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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 21

          With Super Hero Taisen GP intros starting and a tough case ahead how is the team doing this week.  Let's find out in "What can the strange victims reveal?". We kick off with a man found dead and Otta giving us the info dump about four more murders happing at the same time.  Different causes of death have been found but the case still strange but no sign of Roidmude influence so far.  Kyu heads off to do work from home while Otta tells the team of his first lead, footage of Chase at one of the crime scenes. Gou is a bit too happy to have his opinion of Chase possibly confirmed but the team is still divided with Gou and Buckle feeling Chase is no longer the Rider he once was and Tomari and Kiriko hoping to bring him back.  Tomari is also willing to fight Chase if they can't bring him back.  On the executive cruise we see Chase getting an upgrade and preparing for the coming battle.  Everyone is in on the same page except for Brain who still seems a bit burned.  Chase is informed by the Bat Viral Core of Otta following him and heads off to have a "talk" with them.

          Otta and his "new" partner try to talk to Chase but get thrown around for their trouble as Tomari and Kiriko arrive.  Chase goes to engage Tomari by starting his Slowdown effect but Mach arrives to fight the former reaper.  Tomari tries to butt in but Gou tells him to evac the civilians.  Tomari uses Dimension Cab to evac them and even introduces himself before leaving.  Otta seems happy finally to see the Riders and we will leave him there for now.  Gou goes Dead Heat to fight Chase on even ground but Chase starts an even greater Slowdown to keep Dead Heat Mach in check.  Kiriko lines up for a shot but can't seem to pull the trigger on an old friend.  Gou is forced into regular Mach form while Tomari arrives in Technique form to join the battle.  Tomari tires to talk him down but his words ring empty to Chase, and Medic arrives with more of the Reaper units from last episode and uses them to evac Chase and engage the Riders herself.  She smacks around the boys before upgrading on the of the Reapers, 104 specifically, with a hand cannon and leaves that one to engage the pair.  They have a quick fight but Gou finishes it off with the Front-Wheel Gun's finisher.

          Back at the station Otta arrives with the "revelation" that there are four Riders since there are four different suits that he has seen.    Everyone corrects him that there are only two  and we move the plot along after that.  This does cause Tomari to think about old cases and he realizes that the five killed are all people the Roidmudes have copied before.  That is one question down but many other remain and with Otta hurt they are a man down.  Kyu arrives with good news as he can track the Roidmudes with them having to start any Slowdown effect.  Thanks to 072 using his computer to find him in the first place Kyu can essentially back trace them through the connection to their network he left.  Buckle divides the Shift Cars into groups of five to track down info on the five victims for now.  Tomari and Kiriko head out to investigate themselves.  We get a quick scene of Medic intercepting one team before we transition to Chase and Brain having a quick conversation.  Chase is ready for action, and Brain decides to give him a "gift" of green goo.

          Meanwhile Tomari and Kiriko receive a SOS from Hunter  and Gou ends up having to fight Heart after Medic intercepts him in his pursuit of Chase.  Tomari and Kiriko arrive at Hunter's location only to find out all the Tire Change Shift Cars are under Medic's control and them plus Chase will put an end to Drive once and for all while Heart will kill Mach.  With a Slowdown in effect Chaser attempts to end things early with Solar but the remaining Shift cars arrive and Tomari goes Type Wild to engage the former Rider and Reaper.  Even with Wild's strength and the Steering Sword it is not enough as Chase slaps him away and with Dead Heat in Mach's hands things don't look good.  Things also get worse as Chase activates a Slowdown similar to the one for episode one that completely freezes Tomari and Kiriko in place.  Mach risks it all by sending Dead Heat to Tomari and continues to fight Heart as regular Mach.  Tomari gets Dead Heat and is able to keep up with Chase for a bit before he shows just how strong he has become.  Tomari tries to talk him down once more and has some effect but Chase decides to go for overkill by triple tuning all his Viral Cores into one weapon.  Buckle informs Tomari of a Shift Car he has kept hidden that will be there only help right now and Tomari decides to go for it.  Chase takes his shot with the other Shift Cars going in as well but the shot is blocked by Type Formula's transformation.  We end with Tomari standing ready for round two with his new form.

          This week continued things from last week but started a new arc that will lead to many a great thing next week.  Otta returns to his Rider sub-plot this week for comedic purposes and that is all I can say about him.  Kyu has a nice moment and it was cool to see 072 help the team out from beyond the grave.  Chase gets to be the star of this week and shows that he has become more powerful than ever and with Brain's tempering that power comes with the possibility of him returning to his former Rider self.  Type Formula was just a tease this week but I look forward to its proper debut next week.  The deus ex machina fell the Shift Car has is hard not to argue against and the only argument I can bring is it doesn't surprise me Buckle has had it waiting in reserves this whole time.  It would have been better if we did get a tease at some point before this but them the breaks I guess.  Medic proves to be a cunning devil with her plan to rob Tomari off all his Shift Cars and separate the team to ensure victory.  Overall this episode was good and worked for the most part and it's only faults could have fixed with some foreshadowing in earlier episodes.  Next week Kiriko tries to reach her old friend, Tomari takes Type Formula for a spin and Chase has his final confrontation with Tomari maybe.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.   

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