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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 32

          This week the S.C.U. seeks to end 001's ambition once and for all but they will find that task near impossible with the deck stacked against them.  So how will they turn things around, let's find out in "What waits beyond evolution?".  We start off where we left off last week with Tomari knocked out of Type Formula by Freeze.  He refuses to give in even with Buckle telling him to back down and retreat for now.  Chase comes crashing in with Mach in tow and Freeze leaves saying it is not time yet for his plans to come to fruition and Mach provides cover and escapes as well.  Back at the station Chief breaks up another argument between the two partners and takes Buckle away for a private conversation while Tomari and the rest of the S.C.U. figure out their next move.   Chief gives a pep talk to Buckle telling him that when the time comes the two will need to work together to take Freeze down.  Chase informs the team of how the memories are connected to certain keywords and this is what allows Freeze to control them.  They also figure out that Otta's inability to say Roidmude is connected to 001's power and now this show has turned a comedic character's gimmick into a plot point.  Chase also points out how nobody has bothered to ask him about this or really anything.  Kyu has also found out that a number of people that were tested for the "virus" have been missing.  Twenty in total with the kidnapping starting twelve years ago right around when Eisuke died.  Otta takes this news to Nira who begs him to help them out but he hears none of this and brushes him off.

          Down in The Pit Tomari proposes that they take out the needle that 001 put in him to create an antidote.  Nira meanwhile reports what he heard and gets fired by the disguised 001 leaving our yes man without someone to kiss up to.  Buckle points out the danger of this operation as he will need to be untransformed when using Mad Doctor and that could very likely kill him.  Tomari refuses to back down when he could help so many people.  Chase has a confrontation with Heart over what the Ultimate Evolution is and Heart tells him to fight him for the answer.  We check in briefly with Tomari and crew as he is writhing in pain but says to continue as he can take it.  Chase doesn't fair well in his fight with Heart but does learn that the Evolution is triggered by amplifying their unique emotion.  Heart leaves Chase after defeating him and says that someone else is his destined partner to achieve his Ultimate Evolution.  Down in The Pit they are successful in making an antidote and Tomari reassures them that he was not going to die that easily since he has friends to come back to.  Otta drops by to confirm the disappearances Kyu discovered looking at the data and the team and they find themselves that much closer to the truth.  Rinna arrives with the antidote and Otta volunteers to be the guinea pig.  He for the first time says Roidmude properly and it seems like the team is starting to win against 001.  Nira arrives to point them in the direction of where the missing people are and while they are suspicious of Nira's timing and willingness to help them that trust him for now and head out to the location.  Chase confronts Buckle over his hesitation and tells him what he told the Rider long ago, that Riders protect humans no matter what.  Tomari makes a quick pit stop to the Fujiki factory to drop off a bottle of the antidote to Tooru so he can remember his father.  He is dismissive of it at first but with a little help from their favorite snack and Tomari's words he seems to remember him.

          Chief receives a disturbing fortune and we see Tomari, Kiriko, and Otta arrive at the hiding spot for 001's victims.  The find the people locked up in freezer boxes and 001 arrives with Brain and Mach to tell them what they are for.  They like Tomari and his father are not affected by 001's power and he is looking for a way to plug up that hole in his powers.  He seems dismissive of them since this gift seems to be not uncommon and calls them worthless.  Brain drops off Tooru's father confirming him as one of the many immune.  Tomari is enraged by this and with Tooru's arrival with Chase he gives a hero speech about his father and Tomari prevents him from being taken out by Freeze.  Buckle is ready to face 001 with no fear and alongside Tomari and Chase henshin to fight off the two Roidmudes and Gou.  Tomari goes Type Speed to fight the shadowy leader while Chase takes on his eternal rival who decides to go Dead Heat this time to fight Chase and he has Brain to back him up.  Tomari initially seems to be fighting a losing battle much like Chase but with some creative use of the Steering Sword and Max Flare manage to get an opening while Chase manages to at least hold his ground against the others.  Tomari goes Formula and with the Triple Throttle Shift and the power of Mantra Tomari opens Freeze up for a finisher.  With the Trailer Cannon 001 seemingly falls to the power of Type Formula.  001 unfortunately didn't go down that easily as with that defeat he has gained his Ultimate Evolution and with one shot sends Tomari out of Type Formula and according to Ota and Kiriko kill both Tomari and Buckle in one shot.  We end with the others left in shock as we see an on screen prompt declaring Tomari Shinnosuke Killed In Action.

          That is certainly a dark way to end off an episode with Tomari dead and Gou still under 001's control Chase stands alone with what can only be a grief filled S.C.U.  The episode defiantly has feels similar to the Fourze two arc that lead to the creation of Cosmic but this feels like they are really selling that Tomari is dead at least until next week where I can assume Tomari will be revived by some means.   This really felt like Drive was hitting all cylinders as everybody got to have a moment and the S.C.U. for one of the few times in the series feels like a full team of characters instead of Tomari, Kiriko, and the support staff.  Overall this was a really good episode that sets up what has to be one of the most highly anticipated episodes of Drive to date.  Let's hope it delivers on this hype in spades.  Next time the S.C.U. does what it can to combat 001 and the Roidmudes whit Tomari's death, Chase stands alone against Freeze, Mach comes to see what he has become, and all hope lies on one final Shift Car Shift Tridoron.

           If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.  

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