misaki but after a spoon falls she flies into a frenzy and eventually fall into a coma.  At the hospital Gen figures out that this also happened to another victim and Tomari puts in together.  We see Kiriko investigate the castle after being welcomed by Shu and Gou is undercover as a member of the staff.  Tomari arrives and introduces himself to Rinna and runs after her when she freaks out over him being there.  Kiriko is soon drawn to the forest by an unknown voice.  Rinna tries to explain why she was there but is a bit too vague while Kiriko finds Chase in the forest but soon realizes it is the Roidmude Voice and gives him a good kick in the gut and a few bullets for good measure.  A Slowdown and the sound of the gunfire lead the boys to her location and with Shu unmasked and his plan uncovered Gou steps up to put this matchmaker on ice.

          Gou easily manages to overwhelm Voice but the arrival of 046 and 085 bring Tomari into the fight to even out the odds.  Tomari manages to keep the guards busy and set up Gou to Rider Kick Voice back to the scrap pile but Heart arrives to interrupt him.  Heart easily is able to overwhelm Gou and the other three keep Tomari long enough to force his hand.  Tomari calls on Dead Heat and even with a warning from Buckle of it is unfinished doesn't sway Tomari from going Type Dead Heat.  The from combines the Drive and Mach suit into one and Tomari uses it to combat the four monsters.  Heart comments on how Tomari now can access the Dead Zone just like him.  Tomari uses the power to take out the two bodyguards and send Heart and Voice into retreat for now.  Unfortunately the fight is far from over as now Tomari is out of control and Gou is the only one who can stop him.  We end the episode with Rinna drawn to Voice and she sees someone who kind of looks like one of the victims from the first episode.

          This episode did a lot to show the strength of this show and feels like one of the episodes I would recommend if someone is curious about Drive.  Kiriko gaining some new gear is a godsend since she has been in the mist of battle for so long without the means to defend properly herself and others.  Shift Dead Heat while obviously just a combination of the Drive and Mach suit with new tires and a new helmet still looks well and having it shared between the two Riders should provide for some interesting battles to come.  The Dead Zone remains a mystery but I am not too worried about it being unanswered as the show has earned my trust when it comes to its long term mysteries.  The whole Rinna situation looks to be the focus for next week but it will be great to see her get some development.  Overall it was a really good episode that did a lot in under 30 minutes and showed that while it is not Gaim there is plenty to love about this show.  Next week Gou takes Dead Heat for a spin, some old guy is here to help and Rinna has fallen under Voice's spell.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.    

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