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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 42

          So here we are, after this week we will be five episodes away from Gaim's completion.  With the Overlords all gone are heroes must know deal with the threat that has been around the longest Helheim itself.  So what will our heroes do let's find out in episode forty-two of Kamen Rider Gaim "Mitsuzane's Final Transformation!"  We kick off with Kouta and Kaito checking in with the folks Kaito, Zack and Minato rescued.  Kouta is overjoyed that they are save and thanks the rest of the riders who are there giving out supplies and tending to wounds.  Akira decides to stay and help before Inves attack.  Jono and Pierre evacuate the people while Kouta and Kaito handle the Inves.  Zack and Minato are left on the sidelines with Akira.  After this cold opening we check in with Mai as she is tended to by Chucky and Peko back at Team Gaim HQ.  Micchy storms in and sees Mai knocked unconscious by the Golden Fruit in her.  Sengoku arrives to take her to a hospital to treat her. Chucky and Peco reluctantly agree to help.  Back at Yggdrasill Tower Kouta and Kaito eliminate the Inves and go on to clash once more about their ideals.  Kouta laments about Helheim's Invasion not stopping but swearing to end the threat once and for all.  Kaito on the other hand wonders if the world is worth preserving and whether the world should evolve with Helheim.  This causes a trading of words between the two riders before Kaito heads off with Minato in pursuit.  Kouta remembering Mai heads off for Gaim HQ while Zack and Akira head for Drupers. 

          Kouta finds Gaim HQ empty and heads into the city to search for the rest of his friends.  Meanwhile Kaito and Minato run into some wandering Inves goons.  Kaito is stricken by pain from his wound and Minato escorts him off down a alley so they can avoid the fight.  Minato then finds out about Kaito's secret when she tries to tend to his wounds.  Kaito is not too pleased with her finding out.  Meanwhile Sengoku and Micchy have given the Team Gaim members the slip by locking the door of the room the two are in.  Sengoku confirms the fruit is in her body and wonders why she has it.  Sagara arrives to tell them she is the "Woman of the Beginning" the one who will give the fruit to the worthy one of her race.  She was supposed to receive it from Sagara but it ended up in Roshuo's hands.  Sagara then reveals to them that he is Helheim itself in a avatar like state.  Sagara then tells Mai in her subconscious of her duty now.  She is not happy about what she hears from Sagara.  Micchy is also not happy and demands to know why Helheim invade in the first place.  Sagara says it was to push them to evolve and why "he" goes form world to world doing this same thing to other races.  Micchy says all he wants is to save Mai but Sagara tells him his fate is decided much like Kouta and Kaito.  Back at Drupers Jono, Pierre, and Zack wonder what to do now and Bando tells them to eat now and they can fix anything with a good meal.  Kouta looks for his comrades in the pouring rain while Minato and Kaito have a chat about his wound.  Minato tells him he will die eventually due to being infected by the Inves no matter what tricks he tires with the driver.  Kaito goes on to say he belongs in the apocalypse they are in now and wonders whether the world or his life will end first.  Minato isn't sure about his choices but will stick by him to the end. 

          Back with Sengoku he wonders how long Mai will be able to keep her humanity with the fruit in her.  He tells Micchy the only way to save her is to extract the fruit.  He goes on to manipulate Micchy into taking on Kouta once more by telling him Kouta will want Mai to become this "Woman of The Beginning" in order to accomplish his goals.  He then drops a prototype Lockseed in front of him to help him in his fight.  It consumes the user's life and turns it into power and is name The Hell Fruit Lockseed.  He tells him it may cost his life but it will put him on Kouta's level and leaves for him to think it over.  Micchy goes on to ask the unconscious Mai to smile for him once more.  She can't and Micchy can't even remember what it looks like or even what he fights for now.  Takatora drops by from the afterlife once more to tell him this is all his fault and he has done nothing but betray people and lie to them.  He says he will do anything for her but Takatora says his life is worth nothing and he will accomplish nothing by sacrificing himself.  We see Chucky and Peko make their escape from the hospital while Micchy confronts Kouta for one last time by the river just like with Takatora so many episodes ago.  Kouta says there are no more reasons to fight but Micchy will fight and transforms into Hell Ryugen a combination of his two Sengoku Driver arms.  He throws Kouta around some before he goes Kachidoki to protect himself.  Kouta is quickly overwhelmed by the power that is slowly destroying his former friend.  He decides enough is enough and goes Kiwami in order to save his friend.  The two draw weapons and duel it out as we end this week there. 

          This week has caused a bit of a uproar over how Kaito has seemingly turned heel after weeks of looking like he has changed his way.  Personally I feel this is still in line with his character as he has always desired power and was willing to go to dangerous lengths to do so.  This may be him giving into the Inves infection a bit but at the end of the day it had to come down to Kouta and Kaito clashing over the fruit and we will get that before too long.  Micchy makes his final stand for Mai's affection and this may be the last of our sour grape we will see in this show.  He goes out very much like any tragic character in fiction.  Someone who just wanted to do something good in this world but got consumed by their own ego and desire to be hero.  Minato makes a dangerous decision this week by standing by Kaito till the end and I fear it will cost our arrow slinging rider her life.  Sengoku continues to stay on the sidelines as I believe his is making moves to pit the others against each other in order to by himself time to possibly claim the fruit in Mai.  Sagara shows his true identity for once and while it is surprising he is the forest itself I do wonder if he will clash with Kouta in the final episodes of the show to determine the fate of the world.  Overall this was a great episode to start off what could be considered the final story arc of the show.  I have officially given up on predicting how this will end based off of what has come out about the final episodes and I have decided to simply sit back and just see how things will play out.  Next week Kouta and Micchy's final confrontation concludes, Sengoku takes on Kaito and Minato, and our Banana Rider seemingly trades away his humanity for the power to rule as Lord Baron.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Gaim, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST for both me and my co host Rampant Epsilon as we discuss the show further.

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