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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 33

          The S.C.U. has suffered its greatest loss to date with the death of Tomari and Buckle, let's see the aftermath of this event in "".  We pick where last week left off with Kiriko and Otta trying standing over Tomari's body and Chase getting knocked away by Freeze as the Roidmudes and Gou take their leave as the damage is done.  Down at the local morgue Kyu, Rinna, Chief and Otta are there to confirm Tomari's  death.  The team is mixture of angry and sad as Otta vows to take 001 down for this while Chief does his best to comfort his team.  The doctor on hand says that the Driver and Brace couldn't be removed and we cut away to Kiriko as she is at home completely distraught by this event.  Chase receives another vial of the De-Memory Freezing Potion and heads out to get Gou back as he does what he can to help.  Rinna stops him to ask about something.  At the S.C.U. squad room the place is empty with a message saying goodbye to the group.  Chief is packing up as Nira arrives and he informs him that they are pretty much disbanded.  Chief nearly flips out on Nira at the mention of looking for someone to replace Tomari as a new Kamen Rider.   Chief and Buckle looked through the entire force for someone to become Drive and Tomari was there one and only answer, he can't be replaced.

          At the new hideout for the executives Freeze gloats about their recent victory and how they are now closer to the Promised Number.  He offers to help Heart gain his Ultimate Evolution but he is a bit pissed about Freeze taking Tomari away from him as he was supposed to by his dance partner.  Chase arrives and attempts to spry Gou but is stopped by Freeze breaking the bottle in his hand.  He henshins to take on the group but ends up fighting only Freeze and we see the gap between the two is too much for him to handle.  Brain decides to send Gou in the back up the shadowy leader and the two knock Chase out of his Rider form.  Brain comes in to gloat and wants to reprogram him again but Gou quickly holds Brain hostage and takes his tablet.  He tosses Brain away and leaves with Chase as he was simply playing along until he got what he needed.  Gou reveals he was after Brain's tablet that contains detailed information on the Roidmudes and waiting for his chance to steal it.  He unfortunately feels guilty about having to sit by and watch Tomari die and that has caused a great amount of grief for Kiriko.  He almost throws away the tablet but Chase stops him and tells him that he is a true Rider and he should continue down the path he started and he can protect Kiriko's happiness.  He drops a hint that he believes Buckle is still alive due to the Driver being attached to Tomari.  Gou opens up the tablet and begins his look into the information with the help of the now digitized Banno.  Otta drops by the squad room to find Kyu hanging around playing with a small Drive toy.  The two trade questions over why they are there and find common ground in thinking about the team and Tomari.  Kiriko meanwhile gets a visit from Gou who begs for forgiveness over what he has done the last few weeks. Kiriko still trust him and Gou gives her something that might be able to help her and the rest of the S.C.U..  Down in The Pit the rest of the S.C.U. are making preparations to revive Tomari. The figured out that Buckle has fused with Tomari and that is what is keeping his body preserved.  They plan to use all of the shift Cars plus Shift Tridoron and the Tridoron itself to kick start Buckle and revive Tomari in the process.  Kiriko arrives with some equations from Gou to ensure that this will work.  They need to get the Tridoron up to two hundred kilometers per hour in order for the process to work.  Chase offers to be the driver but Kiriko is Tomari's partner and will be the one to drive.

          At the site the process seems to go well for a little while but Freeze arrives to put a end to it.  Chase keeps Freeze distracted long enough for Kiriko to drive past and initiate the kick start.   Unfortunately Freeze tosses Chase away and fires at the Tridoron sending it off course and into a fiery explosion.  Good news for Kiriko is Tomari and Buckle managed to a partial transformation and keep her safe and dust off the Tridoron in the process.  Tomari is welcomed back by Kiriko with a smile and with encouraging words from Buckle through Tomari they plan to take down 001 here and now.  Using Shift Tridoron Tomari and Buckle turn the trusty ride into a set of armor for Drive called Type Tridoron.  The red and black suit is able to keep up with Freeze initially but when Freeze attempts to repeat history Buckle switches places with Tomari to block the shot and continue the assault on 001.  Buckle explains what has happened between the two and Tomari takes back over to finish this himself.  Activating the Tire Combination power Tomari combines Flare, Spike, and Shadow into a new Tire called Attack 123.  With this and a single Throttle Shift Tomari overpowers Freeze with a quadruple attack.  With the Formula Cannon in hand and Speed inserted in the top and Tridoron in the clip he fires the Tridoron itself at Freeze destroying him in the process.  The team celebrates Tomari's return and Freeze's death but the Roidmude has parting words for the team.  He tells them to choke on the dark truth behind Eisuke's death and we end with the team left to wonder 001's final words.

          Hot damn was this a great final form episode as Drive continues to carry the momentum it has been building these past few weeks and keeps this show great.  Type Tridoron looks good and I really like the helmet as it gives Drive a more aggressive look that fits a lot of the current events going on in the show.  Also the Tire Combination gimmick should provide for some interesting fight scenes and I hope we see all of the combinations in the show.  The S.C.U. also gets show more of themselves as most of this episode is dedicated to them getting Tomari back and the little moments they have.  Gou now is back on the S.C.U.'s side and we see that Banno is still kicking in Brain's tablet.  Although one thing that has been pointed out is that the tablet wasn't Brain's initially meaning Banno was stored somewhere else before being transferred.  Defiantly something to keep in mind for the coming episodes I would think.  001 being the first to go down is a bit surprising and defiantly makes me wonder who will be the final boss in the later episodes.  My money is on Heart as Brain might be saying goodbye in the next few episodes as "spoilers" he will be the next to gain an Ultimate Evolution.  Overall this was a great episode that really sold Tomari's death by letting the S.C.U. shed tears and work hard to get him back and Tomari  and Buckle become the second Two-In-One Detective in the franchise's history.  Next week the case of Eisuke's death is reopened and we get one step closer to the three Riders being united.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.  

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