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v5.3.1 - Staff Alignment
Hey there all you TGS and TGSR fans. There's a new update to the site and this time it's focused on the staff of TGS and TGSR.

If you haven't noticed at the bottom of any of the pages of the site, the staff ranks have been changed to flow a little better from the mouth (I mean really who wants to continuously say 'TGS/TGSR Site Admin' when 'Global Admin' flows sooooo much smoother).

With that being said, here's the stuff (including a breakdown of the ranks) that's came with this update:

  • TGS/TGSR Site Admin changed to Global Admin
  • Forum Director position removed and replaced with Operations Staff
  • Operations Staff can hold one of four different positions. (Forum Director, Community Director, TGS/TGSR Director, Stream Director)
  • Each part of Operations Staff is in charge of a certain group and that person originally started with that group.
    • Forum Director is in charge of the Forum Moderators
    • Community Director is in charge of the Community Relations
    • TGS/TGSR Director is in charge of the TGS and TGSR Staff
    • Stream Director is in charge of coordinating the Community Streamers
  •  Trainee positions for TGS, TGSR, and TGS/TGSR have been replaced with a simple badge for Trainees. The badge holds the same purpose as before except now the ranks have the same permissions.
  • Forums in the link bar has been updated to only show the forums available to you as well as only show the Sub-Forums available to you.
  • Member Panel has been updated to show the changes to all ranks.

As always, if you run into a bug or something that needs to be fixed, PM me and I'll get right on it.

Till next update,

Global Admin

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