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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Drive Episode 34

          Type Tridoron has allowed Tomari to take down 001 and deal a heavy blow to the Roidmudes plans. 001 has left them with words that haunt Tomari and leave him wondering if the case of his father's murder is closed.  We will see if that is true in "Who killed Tomari Eisuke?".  Starting off with Tomari thinking of such things on his favorite hill as Kiriko arrives to inform him of a new case.  The two arrive at a forensics lab to scan for signs of a Slowdown event.  They are met by technician Minowa Mariko who seems to be a big fan of Tomari.  After she asks for a autograph she shows them to the area where the robbery happened.  Unfortunately she has no idea what has been stolen leave the pair with little to go on.  Fortunately the Shift Cars have located the suspect, a Hybrid Roidmude, who can turn invisible.  He gives Tomari a bit of a hard time stealing the Steering Sword and using it against him but Tomari manages it well and even gets a piece of evidence back.  After the Hybrid destroys a walkway and injuries a nearby civilian and puts another in danger.  Tomari uses Type Tridoron along with the People Saver Tire to multitask and heal/rescue the civilians and capture the Roidmude in Hunter's cage.  Brain drops by to rescue the Hybrid and Tomari focuses on the civilians.  Brain is not happy with current events but looks to turns this into a opportunity to gain his Ultimate Evolution.

          Back at the forensics lab Tomari and Kiriko are informed by Otta of a missing employee.  Shigeta Shizuo has been missing for a few days before the theft and after defending the missing scientist Minowa remembers what is missing evidence relating to Eisuke's death.  Tomari and crew meet back at the S.C.U. squad room to discuss the next course of action.  We find out Nira and Chief have been working to reverse the memory alteration on several police officials but nothing has come of their efforts.  The team believes Shigeta started to question the official story and decided to revaluate the evidence.  Tomari figures that if they found the gun they can finally find the truth.  Nira hands over a list of facilities Makage used, Kiriko and Tomari head out to investigate these locations and Nira gets some love from the team has he is finally coming around on them.  At the first location the pair initially find nothing but Heart shows himself and is happy to see him alive since he can now gain his Ultimate Evolution.  The continues to outside the building they entered and Heart reveals he has the Hyper Density Shift power Chase had.  Tomari goes Type Formula to fight Heart while Dead Heat arrives to help Kiriko get out of area.  She heads to a rooftop above the battle and the Density Shift area where Brain attempt to attack her but Chase arrives sending the envious thinker into the zone leaving him to fall to the ground slowly while the Riders and Kiriko make a quick retreat.  Outside Tomari thanks Chase for the save and is asked about Gou in return.  They haven't seen the daredevil since before Tomari's revival but Chase assures them that Gou will return to them one day.  Meanwhile we check in with Gou as he continues to pour through the information on Brain's tablet with Banno's help.

          Tomari wonders how Heart knew where they were going to be and after a possibly putting it together we head back to squad room as Chief reveals a new batch of Rinna's Memory Defroster to the team and they each take a bottle.  We cut to Shigeta in a unknown location being forced by the Hybrid and Brain to look over the evidence.  Shigeta attempts to remember where he hid the real gun that killed Eisuke but Chief arrives to tell them the jig is up as they now know who killed Eisuke.  Tomari manages to force the Hybrid to separate and we see that Nira was the one who killed Eisuke.  Tomari reveals how he figured it out and how they found them.  Brain decides to leave Nira to the S.C.U. until he hears why Nira killed Eisuke.  Nira was jealous of his former partner and wanted to do anything to get promoted and one up his "friend".   Filled with anger and hatred the two recieved a tip about the robbery and were on scene to attempt to stop it but Nira used on of the robbers guns to kill Eisuke.  001 arrived to use the gun as blackmail to turn Nira into his loyal servant and Shigeta reveals where the gun was hidden in the lab.  Nira fuses with 106 once more to fight the young officer and Tomari goes Tridoron to take Nira down and close the case once and for all.  Brain hops in to help Nira and 106 but even the two of them can't keep up with Tomari's new power.  With the Construction Site tire Tomari manages to separate the two so he can fight Nira alone.  Using the Formula Cannon with Technique the fused Roidmude is defeated and Tomari move sin to arrest Nira.  Brain throws several Viral Cores into 106 to keep Tomari busy as he takes Nira away  106 is destroyed but after investigating the place where the gun was hidden they find nothing but they know who the killer is now and it is only a matter of time before they catch Nira.  On a rooftop in the city Brain uses a Neo Viral Core to fuse with Nira and after separating from him reveals his Ultimate Evolution is complete and now he has the power he so desperately wants.  We end as he cackles madly into the night. 

          This week gives us another Ultimate Evolution and finally gives us the real truth behind the murder of Eisuke.  While the reveal wasn't too surprising I did like how it was done and that just because the truth is out this case is far from being closed.  Overall this was a good episode that sets the stage for a exciting episode in two weeks.  Speaking of that episode I will be rolling the next two episodes together as I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks and we will see what happens when the S.C.U. are hunted by the police and whatever happens after that next episode.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Over-Time or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Rider Drive, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST as we discuss the show further.

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