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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 6

          So Tomari cannot access Wild from because he is distracted by the twist of the latest case, beaten down by Crush and Chase, and now is dying from a none specific neurotoxin, yep he is having the worst day yet in his short career as a rider.  Let's see if things change in episode six of Kamen Rider Drive "For whom does the warrior fight?".  We find our hero about to be executed by Chase before Vegas uses his finisher to buy Tomari time to flop into the ocean.  Tomari washes up on a bank nearby and with the help of Mad Doctor gets healed up although the process is very painful.  He wakes up in the hospital the next day with Kiriko watching over him.  Tomari was dropped off by a stranger and he gets ready to join the interrogation of Front-R's president.  Buckle uses the story of Nobel, who created dynamite, to explain why they have to stay a secret although the story seems a bit too personal.  Crush finds out about the president in a quick scene before we transition to the interrogation.  The president remains quiet the entire time and Eiji interrupts to inform the S.C.U. that they are on suspension and the president is free to go. Rinna is order to shut down their main Slowdown detection system.  We get another quick check in with the villains as they note that Crush and his companion is gone and they have multiple Viral Cores in their possession.  They hint that events may not end well for them if they use the Cores.

          Back at the station Otta sets of Kyu's obsession over Drive by saying he saw him.  He says he only saw his hand and it was red.  The two get in a quick argument that is broken up by Kiriko so they can help her on something.  On the station's rooftop Jun remembers that he has a card to give to Tomari.  It is from Ichikawa Yuuzo, the man who brought Tomari into the hospital, and the man who Tomari saved at the beginning of the last episode.  He helped Tomari out since Drive helped him out and he wants to pass on the good karma.  A bit forced but this does manage to get Tomari back in good spirits and he heads off after hearing that Crush has the president.  Tomari storms into the office to demand the system turned back on and manages to persuade Rinna to help.  We soon find out that Kiriko found evidence of Eiji being paid off to keep quiet about the smuggling operation.  Rinna was aware of this and was helping the team from the inside.  We find Tomari is intercepted by Chase before he can get to the scene.  Tomari is ready to protect those around him and goes into Type Wild form to fight off the reaper.  Tomari is easily able to keep up with Chase now and even overpowers him even with Chase's new tricks.  Dump arrives to help Tomari end the fight quickly and give him the opening to end this case once and for all.

          Tomari manages to arrive in time to save the battered smuggler from further assault but 074 uses the three Viral Cores to transform into a giant mechanical snake and takes Tomari and the Tridoron for a spin.  Tridoron transforms into its Wild form and uses the Dump Tire Extension to kill off 074.  Drive faces Crush on foot and easily overpowers the brute.  He calls for the Steering Sword but gets nothing but thin air since it is not in the car at the moment.  Rinna arrives to deliver it since she was apparently working on it.  Tomari is a bit surprised by this but uses the Drift Spin attack to end Crush, aka 023, and bring this case to a close.  Back at the Pit Tomari is not too happy about being lied to about Rinna's involvement with the team and after getting no answer if there is anymore secrets storms off.  We see a reporter angry about not getting a scope as a tease for next week's episode.

          This week has a great debut for Type Wild and I really dig the suit.  It looks great with the black and silver paint and tire being on the shoulder makes me wonder how the tire change gimmick will be used on future forms.  Wild Tridoron was completely CGI but was handled well enough for what will probably the least used tool in Drive's arsenal.  Character wise we get Tomari bouncing back from his slight slump about good people not being all what they seem and he had a pretty good hero speech in his confrontation with Chase.  Eiji's corruption was a bit of a surprise but not completely unexpected since he was feeding them advance knowledge with a hand wave of where it came from.  Rinna being a part of Drive's team will defiantly provide for fun bits but one has to wonder if anyone else from the S.C.U. is in on it and is just playing dumb.  My money is on Ryu and Otta being the only ones who do not know due to their argument this episode.  Buckle continues to be questionable when it comes to his past as he seems to keep Tomari in the dark too often and his story about Noble rings to personal to just be a metaphor.  The Roidmudes might have been intended to be a force for good but something may have happened to cause him to make the Drive Driver to stop his creations gone mad.  Very Mega Man in a certain sense although this story outline has been done many times before.  Overall a good episode with great action and good moments involving our main hero.  Also all the Full Throttle footage we are getting is making me really excited for the movie I will see in six months.  Next week buildings are collapsing for no reason, Tomari is being followed by a reporter, and we may find out more about the Roidmudes plans.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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