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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 17

       With Voice still on the loose and Dead Heat still a bit buggy the team look to end this case quick before more problems turn up. Let's see how that goes in episode 17 "Who controls Dead Heat?".  We start off with Gou using the Stop Signal Bike in combination with the Zerin Shooter to stop Tomari from rampaging under the influence of Dead Heat.  We then see that Tomari and Heart seem to have enjoyed the power a little too much.  As the team heads back they run into Rinna who is with some unknown person.  Voice heads off after dropping the disguise whiles Rinna prevents the team from intercepting.  Back at the office Rinna is restrained to prevent her from helping out Voice since she is now under his influence, and the team discusses what to do now.  Kiriko eventually lets Rinna go, and while the team is distracted with the case Rinna bolts and leaves the team without much to go on beside the person Voice was disguised as earlier. 
        At the Christmas Hideout Heart is getting a check up from Medic while Brain looks on being envious of Medic being a better support than he has been.  We also find out that Chase's core programming has been changed from protecting humans to Roidmudes which is the cause of his recent actions.  He cannot be the Reaper anymore but he will still be a valuable asset to their cause.  Down in The Pit the team is in a corner with Rinna gone and Harley MIA there is no one to complete Dead Heat.  Tomari and Kiriko head off after our mysterious person whiles Gou looks for Rinna with the help of Bikes and Cars.  Gou finds Rinna meeting Voice at a junkyard and engages him in a fight.  Chase quickly interrupts letting Rinna and Voice go while he takes on the daredevil rider.  The two end trading Rider Kicks which end in a draw.  We get a quick scene of some old guy arriving at The Pit while the S.C.U. manage to find out who Voice was disguised as.  Sasamoto Kisaburo a physicist who was Rinna's ex from back in America when the two was in college.  He was doing research into sound waves and possible interactions with humans which the team postulate that is why Voice targeted him.  Tomari after giving the photo from Gou a second look manages to piece together the truth which saddens him. 
        At Voice's hideout he introduces Rinna to Kii, her nickname for him, and the two have bit of a reunion.  She has not been able to get over him and with the help of Gravity looks to rescue him from Voice.  We soon see Kii disarm Rinna and take her hostage before Kiriko and Tomari arrive for the save.  Tomari explains how Kii has been working for Voice since Amagi was funding Kii's research.  Kiriko helps get the two out of there while Tomari fights Voice.  We get the arrival of two more bodyguards 095 and 064 but Gou arrives to even the odds.  Tomari and Gou both transform to engage the trio of Roidmudes and Tomari even goes Wild for a change of pace.  They are able to hold their own but Voice has a trump card as all the women he has affected.  He has called them to the fight to keep the Riders busy.  The old man from earlier arrives and delivers a complete Dead Heat to the team.  We find out it is Harley himself and Gou decides to take the new form for a test drive.  He engages the three Roidmudes while Tomari, Kiriko, and Rinna take care of the women.  Gou takes out the goons with a quick flurry of attacks while  Tomari uses Wrecker to restrain the women but the reveal of bombs on their person pushes Gou to end the fight quick with a Full Throttle Dead Heat.  Tomari goes Technique to disarm the bombs but Gou goes berserk and almost engages Tomari.  Kiriko uses her new boots to knock him away and give him time to cool off.  We wrap up the case with Rinna saying goodbye to her ex once and for all but still quite upset over the whole situation.  Harley confronts her back at The Pit and gives her and Buckle a present.  He bids the team farewell before and continues his trip around the world. 
        This week was a good warp up to the case and we get to see both Dead Heats in action.  While the only difference is a new helmet for Gou I still like the form overall and hope to see it continue to be used.  From recent information it looks like Dead Heat will become a form used more often by Gou and his possible final form but I hope the daredevil gets one more form before the end of the show.  Rinna was a bit of a mystery as it seemed like she was under Voice's spell but not so by the end so for seemingly no reason.  A minor complaint in the grand scheme but a complaint still. Kiriko continues to show her strength when given the right tools as she is able to stop Gou from rampaging.  As long as this gear is not forgotten later on down the road I think Kiriko will be finding herself in the hearts of many more fans going forward and also having more demand for her to become a Rider.  Harley gets a glorified cameo but has one of my favorite moments as he literally tells Buckle to shut up before passing Gou Dead Heat.  I take great pleasure in somebody bad mouthing the secretive belt every now and again.  Overall a good episode that wrapped up well and leaves a small tease of something which I am not sure what is in the package just yet.  Next week a case of revenge by request hits the team's desk and Otta looks to have a connection to this case.  He vows to solve it our hang up his badge and a Roidmude seems to be serving Humans. 
        If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.     

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