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          This week the S.C.U. seeks to end 001's ambition once and for all but they will find that task near impossible with the deck stacked against them.  So how will they turn things around, let's find out in "What waits beyond evolution?".  We start off where we left off last week with Tomari knocked out of Type Formula by Freeze.  He refuses to give in even with Buckle telling him to back down and retreat for now.  Chase comes crashing in with Mach in tow and Freeze leaves saying it is not time yet for his plans to come to fruition and Mach provides cover and escapes as well.  Back at the station Chief breaks up another argument between the two partners and takes Buckle away for a private conversation while Tomari and the rest of the S.C.U. figure out their next move.   Chief gives a pep talk to ... Read more »

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