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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep. 10

               Well folks here are ten episodes into Gaim and now we start what could become another multipart story within what has been a eight episode story arc.  Now before we talk about episode ten I will say I have two R&R specials planed for the break that Gaim will have coming up.  One will be about the suits and action along with some other aspects of the show I don't mention on a weekly basis and the other we be a look ahead at what is to come based on the episodes up to the break and various information circling around message boards.  With that said let's look at episode ten of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Riders Gather! Solve the Forest's Mysteries!"

               After a recap of last week's events we catch up with Kouta as he pounders said events.  He soon realizes he is late for his job and heads off in a rush to dress up as Santa and do some sales shilling for the local mall.  A woman screams and Kouta heads off to go save her from some Inves goons who have hoped out of a portal from the forest shown at the beginning of the episode.  Kouta shows off his parkour skills and proceeds to fight the Inves for a bit and transforms before we get the opening for the week.   After some trading of blows Kouta finishes them off with the Orange Charge.  Kouta is determined to do something about this and he heads off to Team Gaim HQ to talk to Micchy about the current situation.  After discussing their options Micchy comes up with an idea and the two head off as the rest of the team arrives to decorate for the Christmas party.  We cut to the two talking to Kaito about said plan.  Simply put the Riders would head into the forest and gather as many Lockseeds as possible and the one who gets the most wins.  Micchy will represent Team Gaim and Kouta will bow out of the game to keep it fair.  Kaito thinks there is something up but accepts anyway.  We cut to the nut duo dressed as reindeer doing some sales shilling of their own when they find out about the game.  They are more than happy to join in and the five riders meet at Drupers to get the nut duo bikes to get to the forest.  Sid is a bit hesitant to hand them out but Micchy convinces him to hand over a pair with the exchange being all the Lockseeds either Team Gaim finds or just all of them in general not sure on which.  Sid is prepping them as Christmas presents as we cut to Mai finding out about this from the boys. 

               Mai is not happy that they went behind the team's back to do this and give the other teams a chance to catch up to them.  Kouta says that this needs to be done to get info on the forest and maybe even find out where Yuuya is.  They say they will be sage and be back for the party.  We cut to Sengoku and Sid discussing this game.  Sengoku wonders if Sid is trying to undermine Takatora.  Sengoku says that having people pass in and out of the forest compromises the security of their survey team and Sid says that Takatora needs to get into a little trouble so he will listen to others and the project will be better off.  Sengoku says that is logical and Sid says they still don't know who the forest will choose.

               We cut to Micchy and Kouta going over the plan.  Micchy will be bait along with the other riders as they collect Lockseeds and give Kouta the chance to sneak into Yggdrasill's base in the forest to find out any information he can.  Kouta is sorry that Micchy has to play bait for him but Micchy assures him with four riders together they will be fine.  We cut to the Kureshime mansion as Micchy sees his brother off to work.  Micchy tries to get some information out of his brother but Takatora says he knows nothing and even says that they don't control the city and are only helping it to prosper.  We also see Micchy question whether he is the white rider.  We cut to the four riders meeting up to start the game, but not before Pierre hops in to say that Sagara has been advertising this game on his show and he wants to join.  He even has his own bike which I assume he stole.  Soon the five are swarmed by Inves goons and a fight breaks out between the five riders and the Inves.  One by one they henshin and leave on their bikes to start the game leaving Micchy by himself to fight them all along with a powered up Inves thanks to Jono giving on of the goons a Lockseed.  After they all leave Kouta, who has been watching from a hiding spot hops into action and gives Micchy a hand.  Micchy before this gets to show off his new Lockseed Kiwi but doesn't get to do much with it before he heads off to join the game in the forest.  Kouta is able to finish off the Inves with the help of the Watermelon Lockseed which Micchy gave to him before he headed off.  Kouta as a said takes cares of the Inves and heads to the forest to continue their plan.  While all of this was happening Takatora is informed that Riders are heading into the forest and he figures that Sid helped them out and wonders why he would do this.  After the big fight scene we see Takatora henshin for the first time in the show and head into the forest thanks to what looks like some equipment that holds a portal open to the forest which is also in some type of tree. We end this week with that scene and now Ryugen gets a end "count up the Lockseeds" transition like Baron and Gaim. 

               Overall this was another good episode as Team Gaim puts a plan into place to gather info on the forest.  Everybody gets a nice scene to send off on as they head into the forest and the action was as always good.  Seeing Zangetsu henshin for the first time was a bit exciting.  This week was a lot of set up but was necessary to keep the plot going without it feeling like the seven riders are just all in the forest at the same time by complete accident.  Gaim continues to be the bullet train of Kamen Rider shows as it continues to go a fast pace and never look back.  Whether by the end it keeps this momentum and becomes what some can say as one of the best shows in the franchise or crash and burn in spectacular fashion is still to be determined  this show looks to close out 2012 with a bang.  Next week we see how the seven riders will collide in the forest and what Kouta hears may not be what he wanted to hear about the forest.  If you want to check out subs episodes of Gaim check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon.

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