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          With Kaito set to begin his conquest what will Kouta and crew do to stop him let's get right into it with episode forty-five of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Two Who Control Fate's Final Battle!".  We start things off with Peko getting a letter from Zack.  He is to give it to Pierre and is told nothing about it or what Zack is up to.  Kouta at Team Gaim HQ tells them of how he has turned into something like him because of the Kiwami Lockseed.  They are shocked by this but Kouta tries his best to keep them calm.  Peko arrives to deliver the message to Pierre and he seems a bit surprised by the contents.  Back from the opening we see Micchy still curled up in a ball over Mai as he wonders why did they drift so far apart.  Ghost Takatora arrives to tell him they moved forward with their lives f ... Read more »

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          Alright we had quite the episode two weeks ago but what was the fallout of these shocking events.  Let's find out in episode forty-four of Kamen Rider Gaim "The Futures They Each Seek".  We kick things off with Rat and Chucky finding Kouta's unconscious body.  They are shocked to see him in such a state but he is still hanging on and they get him back to Gaim HQ.  Meanwhile Mai finds herself in the events of the prologue from episode one.  She is stuck her until the future of the world is decided by either Kouta or Kaito.  After the opening we see Mai's body disappear as Kaito and Minato get back from the fight from last episode.  Sagara tells them of Mai's fate at the moment and to inform them of how she went back in time.  Micchy is still down on himself and has essent ... Read more »

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