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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 37

          With Nira finally behind bars the case of Eisuke's murder is finally closed and the team can move on to eliminating all the remaining Roidmudes.  Unfortunately Heart is circling the wagons and calling in for help to take down the Riders.  Let's see how Heart is planning for the future and the newest case on the S.C.U.'s desk in "Who pursues the ultimate flavor?".  We start off with 068 spontaneously bursting in to flames and hurting people nearby.  Road Winter arrives on scene first to put out the flames and Tomari in Type Tridoron easily is able to take out 068 with a People Saver Rider Punch.  He makes sure everyone is okay before discovering two burnt pieces of paper.  Back at the squad room Chief announces that the S.C.U. is now a major crime unit and is being acknowledged for all of their work.  While they are stuck at the DMV because of The Drive Pit they are none the less on par with other departments back at HQ.  Rinna and Gen reveal the Roidmude Hit List and the team discusses the recent fires caused by Roidmudes.  Three other cases beside the one from the beginning of the episode have happened and Kyu has been investigating the paper discovered at the latest scene. 

          Kyu calls the team to inform them of their findings and Tomari, Kiriko, and Gen follow Kyu to what is described as the ultimate restaurant.  A restaurant secluded and requires written instructions to get to and has amazing food.  Okumura Matsutarou, the main chef, confirms that 068 did dine there the day before and had a reservation which is the only way to receive directions.  He can't provide much more besides a list of people who have reservations.  Okumura decides to give the four a dinner on the house and calls on his to colleges Masukawa Miho and Itagaki Yuu.  Meanwhile 006 and 008 arrive and have a bit of a stair down before Heart arrives to break it up and inform the two of why they have been called from overseas. He tells them of the Rider situation along with Banno being in the hands of the enemy.  006 interrupts Heart by informing him of the fires caused by his comrades which surprises the leader.  Back at Supreme the team is enjoying their free dinner and Buckle is not too happy about not being able to enjoy the food himself.  Kyu informs the team of the secret golden sauce they use to combine the many flavors of European food into one.  While the team can't analyze the sauce they none the less enjoy their dinner much to Buckle's dismay.  Medic is seen watching the restaurant and tormenting Brain some more.

          At a random warehouse Chase and Gou have a conversation about Banno helping the team directly and revealing himself to Buckle.  Banno does not like the idea because of how the two left off their relationship.  Gou further reveals that the two never really knew their father growing up and Gou didn't even know Banno was their father until he was in America training.  Chase tells him to trust Buckle if is willing to show how he is working to redeem himself but Banno cryptically says that Chase only knows one side of Buckle.  006 arrives to take back Banno and take out two Riders and sends his goons after the pair.  The double Riders are able to handle themselves fairly well but 006 is too much for them in just his human form.  Chase tells Gou to retreat and protect Banno but after he leaves 006 leaves as well with his goons in tow.  Back at The Pit Buckle is a bit down about the whole not being able to eat situation and scolds Tomari, Kiriko, and Gen for taking the case lightly at the moment.  Rinna manages to snap the three out of their daze and we find out that all four explosive Roidmudes did visit the restaurant before they well exploded.  Tomari and Kiriko decide to head back the next day to investigate further.

          The next day they run into Itagaki heading out with a bottle of the golden sauce and being very sketchy.  He eventually runs off causing the pair to chase after him.  He eventually trips near a fountain which allows the pair to catch up.  090 arrives to protect Itagaki and fuses with him to create the Cook Roidmude.  Tomari goes Tridoron to combat the devilish chef and is keeping up with him a bit.  Buckle decides to take over to work out his frustrations and puts the cook on the ropes for the time being.  Medic arrives with a Reaper Unit and uses the golden sauce to power up the Reaper and we see that the sauce is the reason Roidmudes are randomly exploding.  Tomari takes back over to combat the enraged Roidmude and Medic reveals that the sauce is being used to experiment with Ultimate Evolutions.  Medic orders Cook to take out Drive and the Reaper but someone blocks the shot.  Heart arrives to break up this party and uses his power to save the Roidmude from exploding.  He berates Medic for her actions when it comes to her comrades and decides to take on Tomari alone.  This leads to a heated encounter that shows Heart is still more powerful than Tomari and is able to easily overpower Type Tridoron.  He seems to be reading from Phoenix's playbook as he grows more powerful with each encounter and dares Tomari to use the Formula Cannon finisher on him.  Tomari doesn't call his dare and goes Attack 1-2-3 to attack Heart with a Full Throttle Rider Kick.  Heart counters with a Roidmude Punch and we see Tomari took the hit far worse as Buckle is separated from him and Heart is still able to stand after the encounter.  We end as the two star each other down.

          This week was not the greatest episode as the mystery of Supreme takes a back seat to the latter half battle and setting up next week's episode.  The Roidmude Hit List is a cool thing to see and essentially confirms Type High-Speed and the Ninninger crossover did  happen.  Heart proves to be a very powerful individual and might be the final boss of the series at this rate.  Overall this was a good episode that severs to set up a potentially game changing episode next week.  Speaking of said episode Heart finally gains his golden aura, while Medic might be making her exit and Tomari must wrestle with the question of whether or not the Roidmudes are truly evil.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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