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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 22

          Last week's episode left us on a big cliffhanger so how will this week's episode goes let's find out in "How do you fight with an F-1 Body?".  We kick things off with Tomari and Kiriko back at the office recapping the case.  We see Tomari is in a bit of pain and is wearing a neck brace which can only mean that Type Formula did some serious damage to him and Chase.  We find out the whole story down in The Pit where Rinna is working to get the rest of the Shift Cars cleaned up.  Apparently the Full Throttle Finisher from Formula nearly broke Tomari's neck along with the rest of his body and Gou will be taking care of Chase until Tomari is back on his feet.  A bigger problem persists with Type Formula being unable to take Chase down without Tomari joining him in the great beyond.  Rinna is working on a solution but has hit a mathematical roadblock.  She unwraps Harley's present from the Dead Heat episode and finds his Harley Pies but nothing else to help.

          We get a quick scene of the dead rising at the morgue before we check in at the office with Kiriko and Gou working with the rest of the S.C.U. on the case.  Soon the five victims arrive at the office and being to attack them.  They knock Kiriko out and three of them take her hostage whiles two others stay behind to insure their escape.  One is taken out by accident by Chief when he throws Shift Wild at one of them and turns him to dust.  Buckle helped him out there and Gou manages to chase the other goon down and uses Shift Mach to send him back to the grave.  Gou seems to have things figured out and Tomari arrives a bit too late to the office to find out about Kiriko and the bodies.  They were copies created by Medic and were all created at the same time which fooled them into believing they were killed at the same time.  There is a reference here somewhere but I can't think of it.  Anyway we see Chase is the one to call up the goon squad to kidnap Kiriko so he can use her to get to Drive easier.  Gou arrives and goes Mach to take on the Reaper but ends up triggering his memories of being Proto-Drive.  Chase is wondering what has happened to him and tells Mach he will settle things with Tomari on equal terms and when accused of being a murder says he has never killed a human.  Medic arrives to take Chase away for more "improvements" and leaves two Reaper units to take care of Mach.  Kiriko wakes up to see Mach go Dead Heat and take on 054 and 034 and eliminate them both.  Gou passes out and wakes up to Tomari and Kiriko making sure he is okay.

          He seems unusually upset about the whole situation but for what reason is not really specified.  I will get into some speculation later on this matter.  In the mean time Chase seems to be in a very bad mood and looks to be ready to kill Brain but we find out he is back on Medic's leash as she calls him off and sends him after Drive once more.  She notes he is nothing more than a killing machine now and she is only keeping Brain alive for Heart's sake and burns his handkerchief  as payment for his betrayal.  We see that Chase is on a rampage to draw out Drive and he gets his wish as Tomari and Kiriko arrive to confront him.  Kiriko tires once more to talk her friend down but only gets shoot at for her trouble.  She tells Tomari that there is nothing left to bring back of her friend now which Tomari takes as a go ahead from her partner to end Chase once and for all.  He tells her to keep any civilians safe and goes Type Speed to fight the Reaper one last time.  Tomari and Buckle will takes Chase down before he actually kills someone but do so out of respect for the former Rider.  

          The two initially brawl but after Chase activates his Hyper Slowdown Tomari has to go Dead Heat just to keep up.  Back at The Pit Rinna finds her answer in the packing for the Harley Pies and Tomari is forced into a bad situation as Chase does his Triple Tune and looks to finish off Drive.  He is interrupted by the arrival of a miniature trailer which fires on Chase and launches Shift Formula.  Tomari and Buckle take this as a sign that Rinna finished her work and Type Formula rides once more.  Tomari uses Formula's superior speed along with the Triple Throttle Shift to get several hits and knock the Reaper off his feet.  Tomari dubs the Truck and Trailer the Trailer Cannon and inserts Shift Formula to activate the weapon.  It fires a massive projectile that knocks Chase back giving him time to insert Shift Speed and Wild to activate the Full Throttle for the cannon.  This manages to beat Chase's Triple Tune and sends him flying and we see a massive explosion in the air along with a smaller explosion.  The two take this as a sign that Chase has been defeated once and for all and Tomari wonders what could have been if Chase was fighting with them.  Down in The Pit Gou and Kiriko look over Chase's bike which they have acquired and Gou shares a somber moment with his sister.  At the office Chief declares the Shift Cars as the team's guardian spirits and Tomari and Buckle prepare to move forward with the battle against the Roidmudes.  We end with Kiriko stumbling across an injured Chase under a bridge and surprised to see him alive. 

          This week didn't quite hold up to the set up done by last week's episode is still good overall.  Chase has one last battle with Tomari and it does feel like a send off to the Reaper.  This is undone by the end of the episode but how he is still alive is left unanswered for now.  If I were to guess Tomari only managed to destroy whatever Medic used to control Chase and his core did survive the final attack.  Type Formula makes its proper debut this week I have to say while I do like it overall the huge nose piece on the chest is a bit distracting and could have been toned down to make the suit look a lot better.  Not the biggest issue in my book but it is something of note.  As for it being a complete rip off of Kachidoki I have to disagree as Kachidoki was meant to be more of a tank where Type Formula is more of a speedster that Tomari will need to take time to become accustom to.  Gou continues to mention how he needs to destroy all the Roidmudes soon and this gets back to his intro episode on how he seems to be on borrowed time.  It might be the more Gou uses Mach the less time he has.  Very Kamen Rider Beast in a certain way but I personally can't wait to see more.  Medic shows that see will defiantly one day be a divider amongst the executives but when that day comes I am unsure.  One thing this episode has made me think about is the six months between episode one and the Global Freeze event.  I hope that answers will come soon given what is to come in future episodes.  Overall this was a good episode which it's only problem since it never really built up to this moment.  That was a part of the beauty of Gaim it built up to episodes like this.  I will never call a show likes this bad as all the right elements are there all it really needs is better pacing.  There is nothing I outright hate about this show and an episode likes this while showing the flaws of Drive shows that deep down there are good things to see here.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further. 

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