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Kamen Rider Gaim Recap and Review Ep. 11

               Here we are with a look at the final episode of 2013 for Kamen Rider Gaim about a week after it has aired.  Yeah this week has made a bit lazy and been a bit busy but I will still gets these out on a semi consistent  basis. With that said let's look at episode eleven of Kamen Rider Gaim entitled "The Truth of the Christmas Game"

               After a recap of last week's events we check in with Kaito about to pick a Lockseed when Hase attacks him with the mind set of screw the rules.  Pierre chimes in and throws Hase away and him and Kaito do battle as Kouta looks on commenting that plan is going good so far.  We then see Takatora ready to enter the forest and he is reminded that they can't lose of the Sengoku Drivers.  He says that he will expel them from the forest and the dudes in black will be his support. 

               We come back after the opening to see Kouta looking for the base for Yggdrasill in the forest. We also see Micchy pondering his own question of whether or not Zangetsu is his brother before he is attacked by Inves.  We cut to the rest of Team Gaim practicing and discussing whether the two will be alright.  We then again cut to Sengoku himself as he wanders what Takatora will do with this new event that has happened.  We then cut to Kaito and Pierre continuing their fight and trading Au Laits and Pierre coming out on top.  After a quick verbal exchange between the two Kaito goes Mango Arms to even the odds.  We see Jono observe the fight as Hase sneaks up on them.  Jono says they should go after Micchy and the two part ways as Jono looks for Lockseeds and Hase goes after Micchy.  In a quick comedic scene Jono is chased up a tree by Inves but is able to run them off with a Au Lait of his own.  We cut to Kouta observing Hase knocked out by Takatora and taken to the portal he came through.  Kouta follows the goons back to their base where he infiltrates it in a rubber suit we have seen before.  Kouta has a chat with two scientist where he finds out the forest is called Helheim and we cut to the fight between Kaito and Pierre.  It is a even fight as the two trade blows back and forth until Takatora speeds in and takes both of them with just the back part of his sword.  We cut back to Kouta as he finds out the hard truth that the Inves Games and the Drivers are just a part of a test for Yggdrasill emphasized by a comment by Sid back at Drupers that young people will go after power no matter how dangerous it is. Kouta is not too pleased by this as we see the brothers about to face off against each other. 

               The two battle it out with Micchy able to hold his own a bit.  We cut back to Kouta as the base is under attack by a horde of Inves and Kouta transforms to help get people out of there.  Takatora is informed of the base attack before he can take care of Micchy and goes to help his people.  He is quickly intercepted by Hase who fights him.  Kouta does his best to help out but is a bit angered when a scientist asks him to help.  Kouta goes Strawberry Arms to clear out some of the Inves with several Strawberry Charge.  We check back in with Takatora as he blocks a Pinecone Sparking.  He tries to get away again but Hase charges again and Takatora is quickly angered and nearly cuts his Driver and half and looks to have destroyed the Lockseed.  Takatora calls in for assistance to get him out of their but no one answers.  He also accidentally  reveals to Micchy as he looks on that it is indeed his brother.  We cut to Sengoku as he attempts to keep the base secure from the forty Inves that are Invading.  Kouta finds a Watermelon Lockseed and uses that to take out the Inves in the forest before he heads through and battles them on the roof of the tower at the center of the city.  With a clocking field around the tower to cover up the fight Kouta takes out many of the Inves with the help of some laser turrets that Sengoku deploys.   The staff is happy that Takatora has taken them out only to find out that it wasn't him as he walks out of the portal and he seems annoyed that one of the guinea pigs saved his people.  Micchy finds all of the Lockseeds at the base and he and Kouta take them to Sid to turn in for their agreement.  Kouta expresses his anger to Sid as he is going to close up shop.  Team Gaim are victorious once again in the Game and are doing a Christmas dance party to celebrate and Kouta's monologue reveals that this war that has started in the Game is far from over.   

               This week was action packed and much like the show fast paced.  Both Kouta and Micchy get answers to questions that have been with them for some time now and how this will affect them will be something to look forward to in coming weeks. We see that Takatora may be powerful he only wanted to get them out of the forest and him nearly cutting Hase's Driver in half out of haste may be a sign that if he wanted to he could easily kill any of them especially if he used one of his finishers.  Everyone else got some good moments in terms of action but development for them looks to be happening next week based off of the preview.  Hase having his belt destroyed is defiantly a shocking moment and how he will continue on after this is defiantly something I am personally looking forward to.  Simply put I pose a question to you guys after this week's episode. Would it be easier from a writing stand point to kill of Hase in this episode and have development for other characters be caused by this or build up Hase from this point and play with up till now a character meant for comedy.  A lot of people were calling for a death before this episode and many people almost got what they have be asking for and I have to wonder if that is the trap Urobuchi had set from the beginning.  Making us all think that death will happen for somebody in the show but never doing it.  This is yet to be seen but I get the feeling that this may be the case.  Anyway all that rambling aside this was a great way to end 2013 for Kamen Rider.  Next week we see the fallout of this event and Takatora gets a fancy new driver and some new goons that are a bit familiar to all the Beat Rider teams.  If want to see this show yourself check out Aesir Subs and TV-Nihon for subbed episodes, also check out The Gaming Saloon Rifftrax on YouTube or on the site tonight (12/28/2013) at 9 when we watch the first two episodes of Gaim.

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