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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 35 & 36

          So I have two episodes to talk about this week and hot damn do these two episodes deliver and give us a nice conclusion to the whole Eisuke murder case.  So let's hop into the first episode "Why are they imprisoned?" as Tomari and Nira stare each other down in the S.C.U. squad room as reports of a hostage situation at the location and multiple police personal are on scene.  We flashback to twenty hours before all this madness started as the S.C.U. discuss what to do to find Nira as he is completely off the radar.  Tomari is staking out the hospital where Karasawa Yukari is and is approached by Chase wondering if he thinks Nira will actually come by.  Tomari  is trusting his instinct on this one and Chase is there with Mad Doctor in case Brain shows up.  A Slowdown event happens and Nira arrives in his Hybrid Form and Tomari wastes no time and goes Tridoron to take Nira down.  Chase joins in the fight and the two seem to be  overpowering the Hybrid but the use of a poison mist reveals Brain's involvement in the fusion.  No longer holding back Nira makes his move and entraps both Riders and Yukari in his tentacles.  That is a word that took longer than expected to use in this series.  Anyway Gou arrives and breaks up the dance and Nira runs off leaving the three Riders alone for now.  Yukari is okay but Gou is still a bit on the angsty side especially with Chase.   Gou heads off after being reminded about how he will be there to help no matter what he feels about Chase or the Roidmudes in general.  Chase decides to escort Yukari home while Tomari tracks down Nira and Brain.

          Meanwhile Medic confronts Brain over his current actions and Brain decides to gloat with his new evolution.  He demands respect but Medic is not in the mood and ends up attacking the evolved Roidmude.  She is tossed about for her efforts and left on the beach where they battled as Heart arrives to give his praise to his friend.  Fourteen hours from the incident Tomari is overlooking the city from the S.C.U.'s headquarters.  He is stuck at the moment on what to do and Chief arrives to give him some words of encouragement and to tell him about his relationship with his father.  He regrets not telling Eisuke about his fortune that day and has sworn to expose the truth of his murder.  He is glad to see Tomari's resolve but cautions him about Nira and tells him that his friends will always have his back.  Chase drops off Yukari but notices something on her arm and asks Proto-Speed to keep an eye on her.  Kiriko informs the pair about Nira's press conference and we see Nira attempt to place the S.C.U. at the head of the Roidmudes operation.  Using previous Roidmude's relationship with some of the team members and the death of 001 as evidence of them wanting control the S.C.U. is being placed under arrest for the made up crimes.  People arrive at the office to arrest the group but they manage to distract them long enough for Tomari to escape.  Tomari is on the run from the cops again while the S.C.U. is locked away preventing them from helping their friends.

          Around two hours from the incident the next day Tomari is still running from the cops and Buckle manages to find him with the help of the Shift Cars.  Nira arrives in his Hybrid form and taunts the pair to chase him.  Tomari is more than happy chase after him and this leads to a long fight between the two until Chase arrives to back up Tomari.  The two are easily able to handle Nira and even blow up the Hybrid form again.  Brain reveals his Ultimate Evolution to the two of them afterwards and fights Chase while Tomari goes after a fleeing Nira.  Nira leads Tomari to the S.C.U. squad room where he holds Tomari at gunpoint with the gun he used to kill Eisuke.  Brain easily defeats Chase and leaves him lying in the middle of the road and heads off.  We end off with Yukari seeing a report of the hostage situation and collapsing in pain and Gou is confronted by Heart.

          We are not stopping there as we move right into the next episode of Drive "Where on the side of justice will the bullet fall".  Picking up where last week ended we see Tomari caught in the trap laid by Brain and Nira.  He is perceived to have taken Nira hostage and Brain says he will die in the next hour by Nira's hand in self defense.  Nira will kill him with the same gun he killed his father with and take away everything he stands for.  Meanwhile Gou is having a tough time against Heart even in Dead Heat.  Nira and Brain combine and Tomari goes Formula to fight him but he reveals Yukai's condition which puts him in his place.  She can die whenever Brain decides or when the timer runs out.  Gou is knocked out of Dead Heat Burst and when Heart tries to reach for Banno's tablet he gets a shock and we cut to Chase trying to heal Yukari with Mad Doctor.  It proves useless and Chase takes her to the only person who can help her now.  Meanwhile Tomari is truly backed into a corner and forced to watch as Buckle and the rest of the Shift Cars are bagged up to prevent them from interfering.   Medic finds Heart passed and one of his arms not functioning.  Banno reveals to Gou that he will help Tomari but doesn't know how Buckle will react to his presence.

          Brain heads out to watch the action on security cameras and to continue the lies about the whole situation.  Chase arrives with Yukari to Gou to ask for Banno's help in healing her.  Banno starts the process and Gou and Chase are about to kill each other before Banno tells them to knock it off and let him work.  Nira taunts Tomari some more and rubs in how useless he is right now.  Tomari seems out of options and seemingly breaks and gives into the despair of the situation.  He draws his revolver and takes a shot at Nira after some final words on the situation.  He misses and Nira and fires a shot at Tomari killing him again.  Brain and Nira celebrate the death of their eternal pain in the neck and the only potential witness to Nira's crimes from the past by having a press conference reinforcing the lies they have told.  All seems to have gone well for the pair until Kiriko arrives with a not dead Yukari to tell them the truth of the situation.  Tomari arrives alive and well to explain what really went down.  Chase and Gou sent a message about Yukari being okay thanks to Banno's help and this allowed Tomari to cut loose a bit to save his own life.  He called upon the help of Dimension Cab to prevent the bullet from hitting him and with that bullet they can now prove Nira killed Eisuke.  The plan has backfired spectacularly and now they are the ones backed into a corner. 

          The two fuse together and with a trio of basic Roidmudes to back them up attack the three Riders.  The three are ready to tear into them and additional three goons don't scare them as back to back they go Tridoron, Dead Heat, and Chaser to take on the seven Roidmudes.  Tomari keeps the Fused Roidmude busy while with little effort Chase and Gou take out the six goons and destroy their bodies and cores.  The fused body is easily destroyed again but Brain is far from done and is no longer obligated to protect Nira since he has his Ultimate Evolution.  Buckle gets the three Riders an opening by taking the wheel in Tridoron and the perform a Triple Rider Kick to send Brain packing in his core form for the time being.  Nira is finally arrested for his crimes and is carted off by officials.  The case of Eisuke's case is over but the war with the Roidmudes is far from conclusion as Nira taunts Tomari one last time with this and skips off in custody saying that he will be watching the battles to come.  Brain finds himself at the mercy of Medic who seems to be in a bit of a vengeful mood and Heart says that Banno is a priority now.  We end their and seemingly close the book on a major part of Kamen Rider Drive.

          This was a fantastic two parter that closed out a long stretch of episodes that has brought Drive up into a new gear since this stretch has started.  Tomari, Gou, and Chase take center stage on this one and it feels like the three will finally be together for the first time.  While Gou and Chase are still on very angry terms this final run of Drive might see them become the second dynamic duo next to Tomari and Kiriko.  Tomari shows a lot of emotion and he really sells all of the anger, frustration, and sadness Tomari has been shouldered with for this run.  The S.C.U. itself takes a major back seat but they will be back to the forefront in the coming episodes.  This was a personal matter for Tomari and he needed to be alone in the spotlight with Nira for a while.  Banno gets some more screen time and it will be interesting to see his role in the team going forward.  Nira exits the stage beautifully as he finally is taken down but gets to have one last laugh as while he gets to be locked away Tomari and crew are far from done and have many hardships to face in the future.  Overall this was fantastic and I want to say the best two-parter of the series to date.  Where we go from here will be exciting to see as Drive draws ever closer to the finish line as a Ghost is waiting to take center stage to begin his grand adventure.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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