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          So here we are, after this week we will be five episodes away from Gaim's completion.  With the Overlords all gone are heroes must know deal with the threat that has been around the longest Helheim itself.  So what will our heroes do let's find out in episode forty-two of Kamen Rider Gaim "Mitsuzane's Final Transformation!"  We kick off with Kouta and Kaito checking in with the folks Kaito, Zack and Minato rescued.  Kouta is overjoyed that they are save and thanks the rest of the riders who are there giving out supplies and tending to wounds.  Akira decides to stay and help before Inves attack.  Jono and Pierre evacuate the people while Kouta and Kaito handle the Inves.  Zack and Minato are left on the sidelines with Akira.  After this cold opening we check in with Mai as she is tended to by Chucky and Peko back at Team ... Read more »

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