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Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 45

          With Kaito set to begin his conquest what will Kouta and crew do to stop him let's get right into it with episode forty-five of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Two Who Control Fate's Final Battle!".  We start things off with Peko getting a letter from Zack.  He is to give it to Pierre and is told nothing about it or what Zack is up to.  Kouta at Team Gaim HQ tells them of how he has turned into something like him because of the Kiwami Lockseed.  They are shocked by this but Kouta tries his best to keep them calm.  Peko arrives to deliver the message to Pierre and he seems a bit surprised by the contents.  Back from the opening we see Micchy still curled up in a ball over Mai as he wonders why did they drift so far apart.  Ghost Takatora arrives to tell him they moved forward with their lives facing their fates while Micchy was left in the dust.  He asks him how long he will cling to his shadow which sets Micchy off.  He left with the thought of being able to do nothing.  Kaito meanwhile runs into Mai in his dreams.  She says the two only meet in the future where he wins and recreates the world.  Mai is shocked by hearing it from him.  He also sees Mai and the fruit being one and the same.  Pierre is seen at Drupers with the rest of team picking up a bomb meant to kill Kaito before he does something else.  Zack considers it cowardly but Pierre says he is being heroic in wanting to take Kaito down.  Peko asks him if he can truly do it and Zack says he will. 

          We cut to Kaito and Minato on top of a building overlooking the city.  Zack asks Kaito if this is worth it in the end and Kaito simply replies yes.  He also questions if this is the strength he wanted.  Kaito once more replies yes.  Zack sets his plan into motion but is interrupted before he can push the button by Minato.  Zack manages to wrestle her off and sets the bomb off sending Minato transformed over the edge and knocking Kaito back.  The two transform and Kaito makes quick work of his former minion and even congratulates him on his betrayal.  Zack passes out from the damage and we see Minato is dying from the fall.  She dies in Kaito's arms failing to see her king crowned.  She is carried away by Kaito followed by his Inves army.  We cut to Kouta as he and his sister have one last conversation.  He eats a Helheim fruit and nothing happens to him.  Akira is shocked and Kouta can only reply by saying it is good and apologize for not being able to eat her cooking anymore.  We see a chopper arrives which contains soldiers there to evacuate the team.  The take off reluctantly since Kouta, Akira, and Zack are still out there.  Kouta and Akira arrive where the chopper landed and Kouta sees his sister off before heading into battle once more.  Kouta tells Mai he has found his future and will fight for it and summons his own Inves army. 

          The stage is set as the two riders meet in the city.  The two have a back and forth about the future Kaito will create.  He will create a world where no can oppress with power which Kouta counters by saying that this world can.  The two henshin into their base forms to begin the fight and their Inves armies follow them into battle.  What follows is possibly the best fight in the shows history as the two fight each on foot, on their bikes, and even contend with Inves as the progressively go through their forms.  Kouta going from Orange to Jinba Lemon and finally Kachidoki while Kaito goes from Banana to Mango to Lord Baron.  The entire fight also has the Kiwami theme song going on in the background which adds to the fight greatly.  The episode ends with the two clashing screaming the others name. 

          This episode much like the last sets the stage for the finale but in this case we get a three minute long fight scene to end the episode and has a lot of energy to it.  Kouta and Kaito do great in their roles of being opposites Kaito wanting strength to destroy the world while Kouta wants power to save the world.  The rest of Team United Melody take the bow from the finale battle and go out with the potential to come back for the final episode.  Zack does his best to take out Kaito himself but fails only partially as he takes Minato out of the picture.  I will be honest Minato didn't go out the best way as she dies protecting Kaito from a explosion he possible could have survived considering his powers now.  While I am not angry about this I will say it will be one of my big marks against the show in the end.  Overall a fantastic episode that is only knocked down by the exit of one of its best characters in a less than satisfactory way.    Next week Mai and Sagara witness the final battle, the rest of the riders come to terms with their fate, and one rider will claim the fruit but who will it be.

          If you want to see the show for yourself check out Aesir Subs or TV-Nihon for subbed episodes every week or check out http://taima.tv/r/TokuNMecha for Super Hero Time, Ressha Sentai Toqger and Kamen Rider Gaim, live at 6:30 p.m. EST on Saturday.  Join the discussion either in the comments or on the forums on the site and check out TGSR Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST for both me and my co host Rampant Epsilon as we discuss the show further.

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