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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 44

          The second Global Freeze is approaching and the team's chances of stopping it are getting shorter by the hour.  Let's see what is in store for them this week in "Who loved Heart the most?".  Picking up right where we left off Gou and Chase buy Tomari time to get the injured Kiriko out of the battle.  The pair keep up with Banno and 004 for some time but the bad doctor uses his pirating skills to buy them a opening to leave as they will have all they need soon.  Meanwhile Brain is able to hack into Medic's data and see what has happened to her.  Speaking of the she-devil Medic finds him before he can elaborate on what he has found and Brain decides to surrender to her.  Gou and Chase head to Kiriko's hospital room to visit her only to see Tomari sneaking around outside with his hands full of flowers and chocolates.  Gou amusingly asks him what he is up to only for Tomari to dump his stuff on Chase and head out claiming he wants to focus on finding the Promised Land.  Gou tells him to man up as the pair head off leaving a very confused Chase.

          We cut to Rinna, Otta and Chief as they give a presentation of the advancements they have made.  Rinna has made several Shift Holder copies to be used by officers to be able to operate in the Slowdown and she has a surprise in the form of the Police Driver and a repainted Tridoron Key from the movie now called the S.C.U. Key.  Chief transforms into "Kamen Rider Jun" which looks like a kit bashed Mach with a regular motorcycle helmet.  Chief shows off for a bit until the suit locks up preventing him from doing anything.  Akio, who was the only official to see this presentation thanks them for their service and sends them off to continue working.  Back at the hospital Chase decides to ask Kiriko if she loves Tomari.  We get a mirroring of when Tomari is asks as she essentially freaks out and tries to deny it.  Chase sees through it and leaves and seems a bit heartbroken over it but is a bit happy since having his heart broken brings him closer to being human.  Chase says he will fight for Kiriko and we see Tomari out on patrol as we find out a state of emergency is in effect until the current crisis passes.  Rinna and Kyu are working on more Blinky Gizmos MK. 4s and they will work all night to get the numbers they need.  Back with the villains Heart is furious over Brain's turncoat but lacks the ability to do anything but stand there as Banno reveals the Sigma Circular, which will be powered by all four of them and lead to the second Global Freeze.  They head out to the Promised Land while Tomari gets a vote of confidence from Buckle over his relationship with Kiriko.  Chief calls in to tell Tomari they got info on where the Promised Land is and the three Riders plus Otta with a few officers head out.

          They arrive in time to see several Roidmudes plus 004 guarding the four executives as they begin to charge the Sigma Circular.  The Riders try to interrupt the ceremony but the other Roidmudes keep them at by with two groups of three engaging Chase and Gou while Tomari deals with 004.  The finish charging only to see the Sigma Circular give off a Slowdown like wave knocking everyone back.  It begins to attack Medic as everyone including the executives are unable to do much more then lay there and watch.  The Sigma Circular will allow Banno to begin the Global Freeze on his own and in order to stabilize it he made Medic into a dumping ground for the excess energy.  Brain decides to act now using the implant he placed to redirect the energy to himself and taking it all until a massive explosion breaks out engulfing all involved.  As the smoke clears Brain is still in one piece but doesn't have much time left.  He is happy to have restored Medic back to her normal self as she can make Heart happy.  He sacrificed himself for the two of them and crumples away into dust as Banno can only laugh as the three Riders let loose a barrage of finishers to finish off the seven  Roidmudes in their way.  Banno soon finds himself surrounded by not just the three Riders but Heart and Medic who vow to destroy Banno.  Unfortunately the chance for vengeance will have to wait as 004 survived Tomari's Rider Kick and provides enough of a distraction for Banno to take the Sigma Circular. This isn't the Promised Land and Banno was the one who lead the Riders here using the Mr. X identity used by Gou long ago.  He activates his trap and uses a electromagnetic wave to trap all five together as 004 self destructs in order to destroy the five.  Banno now has all he needs and we end with our heroes on the ropes.

          This week gave us the ground work of the final battle as now our three Riders are going to be teaming up with Heart and Medic to stop Banno.  The question I have is how long will this alliance last as Heart and Medic aren't exactly about to turn over a new leaf by the end of this I think.  Banno places himself as final villain right here and he has earned it as he has done something to piss off all three of our Riders and now the two remaining executives. The mass produced Mach while not the best looking suit fits well with the whole idea of a mass produced Rider.  It is a shame Mach seems to be the one suit that ends up being reused to make the kit bashed suits that don't end up looking as good as they could.  I simply hope that Chief won't be the only one to done the mass produced Mach Driver and other members of the S.C.U. will get their chance to help out in the coming battle.  Brain takes his final bow this episode and its weird to see how the man who's emotion is jealousy manages to make such a selfless sacrifice.  It was a proper way to send off a villain and I couldn't really find fault with it.  Overall this was a fast paced episode that got us ready for a final battle and sets the stage for Drive's conclusion.  Next week Gou and Chase end up in a duel with Banno and Chase gives everything in order to protect his partner.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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