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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 28

          Kouta has gained a new ally but Sengoku has set his schemes into motion to take care of Takatora we will see how all of this plays out with episode twenty-eight of Kamen Rider Gaim "Zangetsu's Betrayal."  We are hopping right into the action after the opening with Kouta returning to Gaim HQ to see the team waiting for him along with Micchy. Kouta is glad his is okay but the love is not given the other way.  Kouta tells them about Takatora wanting to help them and Micchy looks surprised by this.  Kouta is excited about this but Micchy doesn't look so happy.  We cut to Kouta finding out there they are having to cut back with the cash which causes Kouta to go looking for a job the next day.  His is interrupted by Inves attacking some civilians.  Kouta manages to take them out with Pineapple Arms.  He resume unfortunately don't survive the battle.

             Meanwhile Takatora is debriefing the rest of Team Yggdrasill and Micchy about the Overlords.  Everybody is trying to tell Takatora he is being too optimistic and Takatora says this is true but it could be a alternative to Project Ark and that for the time being they are keeping it to themselves.  We then see Demushu receiving his punishment from the White Overlord.  We cut again to Kaito as he is talking to Micchy in the forest.  He looks ready for a fight but Kaito tells him he won't tell Kouta.  Kaito tells him he wouldn't believe him anyway and that his true enemies are him and those he associates himself with.  Next time he will take Micchy down.

          At Drupers Kouta is talking to Mai about his failed attempt to find a job until Bando subtitle offers Kouta a job at the shop.  He accepts happily and we move on from there.  At Yggdrasill HQ Takatora tells Micchy he understands why he is friends with Kouta and sees that he can give people hope.  Micchy says it is all thanks to Kouta but thinks that Kouta ruins everything he touches.  Sid and Minato show up to chase after the Overlord and split up with Sid going with Takatora.  Later on Sid attacks Takatora but it won't be enough as he gets the upper hand and subdues Sid.  Minato arrives and after playing Takatora for a bit attacks him and the two team up and get the better of him.  Sengoku arrives and transforms into Genesis Rider Duke and takes Takatora down with a Lemon Energy charge shot.  Takatora is surprised by all of this and when he is pushed to the edge of a cliff without his Genesis Driver he sees Micchy back behind them.  He tells him to run and tell everybody what happened and to team up with Kouta as they will be the only hope for humanity.  Micchy does his best acting and Takatora is sent over the cliff.  Micchy receives some comments from Sid before he picks up Takatora's Genesis Driver and Melon Energy Lockseed. 

          Kouta heads to Yggdrasill HQ to find out about Takatora only to find out that nobody of that name is listed.  Back at Drupers he is talking to Kaito while serving him his drink.  Kaito pesters him about it before he leaves to make a delivery.  Kouta arrives at a warehouse and is ambushed by "Shin Zangetsu."  He attacks Kouta with Kouta trying to convince him to stop.  Kaito arrives to fight the imposter and fights in Lemon Energy Arms.  Kaito is able to keep up with him, while Kouta wonders why they have to fight and even demands answers from who he assumes is Takatora.  With some summoned Inves the imposter makes his escape while the two mop up the goons.  Kaito tells him he can only relay on his strength and he is far too trusting of others.  Kouta tries to answer back but is left to ponder this betrayal.  We then see the imposter is none other than Micchy.  We end off with Sid destroying Yggdrasill's portal to Helheim and giving himself a advantage in finding the Overlords over his Team Yggdrasill members. 

          Kouta gained a ally last week but due to Sengoku he loses that ally just as fast.  He doesn't seem as broken up as to be expected but he is growing and it will take more than this betrayal to break him now. Takatora shows he heroic nature but pays for it and is sent off a cliff to what I hope is not his end.  Micchy dives even further into the darkness and solidifies himself as the replacement for Takatora on Team Yggdrasill.  Sengoku and the rest of Team Yggdrasill complete their takeover of Project Ark and it is now just a matter of time before the next step of their plan comes to live.  Sid ends the episode with a bang with his betrayal and now Team Yggdrasill is divided.  Overall this was episode all the backstabs one could hope for and this has shaken up the playing field once again as Kouta now finds himself alone once more on the battlefield with enemies all around him and the most dangerous right behind him.  Next time the White Overlord comes out of the shadows, Micchy attempts to finish off Kouta and Sid faces off with Demushu.   

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Gaim, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at nine EST for both me and my co host Rampant Epsilon as we discuss the show further.

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