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Member of the Week & v5.4 Update (Pre-v6)

Hey everyone, it's the one the only RampantEpsilon here with another update and some news for the public.

First, the staff here would like to start a new feature on the site called Member of the Week. This will be a weekly thing that we will continue to do to show our appreciation of each and every one of you wonderful members that make our site go around.

This week's special Member of the Week is none other than Shinkunoshi While this member is a new member, we still appreciate every member that joins the site and hope that everyone helps spread the word as well. Please visit her profile and give Reputation points.


Secondly, our v6 is upon us and there will be another facelift of the site as well as redesigns of some of our stuff that keeps giving us problems. However, this is a setup to the major update coming. Remember there won't be a new theme for v6 at this time. That will occur at a later date.

Here's the changes for this update:

  • Updated Forum Badges
    - All badges have gotten a redesign except for the Specialty Badges for Season 5 and 2013
  • Updated Staff Positions
    - Added Admin Training Position and Admin Training Director for Operations Staff
    - Redesigned TGS/TGSR to Show Staff
    - Redesigned TGS/TGSR/CS to Show Staff/Community Streamer
    - Updated TGS/TGSR Director badge for Operations Staff to Show Director
    - Show Staff and Show Director position will also hold either TGS, TGSR, or TGS/TGSR badge showing which show they are part of.
    - Trainee badge used for all positions

Upcoming changes will result in theme changes as well as other things so be sure to check the site for more info.

Till next update,


Global Admin

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