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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 19

                With this episode with close out another sage of this show specifically the Yggdrasill saga.  The Beat Riders have had the sub plot end and it is time for Kouta and Kaito to make their stand against Yggdrasill and find out what they are truly after.  So let's get right into it with episode 19 of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Secret Weapon He Gave."

                We pick up this week's episode with Duke, aka Ryoma Sengoku, ready to test Kouta's skills.  Kouta is in a bit of a one sided fight as he is really unable to do much against Duke and is quickly detransformed.  Duke wants him to transform again but Kaito hopes in to get a piece of the action for himself.  He is quickly dispatched and Duke leaves as we queue the opening for the week.

                Back from the opening Kaito detransformes and wants to go after Duke and break into Yggdrasill once again.  Kouta tries to talk him out of but soon decides to go along with him and the two head off.  Sengoku looks on and in a conversation with Minato about how he has two interesting people with drivers Kouta and her.  She seems to be holding back but Sengoku doesn't know why.  Minato defends herself with the comment that he is overestimating her and we cut to Sagara as he talks about how the Beat Riders have given up the Inves Games and it is a new era for them.  We then cut to Team Gaim HQ as Zach, Peco, Mai, one of the other female Team Gaim members, Kouta and Micchy are discussing this news.  Micchy comments that this is just the beginning and many Teams have disbanded over this.  Kouta also said that they don't need a bodyguard now and all but says he is gone from the team.  Everybody but our two riders head off to practice.  Micchy tries to get Kouta to stick around and just watch the team but Kouta has other plans including discussing how to infiltrate Yggdrasill with Kaito.  Those two along with Micchy formulate a plan to get in since Micchy followed Kouta to the meeting.  Kaito plans to use the portal to get in through essentially the back door.  It will be difficult but with a distraction from Micchy they may just be able to pull this off.

                We cut to Micchy as he goes to tell his brother the plan as Kouta and Kaito ride off to accomplish it.  Sid is called in to lead the charge and Micchy shows that he is going to back up the claim he made last week about betraying anything and anyone.  The two arrive at the portal and encounter Kurokage Troops riding the new Tulip Hopper vehicles.  Our two heroes transform and attempt to fight the Hoppers but are out matched.  Sid comes in to tell them that the vehicles have a clock /shield attached to them and with a blast from the Hopper the two are sent back to the city through a portal made by the blast.

                On the other side Sagara meets them and helps them out by giving Kouta a Hopper vehicle and wonders if one of them will be chosen by the forest.  Kaito wants to head right back in there but Kouta suggest a different approach and gives Kaito the Watermelon Lockseed he has.  We then see the two charge right in and Sid transforms to fight them personally.  In a bit of a surprise our heroes decide to run away and make them chase after.  With this the two launch a surprise attack with the help of the Hopper and Dandeliner vehicles they have and now it is just Sid against Kaito with Kouta heading on ahead.  We stick with Sid and Kaito for a bit as they have a talk as they fight about children and adults.  We find out why Kaito is so adament about finding out what they are after.  He wants to know if they are worthy of their strength since keeping secrets and being deceitful is a sign of weakness.  Kaito vows to overthrow them and transforms to Watermelon Arms to knock out Sid with a fancy Watermelon spear to boot.   

                We cut to Kouta as he confronts Shin Zangetsu for a rematch.  Kouta says he is different from before and with some words about Hase he transforms to Jinba Arms and this fight can get underway. 

We cut back to Kaito for a bit as he gets into Yggdrasill HQ only for Sid to follow and about to take out some frustration on him.  Sengoku interrupts to calm him down and looks to be having a conversation with him in time.  Back to the fight we see that while Kouta has grown stronger since there previous fight he is still no match for the white rider.  Kouta launches a Orange Charge attack from the combined Muso Saber and Daidaimaru after being knocked into Orange Arms and Zangetsu takes it in stride as they are both de transformed by this.  Takatora tells him that he has a misconception about them and that their experiments with all of them are a small sacrifice in order to save humanity.  Takatora asks Kouta if he has the courage to see the truth for himself and Kouta agrees and we end there for this week. 

                Like I said before this ends the Yggdrasill saga but unlike before we end on a cliffhanger wondering just what our two heroes are going to find out.  Kouta and Kaito show there resolve in a big way this week and we even see that the two do work well together even if the relationship is a bit rocky. Micchy shows the darker side of himself with the snitching of the plan to his brother but with how the episode ended I wonder what Micchy's role will be going forward from here.  Sid, Yoko, and Sengoku show that they each have their own ideas about what to do and it looks to be coming in conflict with each other if not now then in the future.  Takatora shows that he may not be the bad guy we thought him to be and with the offer to Kouta he may just become the new secondary rider to Kouta for the new saga like Micchy and Kaito have done before.  I can't take credit for that observation but it does go to Ryuutaros over on the HJU forums for that.  Overall this episode didn't have much in terms of overall story progression but it did have a bit of character progression all around and for the most part is the set up for what will be a huge episode to come this weekend.  What is to come may change the dynamic of who is on who's side greatly and this will be truly interesting to see.  Good episode overall but with the caveat that next week's episode will be the one that really helps or hurts what happened this week. Next week Kouta finds out the truth of the forest, Kaito has a sit down with the rest of Team Yggdrasill, and Zach is on his own to fight the mighty Bravo.  If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Gaim, live at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9 for both me and my co-host Rampant Epsilon as we discuss the show further.

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