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Kamen Rider Gaim Ep. 9 Recap and Review

                Well I was a bit quick to jump onto what this week's episode was about.  Based off of last week's preview I thought that Zangetsu would play a big part in this week's episode.  That is not the case as it is more focused on Team Gaim and their chasing down of a Inves.  With that said let's look at episode 9 of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Big Plan to Capture the Inves Monster!"

               After a quick recap of last week's events we see a random worker finding raw Lockseeds in a underground tunnel.  He is hypnotized by it and says it looks delicious just like how Kouta was in episode 1. We cut to Team Gaim confirming their suspensions from last week of an Inves now out and about in the city.  The quickly dismiss the idea of letting the police handle it since they have no proof of the Inves being loose.  They decide that it is up to them and the other Beat Rider Teams to take the Inves down.  Which is something suggested by Kouta.  We cut to Kouta and Micchy talking to Kaito about helping out.  He immediately refuses saying that they are his enemy and he along with the other teams have no reason to help people and wouldn't trust Team Gaim to begin with since they are the number one team.  This is interesting coming from Kaito who managed just a few episodes ago to unite several teams under the pretense of using Lockseeds as payment for their service. 

               We come back after the opening to Bando picking up some fruit from a store.  He is quickly attacked by the Inves and ran off the road.  Mai and Kouta are nearby talking about how Raid Wild and Invetto will not help out.  The two arrive on the scene to help out as the Inves seems to not like the fruit in the box Bando had.  Kouta henshins and fights the monster with both Orange Arms and Strawberry Arms.  The Inves flies off before Kouta can defeat it.  We cut to the Kureshima mansion as Micchy arrives home.  We see that the Watermelon Lockseed is recharged and Micchy and Takatora have a conversation about the stolen Lockseed.  Takatora believes it was somebody from the Beat Riders who took it.  Takatora believes them vermin and asks for Micchy's opinion.  Micchy responses by saying that they are worried about the future and want to find what is truly important to them through what they enjoy the most.  I have to wonder if Micchy is talking about the Beat Riders or himself here.  Takatora says Micchy doesn't have to worry about  the future since as he is a part of the Kureshima family he knows what true meaning and true worth are.  He also says he is different from them because he is in a completely different world.

               We catch up with Team Gaim as the  develop a strategy to track the Inves down.  They decide to split up and search various areas around where the attacks have happened.  The rest of the team reports in to Mai that they have found nothing as she hears a woman scream.   She runs to investigate to find Kouta transformed and scaring an old lady as he ask her for information.  Those two and Micchy regroup at Drupers to think of something else and for Mai to scold Kouta for transforming for no reason.  The three reflect on the questions of what are the Lockseeds and what are the belts and several other questions.  Sid is nowhere to be found right now and that may not be a coincidence.  After talking to Bando more they figure out it was after the fruit and is wanting some raw Lockseeds.  With this Micchy comes up with a plan.  Kouta and Micchy head to the forest to pick up a raw Lockseed to use as bait.  Micchy detransforms to get it and puts it into a plastic bag to keep it from becoming a normal Lockseed.  Since the belt can't recognize the fruit through another substance. 

               The hang the fruit off a fishing pole and wait for it to show up.  What happens next is various instances of other people and birds attracted to it and Kouta having to run them all off half successfully.  The Inves finally shows up and goes after the fruit but Kouta and Micchy hop in to try to defeat it.  It gets away with the fruit but not before Micchy slipped his phone in a pouch onto its back to track it back to where ever it is hiding.  The two track it to the same tunnel from the beginning of the episode and we see the workers helmet with vegetation covering it.  After a quick scuffle with the Inves the two henshin and fight the monster.  With nowhere to run to and with some quick thinking by Kouta the two defeat the Inves with a combination Budo Squash and Orange Charge.  After the battle the two discover that the forest has left some of its greenery in the tunnel to grow and it looks to have been growing for a while.  There are some Inves grunts there cowing down and we soon see Zangetsu enter to take down the grunts.  Kouta looks a bit scared by this and confirms to Micchy that he is the one who attacked him a few episodes back.  After taking care of the grunts quickly a cleanup crew with flamethrowers  comes in to eliminate any evidence.  Micchy notes that they look like they have done this before and that they want to cover this up and their might be more at play then they know.  Micchy gets a look at the belt of Zangetsu and soon puts two and two together in his head before they run off.  We end this week with a conversation between Takatora and Sengoku about how the portals are opening up at a faster rate and that the new invention needs to be made faster and Takatora will be the first to use it.  Sengoku questions Takatora's reason for being so aggressive and he says that they hold the fate of the world and he will open up the future for the world. 

               This week had bit of filler to it with the hunt for the rouge Inves but there was still some great action and some interesting details at the end to keep from being total filler.  Kaito comes off as a bit hypocritical of saying Gaim won't get teams to help since he did the exact same thing except for different reasons.  Kouta and Micchy continue to be a great team and show how well they can work together.  We get some more on just who is Takatora and we get the first marker of what is to come with eventual showdown of the brothers.  We also get our first hint of the new thing that have been shown in toy catalogs for the past month.  Overall this week was a good episode and a good way to set up the next couple of episodes to come. Next week it is Christmas episode and we get a new arms for Ryugen as a present along with the much anticipated proper debut of Zangetsu.  If want to see the episodes for yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes of this and the team up movie of Wizard and Gaim in about six months when the DVD is released.

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