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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 23

          With most of the problems worked out with Type Formula Tomari and crew have plenty to look forward to but many challenges still await them.  Let's see what new case hits their desk in "Who can stop that wicked smile?".  We start off with Heart, Brain, and Medic discussing the "death" of Chase.  Brain takes this opportunity to drive a wedge between Medic and Heart.  Medic might not see the logic in morning Chase's death but Heart considered him a friend and even has the Proto-Shift Speed car in his possession.  We cut to Kiriko who with the help of Mad Doctor looks to nurse Chase back to health.  The two are doing this behind the team's back for now and it looks like the pain Doctor inflicts healing a person is not limited to the Drive Driver as the Break Gunner seems to do the same.  Meanwhile we see the police at a shopping mall looking for a bomb.  The bomb can't be found until it explodes destroying a nearby statue.  The police seems very angry about not finding it and we cut to Otta briefing part of the team on the case.

          Otta says there have been three letters sent with a time and date of a bomb exploding.  All three times the police had cleared the area of any explosive device only for something to explode.  While no Slowdown has been detected Otta believes a Roidmude is behind the "invisible" bombs has he puts it.  Tomari and Kyu are the only team members present as Chief is out again and Rinna has research to do.  Kiriko is simply late and she says she simply overslept which I have to think Tomari doesn't buy for a second.  Otta receives word of another bomb threat and we cut to Gou working out thinking about what has happened the last few episodes.  Tomari and Kiriko arrive to ask for his help on the case and all three head out to the Kuruma Leisure Amusement Park to help find the bomb.  The police find nothing and evacuate the area which gives Tomari and Gou a chance to look around although Gou seems a bit on the slow side today.  Tomari spots somebody on a nearby bridge observing the scene and when he questions him the man apologizes for being in the danger zone and heads off.  Tomari doesn't have time to pursue him further as the deadline is only seconds away and Tomari returns to Type Speed form to head back in.  Mach meanwhile is up investigating the Ferris Wheel when he is stuck by an explosion from behind and falls to the ground.  Gou seems to have taken the hit harder than expected but with a Roidmude arrival Tomari engages him only to be stuck by shots from seemingly nowhere.  Gou tires to use the Stop Signal Bike but can't hit his mark, or so we think as Tomari sees a dart laying in front of him thanks to Gou's shot.

          Back at The Pit Gou chalks up the clue to chance as he and Tomari are being patched up by Kiriko since Doctor is busy elsewhere.  Rinna is still working on the notes Harley left and is developing support Shift Cars for Type Formula.  Gou jokes about leaving the case to Tomari but we soon see those feelings are truer than he let on as one can gets the feeling he feels left out.  Tomari figures the bombs are not where they believe they believe they are supposed to be since Gou took an explosion to the back while he was on the Ferris Wheel.  Remembering the Photo Roidmude from several episodes ago leads Tomari to man from before Mogi Takuro.  Mogi is a student from Midorigayama East High, the location of the first bomb threat, and he has been spotted at all the bomb sights.  Mogi claims to only be there to see the explosion and nothing more and he was at the Ferris Wheel because he was lucky to guess where the explosion would be.  Another threat letter arrives at the station which seems to but Mogi off the suspect list and he even wants to stay at the station to prove his innocence.  Tomari after hearing certain words from Mogi puts together how the Roidmude is attacking and looks to end the case here and now with Gou's help.

          We see the Roidmude standing atop a building ready to launch the attack on four locations before Tomari and Gou arrive to put a stop to it.  Tomari explains how the Roidmude can launch projectiles faster than one can sees and how Kyu was able to calculate his location using the four targets.  Gou and Tomari go Dead Heat and Type Formula respectfully to deal with our dart loving friend.  Tomari disables one bomb off the bat and goes after the other three while Gou keeps our bomber occupied.  The darts are moving fast enough for Tomari to use the Triple Throttle Speed of Formula to catch up to them.  Gou meanwhile Gou, who can predict Shoot's attacks now, is able to get back into his groove.  Tomari manages to stop two of the tree bombs but the wear of Type Formula is beginning to be too much for him.  Gou has the upper hand on Shoot for a while but after the timer on Dead Heat expires Shoot is able to quickly defeat Gou and damage the Mach Drive to the point it forces a de-henshin.

          Tomari meanwhile is in a bad spot but thanks to the arrival of the support Shift Cars Mantarn, Jacky and Sparner Tomari is able to get back into the chase especially with Mantarn's speed boost.  Tomari is able to destroy the bomb in the nick of time and even manages to arrive in time to save Gou from Shoot's darts.   Gou doesn't seem pleased to be sidelined but Tomari uses Jacky and Spaner in combination with the Formula Cannon to ensure Shoot goes out in a big explosion.  Unfortunately, Shoot a.k.a 091 manages to survive and hides out in Brain's tablet.  Mogi is released from police custody and bids farewell.  We end off with Kiriko visiting Chase and the wounded reaper asking Kiriko is she was the one to save him.

          This week was interesting as we start to see some setup for Gou to have development in the future.  We see that he feels underpowered and starting to become useless as Tomari completely outclassed him this week.  What this means for him in the future is unknown but with no info on Mach receiving  a new form might mean Gou will have to find another way to power up.  Chase and Kiriko take a back seat this week as we simply see she is taking care of him and nothing more.  We will have to wait two weeks to see this receive anything more than a mention.  This case whiles seemingly ending does leave off with both Mogi and 091 still in action and I do wonder what is to come next for the pair.  Overall this was a good episode that might only be held back from the fact it has to not end on any cliffhanger due to the episode next week.  Now we will pick up Drive in two weeks as Tomari and crew team up with Ninninger next week in an one hour special that I will not be covering.  There will be nothing R&R related next week so enjoy the break from Drive related reviews.  I would tease what is to come but I have nothing to make a good teaser so enjoy the one hour special folks.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further. 

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