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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 17

                As we continue with Gaim there are things that are making me wonder about where this show is going.  A lot of it comes back to that first scene from episode one.  Where are the other riders, and why are the ones their divide like they are.  Something just seems off about that and it makes me really curious about what did Micchy see a couple of episodes ago.  Anyway let's get into this week's episode of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Peach Rider Malik Makes Her Entrance!"

               We start off this week with Micchy receiving his first orders as a part of Yggdrasill.  He is to retrieve Kouta's driver by any means.  Micchy is a bit shocked by this as we cut to the opening.  After that we check in with Kouta as he tries to find a job but gets kicked out for being a Beat Rider.  After meeting up with Micchy and talking about what just happen the two head for Team Gaim HQ.  There the two discus weather Kouta will keep being a Rider after the events from two episodes ago.  Kouta then asks Micchy if there is anything he wants to protect like how Kouta wants to protect the city.  Micchy answers with him and Mai being the ones that matter to him and he doesn't want that to change no matter how much he changes.  Kouta says he won't.

               We cut to Pierre and Jono meeting with Micchy over voice distorted intercom.  The two get upgraded belts and will be a part of the plan to get Kouta's driver.  Micchy offers a meeting with Zangetsu if they perform well which is all the motivation Pierre needs.  Yoko talks with Micchy about his plan.  Micchy says that he needs to prove his ability to manipulate situations to his favor.  Yoko says she is a part of this to help and to observe what Micchy is doing.  We find out that Yoko is working for both Sengoku and Takatora at the same time.

               We check in with Kouta as he receives a call from Micchy via distorted voice to hand over his belt in order to get his sister back.  We cut to the meeting on the top of a parking garage as Pierre is going to be the one to hand her over.  Kouta thinks he got his sister first but it turns out to be Yoko in disguise.  We find out that Akira is at Charamant enjoying a free meal with Jono watching over her.  Kouta seems hesitant to hand over the belt and Jono goes to transform and force his hand.  Unfortunately for him  Pierre switched out his Lockseed for a Pierre special version.  This knocks out Jono with a pan and Pierre reveals that he is just going to take the driver and let Akira enjoy her meal in peace.  He even points out that Kouta has never beat him in a one on one fight.  Kouta transforms to fight him but is no match in his current form.  He decides to go Jinba Lemon Arms and is easily able to hold his own against him now.  With a Orange X Lemon Energy Squash Charge Shot he sends Pierre packing.  While they are fighting Yoko points out that while Pierre is the better fighter due to the Lemon Energy Lockseed Kouta can out power him in a fight now.  She even says that Micchy might have to get involved now.  Yoko decides to take Kouta on now and transforms into Energy Rider Malik.  The two are even and the fight eventually turns into a bit of a draw with them trading shots at each other. Kouta eventually runs into Micchy  and tell him about how she is a part of Yggdrasill and gets back to the fight.  The entire time the fight is going on Yoko is telling Micchy to get involved.  He eventually gets involved and transforms.  He is about ready to shoot Kouta in the back but decides to help Kouta out and with a charged slash from the Sonic Arrow is able to send her packing with Micchy saying he will protect Kouta.  Kouta and Akira get to head off for a quiet dinner with her none the wiser to what happen. 

               We check in with Sengoku and Takatora as they discus Micchy's actions.  Sengoku wants Kouta to keep the Genesis Core for now since he is getting a lot of data off of it.  He even convinces Takatora to keep Micchy as a spy for them with the Beat Riders for now.  We see that Micchy figured out the Sengoku wanted Kouta to keep the belt and has decided to work with him for the time being.  We end this week with Micchy saying he will get to stay with his friends for a little while longer. 

               This week was a little less packed like how other episodes have been but we get to see what Micchy just might be capable off if given the right motivation.  Kouta shows that he is trusting almost to a fault as if Sengoku wasn't getting the data he is getting from the belt Kouta wouldn't have gotten out of that situation with his belt easily. Pierre shows that he may be a bad guy he still has some things that he just won't do like letting one of his customers be interrupted while enjoying one of his meals.  Jono gets to play the comedy role as he gets a pan to the head for his troubles.  Yoko shows she is playing a dangerous game with her split loyalties and shows at the end of the day she will side with Sengoku over Takatora.  We also get a note that she may just be more powerful than Sid.  Takatora again shows that he is willing to work with his fellow Team Yggdrasill members over issues like this, something that may just come to haunt him later.  Kouta wins today but things are slowly becoming a lot bigger than he knows and how he will react to what has to be the eventual betrayal by his friend will be something to watch out for.  Overall this was a episode that had some tension to it but was mostly about setting up Micchy's new role in the show more so than Kouta's fight to get his sister out of harm's way.  Next week Duke takes center stage to test the mettle of our hero, Zach suits up as a new Armored Rider, and the Beat Riders try to sway public opinion, but is this the end for them as dance teams?  If you want to see the show for yourself check out TV-Nihon or Aesir Subs for episodes of this and more.  Also join the discussion over at the forums or weekly on TGSR where we discuss episodes weekly and even talk upcoming aspects of Gaim.

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