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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 19

          With Chase in possession of the Rider Crosser and Shingo seemingly involved in the case somehow the team has a lot to deal with this week.  So let's see how they handled it in "What will judge the police?".  Going in line with what I said last week Tomari defuses the Ride Crosser situation by using Type Technique to separate the bikes and send Chase running in under a minute.  At Shingo's house we find out he teamed up with the Roidmude to draw Judge out of retirement and give them a chance at catching him.  Otta is a bit pissed about this but Tomari senses there is more to his story as he finds out Akie was dumped by her soon to be husband after he found out about her brother.  She dropped by his house crying as he is all she has left.  This was when the Roidmude 065 made contact and their plan when into motion.  After the exposition Judge drops by and shocks Tomari to get Shingo out of there and the two retreat for now.

          We then get a quick couple of scenes that establish the person Gou ran into as the real Judge and Gou is being setup as the fall guy by him.  For some reason the time limit for the Mach Drive is ignored when Mach is in The Pit.  This is when we find out about the cover up which pisses Gou off but he can provide nothing helpful.  Kiriko provides Commercial to give them photos to work with.  At the office we see the return of Kyu and Chief as the team discusses what to do next.  Kyu helps out a bit but Chief only gives out random gifts and whines about losing his passport and angering his daughter.  Tomari heads off to the bridge to find the button which causes Kiriko and Otta to head off as well.  With a new site up the real Judge sets up to attack again leaving the S.C.U. only two hours to stop him.  Tomari does all he can to find the button and has the entire Shift Car fleet to help look for it.

          Akie is there and says she is moving away to get a new start on life.  Tomari begs here to wait and believe in the police once more.  Otta has a moment with Deco Traveler which gets the two of them fired up after wondering if they are useless relics.  Well Otta does all the talking and Deco simply honks his horn in response.  Deco heads off to help with the search for now.  At the office Kiriko and Otta have found nothing but come up with a plan whiles Chief finds his passport.  We see Judge confront his next victim but is surprised by a disguised Kiriko who kicks him away and Otta places him under arrest.  We find out Otta figured out a pattern he had with his victims which narrowed the field to two possible targets and they flipped a coin from there I guess.  Tomari also drops by with the button that Deco found in the nearby river and it apparently still has fingerprints on it.  Shingo drops by as well to see Judge arrest but Roidmude Judge arrives to kill human Judge and kill Shingo because he is done with him.  Otta is knocked out and Tomari goes Type Speed to fight the swordsman.

          Tomari has trouble at first but with the combination of Type Wild and Rumble Dump he gains the upper hand quickly before Chase arrives to fight an also arriving Gou.  The two transform to settle things from last episode.  Gou has a rough time against the Reaper but Dead Heat gives him just the power he needs to even the playing field.  Chase tries to call the Rider Crosser but Mach left his bike at home today. Tomari finishes Judge off once and for all and Chase receives a big attack from Mach to send him home once more.  We find out that Judge killed Akie's brother because he helped him once and we close out the case with the true Judge in custody and Shingo not arrested because he technically did not commit a crime kind of.  Tomari says he is in the clear so I guess it is okay.  Smiles all around as the episode closes on that note.

          I am not going to lie this might be the weakest episode so far.  The conclusion of this case just kind of happens with little build up outside of the button that kind of feels like it was thrown in there because that was what we were running with last episode.  Shingo getting off the hook feels a bit out of place and I do feel like Shingo's actions should have some consequence.  Nothing major mind you but something nonetheless.  The final fight was good and stood out well with the new insert song they have been using the last few episodes.  Chase and Gou having a rivalry feels right but I hope the two don't fight every episode like Chase and Tomari did before.  Overall this episode felt rushed to get to the conclusion and move on since we have to keep to the two part system.  I feel like this story could have done well as a three part to help develop Otta and Tomari since it seemed like it wanted to focus on the two as detectives.  While not the worst episode I have seen it is a dip in quality for this show and I hope things go back up from here.  Next week we have two Kyu's and one is a Roidmude, also Medic makes her debut in monster form.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further. 

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