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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 47

          So here we are at the end of it all.  Riders have come and gone and now the world is safe but one question still remains.  What is the state of the world that is safe now and how are the few Riders left doing now since there is no more need to fight.  Let's find out with the final episode of Kamen Rider Gaim "Henshin! and Face the Future..".  We kick things off with Micchy reminiscing about the past when he and Kouta were still friends.  He asks Kouta why he fights and Kouta says he just has to since he has the power to.  He also doesn't expect a reward for his actions.  He now see Micchy seven months after the final battle.  Takatora is telling Micchy he will be leaving for America soon to take care of business and also help out the world however he can.  Micchy says he is fine with this and heads off to see the Beat Riders finish up a dance routine.  The invite him to dance but he declines once more.  Peko is quick to say he can't forget what he has done but Zack says Micchy can't either and they should just give him space for now.  Meanwhile Takatora meets with Akira to discus siblings.  Takatora can't figure out Micchy and is troubled by this but Akira is reassuring him he will find a way to help him.  Pierre drops off a couple of new treats for them to try which have been made by Mr. "Never Give Up" Jono. 

          Soon the Locust monster from the soccer movie tie-in episode arrives to cause some trouble.  We also see a Team Gaim fan-girl transform into Armored Rider Jam in front of Micchy.  We find out it is Kougane from said movie back for revenge.  He is not happy about Micchy not remembering him but none the less he will continue his rampage.  The other three do their best but can't fight off the Locust monster.  Zack does little in his arrival and Kougane finds out that their belts are destroyed which leaves little opposition for him to face.  He heads off to plot more destruction which gives those four a chance to regroup and plan.  Takatora tells them they can have new belts made but without Lockseeds there is not much they can do.  Kurokage Trooper drivers have also been destroyed leaving them with no options to fight at the moment.  Jono manages to call Takatora's bluff about the Kurokage Drivers and finds he has one left and plans to fight with it.  Jono asks to take his place and after being turned down takes the belt himself.  He also finds out Hase became a Inves and him taking up this fight will be how he makes up for what happened to his friend.  Jono arrives and transforms into Kurokage and manages to get all of five seconds of offense before being beaten by the Locust monster and the belt and possibly the Lockseed are destroyed.  Jam laughs him off before Micchy arrives to take up the fight since without Kouta they are the only ones that can defend Zawame and be the heroes in his place.  Micchy transforms to take them both on.

          He manages to stay on par with them at times and even manages to separate the two and force Jam to pull the hostage card.  Since the person he posses is still human Micchy de-henshins to protect the innocent girl.  Micchy receives a beating for his troubles and apologizes to Kouta for not being able to stop Jam.  Kouta says he has fought hard and this fight is not over.  He arrives by flying Golden Fruit in his Overlord form to back Micchy up in one last fight.  He separates Jam from his hostage and the two transform into Kiwami and Grape respectfully to finish off the evil rider once and for all.  We get the show's opening "Just Live More" playing as the two go to town on Jam.  The two easily overwhelm him and with a dual Rider Kick send him back to hell and wait till Toei needs either suit again.  Kouta tells Micchy he will do fine without them and he will find a new life.  He also says to say hi to his sister for him and get along with Takatora.  The rest of the riders arrive to congratulate Micchy.  We then see the tree that Yggdrasill had in the HQ back where it use to be and Mai says goodbye to Kaito for the last time as the observe their reincarnations practice dancing.  Kaito acknowledges her power and fades away to await his eventual revival in the next movie.  Kouta tells Mai they need to face their future and he opens a portal to their world we see shining blue signifying life is on the planet.  We end with a thank you to the fans for their support. 

          This was a extended epilogue that ties into the solo movie and gives us a look at how everyone is doing.  Zack and Pierre take a back seat in this one but we get a sense they are continuing their mentor/leader roles for the Beat Riders and Jono respectfully.  We see Takatora doing his best to help the world heal with all the work he is doing and possibly get a small tease to the crossover film with his trip to America.  Jono gets to have a little bit of spotlight put on him as we see his reaction to Hase's death many episodes later and see he wants to make amends for pushing his friend further down his destructive path.  Micchy gets to be the star of this one as we see make his grand turn from bad guy back to being one of the good guys.  He has had a long journey and I have a feeling all of those pre-show comments about Jono were truly about Micchy since he has the longest character arc in the show if only by one episode.  Kouta takes a back seat but the point of the episode was about Jono, Takatora, and especially Micchy showing how they are making up for past actions.  Jam is not truly not worthy since he is just Kougane with a new suit but it is nice to see the movie get worked into the story of the show a little more since that is rare among rider series.  The final scene is saved for Kaito getting one last chance to see the world the Kouta fought for and while it is not any type of redemption it is Kaito acknowledging how far he strayed maybe.  Overall this wasn't the epic conclusion that last week's episode was it is the extension of the epilogue from last week and gives some final closure to several characters. 

          This ends the weekly R&Rs for Gaim and is has been quite the series to do.  This show has been an incredible ride from start to finish and I am glad to have had the chance to sit down every week, kind of,  to take a look at this show on a deeper level and discus the show with my friend Tommy.  This has become one of my favorites and will be a show I recommend to both old and new fans of the franchise.  As for what comes after this it is a little up in the air.  This Saturday will be a huge discussion of the show as a whole on TGS/R between myself, Tommy, and Glock.  Other than that I am personally waiting to see Kamen Rider Drive in full for myself before I decide to do this all over again for Rider.  If not I may decide to do an R&R weekly series on another show that I am watching at the moment.  Either way there will be a R&R next week and check out the TGS twitter for info.

          If you want to see the show for yourself now that it is complete in terms of the TV-show check out Aesir Subs or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and thank you all for reading this every week and a big thank you goes out to everyone involved in the production of Kamen Rider Gaim you guys have created a Rider show that will be remembered for years to come and stands as one the best shows in this franchises history.

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